3 am Battle: UD vs. UD

So ya. It’s 3am. But, I just had to tell you all about this crazy Urban Decay sale. You might have already heard, you might have already bought, but in case you haven’t, prepare for late night shopping (or early morning panic depending on when you read this). Both Sephora and Urban Decay are offering these deals!!!


Both the Vice 4 and the Urban Spectrum palettes are on sale for only $45 CAD each!!! And ALL Revolution lipsticks are half price at $13 CAD each (these are also on sale at Shopper’s Drug Mart UD locations)!!!

I was soooooo tempted to pick up the Urban Spectrum palette around Christmas, but I held off. As soon as it went on sale though, I called my local Sephora and raced over to pick it up. And I’m soooo glad I did. The color variety is so wonderful. It has an amazing mix of crazy brights, as well as a few neutrals and browns to allow for a full range of day time and night time looks. The pigmentation is superb, exactly what I expect from Urban Decay. The wear time seems endless, I wash my makeup off long before it fades or creases. The pans are organized in trios. Each trio is perfectly cordinated to do a complete eye look. This takes all of the “guess work” out if you are new to colorful shadows. And as expected, they blend like a dream! Did I mention that each of the pans in this palette are equivalent to a full size single pan? That’s right. 15 FULL SIZE eyeshadows for $45!!! That’s a $330 CAD value!! Keep in mind all of these shadows are metallic/shimmer/glitter shadows. Personally, I love shimmery shadows (I secretly have a love/hate with mattes), but if you don’t, this palette might not be for you. The other thing I love about this palette, the box it comes in turns into a jewellery or trinket box. How smart!!!! The laser cut, jeweled box is so adorable, I love the idea of continuing to use it long after I’m done with the shadows. The lid does have a mirror in it and will stand on it’s own if needed. Note though, there is no brush with this palette. If you plan to travel with it, don’t forget to pack one!

The shades:
• Protest (golden forest green shimmer)
• Junkie (teal green shimmer)
• Deep End (bright teal shimmer)
• Madness (bright metallic blue shimmer w/blue micro-glitter)
• Evidence (deep navy blue shimmer)
• Prank (deep navy matte w/turquoise floating pearl)
• Omen (bright metallic purple w/blue shift)
• Flashback (bright deep purple w/pink sparkle)
• Voodoo (metallic purple shimmer w/iridescent purple micro-glitter)
• Flatline (metallic pale pink)
• Bordello (pale mauve shimmer w/gold micro-glitter)
• Backlash (bright pink w/orange floating pearl)
• Daybreak (soft bronze w/silver glitter)
• Burn (medium golden brown shimmer)
• West (deep metallic brown shimmer)


Currently the Urban Spectrum palette is SOLD OUT online at Sephora (Canada, not sure about the US site). However, my local Sephora had quite a few in stock. They also have this palette on sale and in stock on Urban Decay’s website. They offer free shipping over $50 CAD and you get three (generous) samples with you order. You can look below to see what I got with my lipstick order. Be aware however, shipping took forever with UD. I ordered on April 23rd and didn’t get my order until May 13th!!

The other awesome palette on sale is the UD Vice 4. Unfortunately for me, I picked this palette up when it was full price. Fortunately for me, I redeemed some Shopper’s Drug Mart points and got it (and some other goodies) for free. This is my first Vice palette and it actually appealed to me because alot of the shades are different from anything I own. The palette contains 20 shadows with a total weight of 0.6 oz. That said, I feel like the colors are all over the place. You need to have a some what experienced hand to know how to coordinate these colors. UD said the palette was inspired by an “oil slick ([further] inspired by [their] vintage shade name Oil Slick) into a palette filled with rich, deep jewel tones”. When I keep this in mind and think of oil puddles in a parking lot, I can see where they are going with it!!!! Some shades were more pigmented than others, however, I found the quality of all the shadows to be high and easy to blend. The shades range from mattes to metallics to glitter. The Vice 4 comes with a brush and carry bag, and there is a huge mirror located on the lid; perfect for travelling or doing your makeup on the go. UD knocked it out of the park AGAIN with this packaging. The holographic-esque webbing definitely reminds me of the shine in an “oil slick”. It’s so beautiful to look at!!

The shades:
• Bones (oyster satin w/pearl)
• Grip (taupe matte w/iridescent micro-glitter)
• Deadbeat (black satin w/iridescent micro-glitter)
• Beat Down (deep metallic violet w/blue micro-glitter)
• Pandemonium (metallic plum w/iridescent micro-glitter)
• Framed (light neutral matte-satin)
• Fast-Ball (metallic peachy pink w/pink micro-glitter)
• 1985 (metallic fuchsia w/fuchsia micro-glitter)
• Underhand (burgundy-brown satin)
• Harlot (metallic lavender)
• Discreet (soft dusty mauve matte)
• Grasshopper (metallic emerald w/green micro-glitter)
• C-Note (frosted green w/micro-glitter)
• Arctic (bright teal w/tonal sparkle)
• Robbery (deep metallic brown-gunmetal)
• Bitter (reddish brown matte)
• Flame (bright orange w/gold micro-glitter)
• Low (brown matte w/iridescent micro-glitter)
• Crowbar (black w/golden metallic pearl and micro-glitter)
• Delete (deep chestnut brown matte-satin)


Last I checked this was still available on Sephora’s sale page. But again, if it’s gone, call your local store. Urban Decay’s website is also clearing it out!!

And last but not least, the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks!! All three formulas, sheer, original, and matte, are HALF PRICE!! That’s $13 CAD. You can get your hands on them at Sephora, online at Urban Decay, or in store at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I picked up 2, 4, 6 shades. I ordered 4 through UD for free shipping and then swatched at Sephora and picked up a few more. Ooppppps. Although UD shipping took forever, the samples were awesome. All of the formulas preform differently so I would suggest swatching in store to find what you like best, even if you plan on ordering online!! I picked up Native, Streak, Matte After Dark, Obsessed, Cat Fight (not shown), and Turn On (not shown).


There you have it dolls!! Happy shopping!! I’m off to bed. ♡♡

Quo Whoa!

Holiday sets. I have been ranting and raving about holiday sets for months now! Some sets I bought for myself when they were released because call me crazy I couldn’t risk having them sell out before Christmas. Others I waited patiently for, to appear under my tree, or in my shopping bag in January for half the price. Quo fit both of these categories. I splurged on the brush sets, when they were first released, back in October. And I couldn’t resist the temptation to pick up a few more Holiday Collection goodies after Christmas, especially for 50% off. I tried to resist. I really did. I walked past the display at Shopper’s Drug Mart the first time. But a few days later I gave into the glorious pleasure, my beauty addiction. I picked up two mini palettes by Quo, Essential Eyes & Beauty on the Go.

Left: Essential Eyes
Right: Beauty on the Go

These sets each retailed for $14.99 CAD but were a steal at only $7.49 CAD. The packaging is adorable. Who doesn’t love black and gold? And even the print is so chic. The cases themselves are made of a durable plastic that doesn’t feel at all cheap or breakable. There is even a reassuring “click” to let you know that the palette is indeed closed – perfect for travel, gym bag, carry on etc. I also love that they both have a mirror.


I love Quo quality and these sets didn’t disappoint. Their eyeshadows are pigmented and easy to blend. They don’t feel powdery or chalky, but smooth and silky. They also work great wet OR dry (wet for eyeliner, that makes a perfect match!).


The Essential Eyes mini palette has four shadows all nuetral-brown/champagne. I love the dark chocolate shade. I wish one of the lighter shades had been swapped out for a medium brown to really give an extra depth to a smokey eye. The lighter shades are gorgeous though so I’m not overly disappointed! All of the shades have a shimmer to them, but are not metallic or glittery.

The Beauty on the Go palette has everything you need (except mascara) for a quick, no fuss, makeup look. There are four shadows, mostly shades of grey with one shade leaning more towards mauve. The grey shades have more shimmer to them compared to the Essential Eyes shades, but they still don’t come across as glittery. The blush that is included is more of a peach highlighter than a blush, but either way it is breathtaking. It adds the perfect amount of sheen. The lipglosses are light pinks with a pearly finish. I’m not a fan of lipgloss in a palette, as they will inevitably get shadow in them, but it you are in a pinch, they will definitely do the trick.

My biggest criticism goes to the applicators included in the palettes. Sponge tips are not ideal for blending, or for application in general. I would much rather have a mini brush or, even better, a dual ended brush.

Overall, I’m thrilled with my Quo additions. Both of these will be added to my pile of travel makeup! I love having a nice selection for trips and overnights. Plus, if your luggage ever gets misplaced, you won’t be freaking out about the hundreds of dollars in cosmetics that has gone missing.

Did you score big with Quo? Do you love them as much as me? What’s your favorite travel go-to makeup?