US Obsessions

So I’m Canadian. And all shopaholic Canadians know that shopping in the United States means BIG deals. OK.  Maybe not AS amazing right now, given the current dollar situation. But it’s still pretty damn good even when you take the exchange into consideration. Last summer, however, felt like robbery. Our dollar was good, really, really good, and prices were cheap, really, really cheap.

This summer, I had to take it easy on my spending during all of our roadtrips to Montana. Sometimes, even with exchange, you can save money. But it’s important to pay attention and do the calculations quickly to make sure it isn’t smarter to just buy it at home.

Two things I can’t resist buying?? Lip Balm and Gum. Yep. Gum and Lip Balm. Why?! Because the US gets so many cool foods and drinks and limited edition cosmetics that we just don’t get at home.

Every time I go, I find new and glorious beauties. Last year, I fell in love with the Stride Sour Patch Kids line of chewing gum. The year before, Extra Desserts Gum won my tastebuds. This year I screamed with delight when I found the Sour Patch Watermelon Gum. Omg, talk about a taste-gasm.


I’m always way over the top and insist on buying multiple packs to last me through the year. Plus they are so fun to give to my friends. I love that they are sugar free, but totally kick sweet cravings. I’m not lying when I say I have a box (a recycled sephora gift box) filled with fun American gum flavors. Is that weird?!

My other favorite, Lip Balm. A true addiction. Why does the US get all the cool limited edition lines?! Canadians can find them but we have to order them online and spend a small fortune. So I stock up. Why not?! They make great “Happy Day” gifts. “Here have a pack of gum and a Chapstick just because you’re so fucking adorable“. Basically.


My most recent additions:
• Vaseline Creme Brulee
• EOS Lemon Drop SPF 15
• Chapstick MixStix in Strawberry Banana Smoothie & Raspberry Lemon Sorbet*
• Blistex Orange Mango Blast SPF 15
• Chapstick Tropical Paradise Collection in Mango Sunrise
• Chapstick Tropical Paradise Collection in Aloha Coconut
• Chapstick Cupcake Creations Collection in Cake Batter
• Vaseline Rosy Lips

The best things about stocking up on balms is that I’m fully prepared for the dry winter months!! I swear I searched for the Rosy Lips for over a year before I finally tracked it down (and in stock) at Target in Kalispell, MT. Nothing beats Vaseline when your lips are hella chapped. Adding yummy scents like Creme Brulee, or hints of color like Rosy Lips, just makes Vaseline feel like a legit lip treatment. Compared to the days of digging in the entire Vaseline tub, and getting it all over your hands, just for some lip relief.

Chapstick has really stepped up their game. Long gone are the days of Cherry Chapstick. Their new flavors are amazing. I’m loving the LE collections! And they are only $1 USD. ONE DOLLAR?!?!?!? Shut up. The MixStix are so yummy and I love having the option to wear the balms alone or mix them together for a different experience.

Do you have any products that you stock up on when sales are good?! Do you have an obsession?!!

* I have since found the Chapstick MixStix balms in Canada at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I picked up the Carmel Apple one to complete my collection! ♡


Shark Week Freebies

Last weekend my sister-in-law was referring to her up coming “shark week“, a.k.a her period. My charming boyfriend, completely unaware that she was talking about her period, blurted out, “Ohhh I love Shark Week!!!“. It was completely hilarious, but it got me thinking about just how much I hate when it’s my turn to have “shark week“. The only thing that makes it better, other than chocolate of course? FREE full sized Revlon lippies!!


Not only were these Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons on sale for $6.97 CAD at Walmart (Retail $8.99 CAD), but they also came with a BONUS Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm!! And if that wasn’t enough, there is also a $2 off coupon to use on ANY Revlon lip product.


The balm retails for $10.99 CAD! Getting a 40 count box and a lippie for under $7 CAD is a real steal!!! The lippies included as a bonus, come in one of two colors, Unapologetic (pink) or Standout (red).


I have only been able to track down “Standout” but I’m on the hunt for “Unapologetic“!! Right now, London Drugs has their Revlon Colorburst lippies on for $6.99 CAD, with the $2 off coupon that brings them down to only $4.99 CAD each!!

Even if you aren’t expecting “shark week” for a little while, this deal is worth it just to save on the balm. I’m personally loving mine. They are quite pigmented (I prefer the Matte to the Lacquer), moisturizing, and fun. These are great for summer, whether that’s in your Saturday night clutch or your Sunday beach bag! ♡♡

Beauty And The Tea

Two of my favorite things have finally become one! David’s Tea has started a beauty collection!!! A Tea Infused Beauty Collection. OMG!!!!!! Best. News. Ever.


I have no idea if this will be a permanent collection, seasonal collection, or a one time thing. I love that David’s Tea offers tea infused products. Their candles were amazing and I really hope they bring them back next fall. I would be happy to have the beauty collection come back every spring! Hopefully, David’s Tea hears my plea, because I can’t be the only one who thinks this is a fabulous idea.

There are a total of six products being offered, three from each scent, “Serenity Now” and “Spa Day“. All of the products are vegan, cruelty free, organic, and fair trade (whenever possible). And of course, tea infused!!


The line with include Body Butter, Hand Cream, and Lip Butter. Serenity Now is “a soothing blend of lavender, strawberry and hibiscus; a one-way ticket to your happy place”. With Spa Day you can “steep yourself relaxed with this spa-worthy mango coconut blend”.

I picked up the Lip Butter and opted for the fruity exotic scent of Spa Day.

Give your kisser the royal treatment with this rich, soothing lip balm, infused with our mango-coconut Spa Day tea. It’s got organic coconut oil, to soften, hydrate and repair the skin, plus a luscious base of organic, fair trade cocoa butter, to create a protective barrier and shield you from the elements. Finally there’s a luxurious hint of almond oil – which is packed with vitamins A, B and E, plus a healthy dose of antioxidants. Now that’s something to smile about. Proudly made in Canada. 100% vegan.


I am in LOVE with this Butter! It is so soothing and so hydrating. I love to wear it alone, as my prep under my lipstick, or applied in a thick layer overnight. I love that there are no harsh chemicals in this collection! The scent is to die for. No surprise there though. All of the tea infused products that I have purchased over the years, have had amazing scents.


The size of this tin is so generous. I’m regretting not taking a side picture so that you could all see for yourselves. To put it into perspective though, Lush Lip Butters are 0.3 oz ($7.25 CAD), these Lip Butters are 0.9 oz ($10 CAD), TRIPLE the size!! A much nicer scent, formula, and value, in my opinion.

I want to own everything from this collection. And probably back ups, of my backups! I really, really hope that these kind of products continue to be offered. They are unique and truly amazing!! I haven’t tried the other products yet, but I have complete faith that they will all be amazing and very worth the spend. Click Here to browse the whole collection. They would make a GREAT Mother’s Day Gift. While you’re at it, pick up one of their oh so cute Mother’s Day Cards filled with tea! Tea and Beauty?!?!? Beauty and the Tea!?! Yes, please. ♡♡♡

The ART Of Makeup

Spotted!!!! Sonia Kashuk’s NEW Spring 2015 line at the Target liquidation in Canada. I was able to find a bunch of these new graphic printed bags for 40% off!!! I had bought some of the bags from the last collection during the clearance, but I had to have these as well, the prints are just so cute. They also had the Fern and Floral line available, but I only grabbed the Face and Lip prints!


Is it just me, or does the Face print have a certain Picasso-esque vibe? I’m loving the bold prints and bright colors!

I had to go to a few different locations to round up all of these purchases, but every location I went to had the new prints, in stock, in some form. I’m still saddened by the looming loss over my freshly discovered love for Sonia Kashuk. It was short, but very sweet, affair. ♡♡

NYX Niche

I might be a Sephora makeup slut. I might be a brand whore. But NYX has won my heart lately. Drug store brand makeup is not my typical go to, but NYX lip products are affordable GOLD. My addiction collection is quickly growing. Ipsy was my enabler, the one who introduced me to this obsession. I received a Butter Balm in Red Velvet in my December Glam Bag. Unfortunately, the Butter Balms are unavailable for purchase here in Canada, but I was able to pick up Holiday sets of the Butter Lipstick, Butter Gloss, and Chunky Dunks.

I got amazing deals on the Butter Gloss and Chunky Dunk sets. London Drugs had all their Holiday sets clearance priced!


NYX Sugar Rush Butter Gloss Set
Value: $23.97 CAD
Retail: $14.99 CAD
Steal: $7.49 CAD


I have wanted to try the Butter Glosses after hearing so many good thing about them and loving the Butter Lipsticks so much. This set includes the shades, Sugar Cookie (bright fuchsia), Cupcake (hot coral pink), and Cherry Pie (bright red). It was a no brainer to pick up this set. These glosses retail for $7.99 CAD each or you can get the set, with all 3, for $7.49 CAD. The glosses themselves are buttery (as the name implies) and smooth, not at all sticky. I was surprised at the pigment in these glosses, they give a beautiful color and are definitely not sheer.

NYX xoxo Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippies
Value: $31.96 CAD
Retail: $15.99 CAD
Steal: $9.99 CAD


These were as close as I could get to tinted lip balms. This set includes the shades: Pink Bikini (bubblegum pink), Cherry Smash (bright red), Hibiscus Tea Punch (mauve), and Caramel Martini (caramel). These wear very sheer to the touch and are moisturizing. I actually love the pop of color that these add, just a little something. They are perfect for a carefree, low maintenance makeup look. This set was again a steal at under $10 CAD for all four lippies.

Am I the only one obsessing with NYX lately? Unfortunately, this brand is hard to come by in Canada. I’m already looking forward to summer US road trips so I can stock up in all my favorite goodies!

The Worst of 2014 … Lip Monthly

I have been dreading writing this post for a few days now. But it is time to put on my big girl panties and put it out there … Lip Monthly sucks. Sucks balls. Sucks ass. Sucks at life. We all know how disappointed I was with them last month (if you don’t know, feel free to click here and catch up). I was billed for December’s bag after having cancelled. After getting the run around of emails that never actually answered any of my questions, I finally decided to just wait for my December bag, not worry about the mere $15 (I was told I would get what I paid for), and hope the items were at least worth my money.

This bag arrived even later than my November bag! I received my bag on December 31st. Lip Monthly should really start shipping earlier in the month so people can receive their bag in that same month. I can see from tracking my package, that each month my bag sits in the Chicago processing facility for 7-10 days before it even leaves the warehouse. I haven’t had this issue with other subscription companies.

The bag itself had the strongest smell of plastic ewww. And the bag felt very much like plastic and not fabric. The painted print feels like it will easily crack and fall off of the bag. It is the same quality as last month’s bag, which I will note has since gotten a broken zipper! I did like that the bag itself had a winter theme, but the smell is too much to handle and I definitely don’t want it stinking up my handbag.


Lip Monthly includes a card that explains their monthly inspirations, product info, and value of the bag. Love this feature (Topbox does this too!!). The first thing I noticed, was that there were only four products this month instead of five. The MMU (monthly mashup product) was MIA. The card explained that for the next few months they will be testing this out, as all four products were full sized. But all FIVE of my products from last month were full sized!! And I actually liked having a fifth product that wasn’t a lip item.

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Mistletoe Kisses

The only thing I love more than lip products? Lip products for a great deal! These little loves were found at Dollarama. It’s no secret that I love the Dollarama and always find some amazing steals! My latest finds? These lush lip products:
Color Whisper by Maybelline
Retail: $9.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

Show Off Lip Lacquer by Rimmel (Apocalips)
Retail: $8.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

These are perfect for stocking stuffers – it is the season!! Or you know, for yourself, to be prepared for when you meet someone under the mistletoe. ♡