Case Chaos

Cases. Phone cases. If you are like me, you probably change them weekly. I hate having the same old boring phone case. If I am going to spend a significant amount of time playing with it, you better believe he will look cute, you better believe my phone will look cute. However, regular stores provide many boundaries:
1) You might not find a print or color you like.
2) If you do find a print that you like, they may not carry it for your phone model.
3) The case you finally settle on, will be overpriced (guaranteed).

That’s when eBay comes in and saves the day. I can easily get 15 cases for the price of ONE in the store. Yes you read that right, 15!!! Any pattern, color, style, material you can think of, eBay will have it. And the cases start as cheap as $0.99 USD, with FREE shipping!! This isn’t the first time that I have told you about finding “diamonds in the rough” with eBay!!

To find a case (on eBay):
1) Enter your phone model, followed by “case”. For example, I search “Samsung Galaxy S5 Case”.
2) Once you get the THOUSANDS of results, narrow them down (refine) but clicking “buy it now”. This narrows out auction listings and allows you to buy cases available, instantaneously.
3) I then further narrow the results by sorting from “lowest price to highest price”. This allows me to find the best deals.
4) Pick a case that you like and BUY IT!!


These are some of my latest eBay case finds!! The most expensive of the bunch was $1.69 USD. What a splurge!! I also use eBay to buy chargers, USB cords, screen protectors – basically anything smartphone related!! Happy hunting! What’s you favorite eBay find?!?


Diamonds in the Rough

I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend who loves shopping as much as I do!! He loves to go on adventures, searching for diamonds for my ring in the rough! Today’s crazy, amazing find, was all thanks to him!! We were driving down the road, when he shouts out that a sign says XS Cargo, one of our fav stores for great finds, is closing AND is up to 40% off! I quickly turn into the parking lot. The place was a complete mad house.  They have great deals on everything including housewares (blenders, toasters, etc.), patio and garden items, electronics (tvs, blu ray players, iphones, etc.), and even furniture! Rough: The atmosphere is very much that of a warehouse, be prepared! Diamond: We got a bunch of great finds, here was my favorite of the day:

Duracell Power Mat System (Samsung Galaxy S3)
Retail: $99.99 CAD
Steal: $14.97 CAD
**The system was also available for iPhone and Apple devices.


This all-in-one charging system is AMAZING!! First, it is a cordless charging system (for up to two devices). Second, it has a backup battery pack that can charge any Apple or mini usb device. Third, the case is sleek & allows my phone to charge wirelessly simply by being placed on the power mat!

I’m in tech heaven! The back up battery is so tiny that it can fit in my purse!! Better hurry up if you want to get in on these deals! The store closes it’s doors end of October!!