Holy Toledo

MAC. A name so many beauty addicts know and love. I was one of them. They started my transition from drugstore to designer. I was a MAC addict in high school. I had so many products from them! But one day I met Sephora. She offered me so many different brands and options that I couldn’t help but fall for her. Somehow I moved on, without MAC. But then one day (10 years later) I stopped in with my friend and saw that they had the most gorgeous red lipstick display with the coolest packaging. Toledo. I knew the day had come for me to fool around, once again, with my old flame.


See, my boyfriend wanted to give me a red lipstick for Valentine’s Day. Specifically, the new Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Red Rum. However, when I went to order it, shipping was $11 USD – on a $18 USD lipstick!!! It made absolutely no sense to order it, an $18 lipstick would quickly become a $35 CAD lipstick … not even NARS costs that much! Quick and simple … NO!

Later that same day, was the glorious moment I stepped into Mac and had my red lipstick prayers answered. They had a variety of reds available in the limited edition Toledo line, but I wanted a bright red with blue undertones. So I picked out the shade Opera.


Now I know this collection was released back in February, but I needed time to a) stare at it before I used it and b) have a chance to use it a few times before I really gave my opinion (after all, it had been years since I had made a MAC purchase).


I am a MAC lover once again. This lipstick is creamy and so pigmented. The color you get in one swipe is bold and beautiful. And it stays!! Through coffee or a light lunch. I like my lipstick to always look fresh so I top it up often, but it isn’t actually necessary with this stunner (I definitely do it out of habit). And the packaging. Seriously. How cool and amazing is it? I have no trouble at all finding this baby amongst all my other lipsticks. Plus, at $19 CAD it is significantly cheaper than most of my other faves (Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick, Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick, Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick, etc.)


Sadly, this collection is no longer available through MAC, but you could probably find it on eBay. I do believe however, that this lipstick speaks volumes about the quality of MAC lipsticks. I’m sure a similar dupe could be found in their permanent line. If you fell out of love with MAC, have never tried MAC, or think that MAC is overrated, I suggest you try something from them asap. I was sooo surprised with the quality and the prices. I’m used to paying more for similar products from other brands, but MAC seems like it could be a budget friendly substitute!!

Did you pick up anything from the Toledo line?? ♡♡


Kisses From Sephora

Sephora is currently saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” with this extra sweetheart FREE gift with purchase for all VIBs and VIB Rouges. You get three lip minis in a little black pouch. Simply enter code VIBXOXO at checkout with any $50 CAD purchase.


Extra special thanks to the always gorgeous, Janet from Jan&Jot, for immediately sending me this, just to make sure I had seen it (I hadn’t because I was shopping!!). I’m still debating ordering a contour palette to get this deal. Must resist. Can’t resist.

In Honor of Valentine’s Weekend

I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Saturday, either cuddling up to the one you love, or throwing back a few tequilas in celebration of being single!! I thought it would be fun to bring to light a few truths in lieu of all the beds that got a good “bouncing” last night. Whether you’re gearing up for round two, or nursing a hangover, these facts will make your day. And as with everything I write, read at your discretion.


25 Awesome Sex Facts

1. Sexuality is on a continuum. It is not a dichotomy like society presents it to be (gay or straight).

2. The clitoris, like the penis, has a shaft, glans, and foreskin. Both organs form from the same genital tissue in utero.

3. Condoms were originally made from animal intestine.

4. Globally, we have sex: 103 times a year, or 1.98 times a week, or 0.28 times a day.

5. Vaginismus is a condition where a woman’s PC muscles contract uncontrollably and penetration of any kind is impossible.

6. Caucasian women who have received their college degree are the most likely to engage in anal sex.

7. The oldest sex toys are from 500BC (officially).

8. There is some research that shows the urinary tract may play a role in female “squirting”.

9. The Kreung tribe build love huts for their daughters so she can have sex with multiple boys, until she finds one she wants to marry.

10. Doctors can grow skin for burn victims using the foreskin of circumcised infants. One foreskin can produce 23,000 square meters, which would be enough to tarp every major league infield with human flesh.

11. Sleep deprived men are more likely to believe that women want to have sex with them

12. The clitoris is the only organ that exists solely for sexual pleasure.

13. 79% of men are “grow-ers” and 21% are “show-ers”.

14. Bonobo chimps engage in oral sex.

15. The longest clitoris ever measured was over a foot long!

16. The brain isn’t necessary for ejaculation. The order comes from the spinal cord.

17. Most nerve endings in the vagina are within the first two inches. Therefore, girth, and not length, is what matters most.

18. Semen is good for your teeth.

19. Freud used vibrators to cure women of hysteria via orgasm.

20. Globally, there are approximately 100 million acts of sexual intercourse daily.

21. 1/400 men are flexible enough to give themselves oral pleasure.

22. Without testosterone, a (xy) male fetus will develop a vulva. Therefore, being female is the default sex.

23. A single sperm contains 37.5 MB of DNA info. One ejaculation is the equivalent to the capacity of 62 MacBook Pros.

24. The most common cause of penile rupture is vigorous masturbation.

25. Men’s orgasms average 6 seconds. Women’s orgasms average 20 seconds.

And just for fun …

26. The average erect penis measures 5 inches.

Hmmm … someone should tell that ^^^ to the men on Tinder!!!

Happy Valentine’s WEEKEND my lovelies! Hopefully the celebrations continue tonight … it is the long weekend!!

Super Spend @ SDM

Shopper’s Drug Mart is having a Super Spend Your Points Event this weekend! It is on beauty items only, but I’m not complaining! That was always the plan. You can redeem 40,000 points for $90, or 80,000 points for $200. If you are a makeup addict like me you can do separate transactions to take major advantage of this amazing event, I am redeeming 120,000 points for a total of $290 towards a beauty haul. That’s a combined savings of $91 extra in reward!!! I have never seen a redeem event with this much extra $$$. Even the anticipated yearly Christmas event didn’t have this much extra value!


If you have never redeemed before, it’s super easy. You pick out whatever you want (for this event that means only beauty related items). When it comes time to pay you redeem however many points, and the amount comes off of the total bill. If your merchandise total is equal in amount to the reward total, your purchase is free, yes FREE! Of course you have to pay the taxes, that’s to do with the government, not SDM. This amount will vary depending on where in Canada you live, here is #yyc it’s 5%.

Happy Hauling Bitches!! ♡♡
Click Here to see what I picked up!!

Lust List

Valentine’s Day is coming up next Saturday (I know it’s only Sunday and I’m already dreaming about next weekend). So it is only fitting that I did a theme post with all my must haves, loves, and lusts for this cumming coming, sexy, Saturday night.


Pandora Valentine’s Collection 2015
$40 CAD – $440 CAD
Pandora has a beautiful selection of rings, necklaces, and charms to make any girl smile, including this one. There is a twisted ring (appropriately named “Twist of Fate“) that I’m absolutely lusting over.

Alexandra Ferguson Let’s Make Out Pillow
$135.00 USD
Seriously, how cute is this pillow? I’m super blunt so this “get right to the point” deco pillow is sooooo me.

Little Black Dress
A killer LBD paired with a vibrant red coat, sky high patent leather stelettos, and the perfect mix of sultry yet edgy accessories. This outfit will have everyone lusting after you. My ultimate lust item would have to be a pair of Louboutins, like the ones pictured here, but realistically, any sexy heel will do.

Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Ruby
$28 CAD
I am obsessed with the Melted lipsticks! So obsessed. Matte but not drying. And so pigmented I just want to scream. Pick this up in the shade Melted Ruby to get the perfect red shade for V-Day.

Beauty Blender Bling Ring
$35.95 CAD
If he isn’t going to put a ring on it, he might as well buy you this fabulous Beauty Blender Ring! It is so cute and perfect for easy storage of your BB! Basically a glorified drying rack. But it’s pink and glittery so obviously it’s lust worthy.

Milk and White Chocolate Covered Strawberries
$55 CAD
Yum!! So cliche and so don’t care. If you don’t want to spend the big bucks to buy these delights pre-made you can Click Here to get a recipe to make your own.

Good Morning Handsome & Good Morning Beautiful Mug
$10 CAD each
The perfect gift for him and her. No better way to start the day than with a nice cup of coffee (or tea!) together!


Bath and Body Works Love Candle
$22.50 CAD
A sexy red candle in a sweet fragrance to set the mood. I prefer fruity or vanilla/chocolate/carmel scents over the floral ones. But this LOVE candle is perfect for that special night and has hints of orange and blueberry to counteract the peony (floral) scent.

KY Yours and Mine
$22.99 CAD
Keep him and her happy. Ignite your other senses. Enough said.

Essie Nail Lacquer in Leading Lady
$9.99 CAD
Be the leading lady with this show stopping glittery red. The perfect nail shade to match all things Valentine’s Day.

Victoria Secret Very Sexy Pleated Babydoll
$39.50 CAD
Every woman needs a sexy outfit to wear after a romantic night out. I LOVE the babydoll because it is flowy (aka forgiving after that huge steak). The sheer and lace add just the right amount of sexy without revealing it all.

A Dozen Red Roses
I’m a sucker for flowers but especially on Valentine’s Day. Again, so cliche, but that’s because it’s true. I want to celebrate the romance of the moment, and roses ARE romance.

Peter Lehmann Clancy’s Red Wine Blend
$19.99 CAD
My favorite inexpensive wine. Chances are you have already spent a small fortune on wine with dinner, so why not go with a more budget friendly, but equally divine, wine.

There it is bitches. ♡ Happy sexing, eating, drinking, crying, laughing, fucking Valentine’s Day. ♡