Happy Birthday From Sephora!

Sephora has released their highly anticipated FREE 2016 birthday gifts. This has thrilled some Beauty Insiders, but has disappointed all many VIB Rouge members.

This year, they are offering two different two-piece sets. One gift is from Fresh Beauty and includes mini versions of their Soy Face Cleanser and Rose Face Mask. The other gift is from Marc Jacobs Beauty and includes a mini Le Marc Lip Creme in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and a mini Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer.


But cue the disappointment for VIB Rouge’s everywhere, because there is NO special Rouge birthday gift this year. No extra product. And yes, this has been confirmed by Sephora. I understand that these birthday gifts are FREE, but it’s kind of a giant slap in the face when you spend over $1000 a year to be apart of their elite level. Especially when you consider all of the other cuts they have recently made to the program (don’t even get me started on how every “exclusive gift” is available to VIB’s).

It’s always great having a birthday at the end of the year and getting to pick up the gift first!! So what did I pick?! Duh. Marc Jacobs. I can not pass on lipstick … ever. And I looooooove MJ’s highliners. I already have this color, but a back up is always a bonus!!

Which gift are you hoping to grab on your birthday?!?!

Sky (High) Liner

My boyfriend definitely got an A+ with this birthday gift. I have been eyeing the MARC JACOBS BEAUTY
The Sky-Liner Seven Piece Petite Highliner Collection for months ($56 CAD). I first tried these gel eye liners when I redeemed 100 points from Sephora for a mini in the shade Brown(out). I absolutely fell in love with the smoothness of these eye crayons. They staying power is unreal! They don’t fade or transfer to the crease or lid (even without primer of any kind). They are highly smudgeable, given you do it immediately following application. The color pigment is unbelievable, with this specific shade being shimmering bronze & gorgeous.


When I saw that this seven piece set was released, I knew I had to have it. If the other shades were anything like the Brown(out), I knew I would be in instant lust love. The set contains 7 (0.01 oz) Highliner gel eye crayons in O(vert) (forest green), Brown(out) (bronze with shimmer), Th(ink) (deep navy), (Plum)age (vivid purple), Blacquer (black), Sunset (golden bronze shimmer), and Midnight in Paris (inky indigo blue). The thing that confuses me, is that the full size gel eye crayons are described on the Sephora website, to also be 0.01 oz at a price point of $30 CAD. If this information is correct, the Sky-Liner set is a steal at $56 CAD for SEVEN crayons!


The shades did not disappoint. Every single shade is beautiful and pigmented, smooth, rich, and long lasting. The only tiny bit of criticism I have (which is so minor) is that I wish there was a shade other than the two blue-ish shades. Maybe a brown black, teal, grey, silver, even a white or pink for highlighting. But I seriously love all of the shades anyways and am delighted to add each of these to my collection.


So gorgeous. So beautiful. So materialistic. So luxurious. ♡ It’s love. It has to be.