Summer Steeper

David’s Tea is killing 2015. They just keep pumping out great deal, after great deal. And of course, I get suckered right into making a purchase.


The first of three amazing deals, the Summer Steeper Club. To join, you need to be a member of David’s Tea loyalty program, Frequent Steeper. It’s totally free to sign up, if you haven’t yet you can do so in store or online. Next, you need to purchase a pitcher, Steeper, or Steeper kit. That’s it! You’re now automatically enrolled in the Summer Steeper Club and will get 15% off all loose leaf tea until August 25th! How awesome is that? Plus, they will also send you exclusive iced tea recipes and insider updates.


The second AMAZING deal that David’s Tea is offering, is your choice of a 3-tea sampler FREE with all in store purchases of $35 CAD or more!! And this offer can be combined with the previous offer! I spent my $35 CAD on “The Perfect Pitcher” and some loose leaf tea (that I got at 15% off since I was now apart of the club). The 3-tea samplers retail for $19 CAD and are only free with purchase until May 30th. I chose the “Iced Green Teas” for that caffeine pick-me-up. So awesome to get such a great FREE item with my purchase.


Not near a David’s Tea location? That’s okay!! Their third deal is for online purchases!! Until June 3rd, spend $75 CAD and get a free 100g bag of Yogi Berry tea. Again, this offer can be combined with the first offer. So buy yourself a cute Steeper to help hit that $75 CAD minimum. Don’t forget to enter code “FREEYOGI” at checkout!!

I’m loving these deals! I will definitely be taking advantage of the Summer Steeper Program!! It’s picture, pitcher perfect.


Free Tea!

So what?! I have a tea addiction and a beauty addiction. Judge me. Today, I indulged in both. Great deals were to be found!! David’s Tea is offering a FREE bag of any summer tea (25g) when you spend $20 CAD in store!


But wait! Of course there is more!! Spend $40 CAD and get this FREE box of filters!! A $10 CAD value!! The best part is that they will let you use BOTH of these offers together!


They have ADORABLE Mother’s Day Tea Cards and other great gifts for mom! They also have summer sets available with some awesome fruity, fun flavors! Don’t forget, for every $100 CAD that you spend, you will get rewarded with 50g of your favorite tea! On top of these freebies, I also had a free bag waiting for me on my account!! BONUS!

Happy Steeping

David’s Tea Does It Again!

David’s Tea knows just how to suck me right into their perfect virtual shopping world. They always offer great FREE gifts with purchase. And they aren’t tiny gifts, they are always something from their current stock (tea sets, tea pots, travel mugs, etc.) with a significant value. With Mother’s Day coming up, David’s Tea is offering a fabulous deal!! Free tea (with any $75 CAD purchase) AND free shipping on all orders when shopping online (until April 24th). If you feel like going in store, they are offering a free box of tea filters with any $40 CAD purchase (until May 10th). With deals this good you can’t help but get some things for yourself for mom.


Having trouble figuring out how to spend $75 CAD on tea?? Online, David’s Tea has some great “Web Specials” (aka clearance). This is a great way to get some amazing tea and accessories for a fraction of the cost. Here are a few of my top picks that are currently being offered:


Neon Pink Steeper
Retail: $30 CAD
Steal: $18 CAD

Love this steeper! Especially since I like my tea cold. It allows me to make iced tea easily and quickly if I’m in a hurry. Plus, it’s pink!!

Snowy Trees Stout Teapot
Retail: $25 CAD
Steal: $15 CAD

Snowy Trees Stout Teacups (set of two)
Retail: $8 CAD
Steal: $4.80 CAD

This teapot and teacup set is soooo cute. It might just be me, but I would (WILL!) use this year round. The print is simple and cute. You could save it for winter if you insisted, at this price it’s worth it!!

Green and Fruity Tea Sachet Tin
Retail: $9 CAD
Steal: $5.40 CAD

Sachet tea is perfect for on the go. Sometimes steeping loose leaf tea with an infuser can take time and effort. With these cute sachets you can truly have hassle free tea anytime, anywhere.

Santa’s Secret Tea Scented Candle
Retail: $19 CAD
Steal: $11.40 CAD

Now before you get appalled that I suggested getting a “Santa’s Secret” candle, keep in mind that they are tea scented! This one smells like mint. They have another one available “Forever Nuts” and that one smells like, you guessed it – nuts. The packaging itself is simply a mason jar, no Christmas themed container or anything season specific, besides the name. And these candles rock, they look great, smell great, and burn slow. I own a few already!!

Love David’s Tea. It’s probably my biggest non-beauty addiction!! ♡ Plus, I love FREE!!

To The “Tea”

David’s Tea. Oh how I love David’s Tea. I think everybody knows about my obsession, because I found many DT goodies wrapped up under my tree this year! Including $50 to spend (from my Grammy) that I knew would be perfect for Boxing Day sales! She tends to not be too happy when I spend my (her) money on cocaine and strippers, shoes and purses, so I figured, being a DT lover herself, this would probably thrill her!

David’s Tea had an awesome Boxing Dale Sale offering 40%-60% off selected items. And, as always, they offered free shipping on orders over $50 CAD.

I had been wanting a teapot to brew larger amounts of tea for when you either want alot or want to share. I love the cute bubble teapots that David’s Tea stock, especially the ones with cute prints! I lucked out because the teapot I liked, just happened to have the matching bubble teacups on sale too!

Night Sky Starburst Bubble Teapot (24 oz)
Retail: $24.50 CAD
Steal: $14.70 CAD

Night Sky Starburst Bubble Teacups (set of 2, 6 oz)
Retail: $7.50 CAD
Steal: $4.50 CAD

I absolutely love this design. It is a dark teal with white and silver stars. The teacups were so cheap, I had to get two sets to make tea for four. I also love that the teacups don’t have a handle. I think it adds the perfect modern flare (and keeps your hands toasty).

The other half of my $50 splurge included a to-go tumbler, looseleaf tea, satchet tea, and (of course) my three free samples.

Iced Tea Travel Mug (16 oz)
Retail: $14.50 CAD
Steal: $8.70 CAD

Watermelon Mint (250 g)
Retail: $37.50 CAD
Steal: $15 CAD

Green and Fruity Tea Satchet Tin (12)
Retail: $9.50 CAD
Steal: $5.70 CAD

All this for only $54.72 CAD (including taxes). Have you tried David’s Tea yet? If so, what are your favs? Have you gotten any amazing Boxing Day deals??

I’m Cheating With David

We are having this hot, sweet, (and very WET) affair. It is an intimate affair, I am constantly pulling him to my lips. “Him“, as in David’s Tea. Duh. My current (non beauty related) obsession. Here is my Cyber Monday tea haul, minus a few gifts that will not be appearing in this post.


Cherry Snowcone (250 grams)
Retail: $37.50 CAD
Steal: $18.75 CAD

Sweet Indulgence (12 Tea Sample Box)
Retail: $24.50 CAD

White Timolino (12 oz)
Retail: $29.50 CAD
Steal: FREE!

Plus 3 FREE samples!

The bag of Cherry Snowcone is huge! I didn’t know 250 grams of tea was so MUCH! At 50% off, I couldn’t resist (fruity teas are my favorite). They have a ton of other web specials on their website, Click Here to see what is currently being offered. The Sweet Indulgence set made an appearance on my Holiday Wishlist. But I figured even if I get a second one that would be great because these tins of tea are very small (Only 8-13 grams of tea per tin, so maybe 4-5 cups of tea?). Plus, I needed to spend $75 CAD to get this FREE Timolino mug. I have the 16 oz Timolino so this 12 oz travel mug is the perfect addition to my tea collection! And lastly, when you order online, David’s Tea will always include 3 free samples!

Did you take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals offered by David’s Tea? What’s you favorite hot beverage for these cold winter days?