US Obsessions

So I’m Canadian. And all shopaholic Canadians know that shopping in the United States means BIG deals. OK.  Maybe not AS amazing right now, given the current dollar situation. But it’s still pretty damn good even when you take the exchange into consideration. Last summer, however, felt like robbery. Our dollar was good, really, really good, and prices were cheap, really, really cheap.

This summer, I had to take it easy on my spending during all of our roadtrips to Montana. Sometimes, even with exchange, you can save money. But it’s important to pay attention and do the calculations quickly to make sure it isn’t smarter to just buy it at home.

Two things I can’t resist buying?? Lip Balm and Gum. Yep. Gum and Lip Balm. Why?! Because the US gets so many cool foods and drinks and limited edition cosmetics that we just don’t get at home.

Every time I go, I find new and glorious beauties. Last year, I fell in love with the Stride Sour Patch Kids line of chewing gum. The year before, Extra Desserts Gum won my tastebuds. This year I screamed with delight when I found the Sour Patch Watermelon Gum. Omg, talk about a taste-gasm.


I’m always way over the top and insist on buying multiple packs to last me through the year. Plus they are so fun to give to my friends. I love that they are sugar free, but totally kick sweet cravings. I’m not lying when I say I have a box (a recycled sephora gift box) filled with fun American gum flavors. Is that weird?!

My other favorite, Lip Balm. A true addiction. Why does the US get all the cool limited edition lines?! Canadians can find them but we have to order them online and spend a small fortune. So I stock up. Why not?! They make great “Happy Day” gifts. “Here have a pack of gum and a Chapstick just because you’re so fucking adorable“. Basically.


My most recent additions:
• Vaseline Creme Brulee
• EOS Lemon Drop SPF 15
• Chapstick MixStix in Strawberry Banana Smoothie & Raspberry Lemon Sorbet*
• Blistex Orange Mango Blast SPF 15
• Chapstick Tropical Paradise Collection in Mango Sunrise
• Chapstick Tropical Paradise Collection in Aloha Coconut
• Chapstick Cupcake Creations Collection in Cake Batter
• Vaseline Rosy Lips

The best things about stocking up on balms is that I’m fully prepared for the dry winter months!! I swear I searched for the Rosy Lips for over a year before I finally tracked it down (and in stock) at Target in Kalispell, MT. Nothing beats Vaseline when your lips are hella chapped. Adding yummy scents like Creme Brulee, or hints of color like Rosy Lips, just makes Vaseline feel like a legit lip treatment. Compared to the days of digging in the entire Vaseline tub, and getting it all over your hands, just for some lip relief.

Chapstick has really stepped up their game. Long gone are the days of Cherry Chapstick. Their new flavors are amazing. I’m loving the LE collections! And they are only $1 USD. ONE DOLLAR?!?!?!? Shut up. The MixStix are so yummy and I love having the option to wear the balms alone or mix them together for a different experience.

Do you have any products that you stock up on when sales are good?! Do you have an obsession?!!

* I have since found the Chapstick MixStix balms in Canada at Shopper’s Drug Mart. I picked up the Carmel Apple one to complete my collection! ♡


Fresh & Fabulous

This has to be my absolute favorite Sephora gift with purchase to date. And … I won’t be ordering. #WILLPOWER. So hard not giving in, but I must save for my July US trip!! And I really want the UD Smoky Palette. I must resist!!! But that doesn’t mean you should! Spend $50 CAD ($35 USD) and get a 3 piece personalized FRESH set. You got to pick your fab 3 products ts out of the 6 listed below:


This set is available for all VIB and VIB Rouge’s. Use code “VIBFRESH” at checkout.

I have a feeling this promo will sell out fast! Good Luck getting your hands on one ♡♡

Shark Week Freebies

Last weekend my sister-in-law was referring to her up coming “shark week“, a.k.a her period. My charming boyfriend, completely unaware that she was talking about her period, blurted out, “Ohhh I love Shark Week!!!“. It was completely hilarious, but it got me thinking about just how much I hate when it’s my turn to have “shark week“. The only thing that makes it better, other than chocolate of course? FREE full sized Revlon lippies!!


Not only were these Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons on sale for $6.97 CAD at Walmart (Retail $8.99 CAD), but they also came with a BONUS Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm!! And if that wasn’t enough, there is also a $2 off coupon to use on ANY Revlon lip product.


The balm retails for $10.99 CAD! Getting a 40 count box and a lippie for under $7 CAD is a real steal!!! The lippies included as a bonus, come in one of two colors, Unapologetic (pink) or Standout (red).


I have only been able to track down “Standout” but I’m on the hunt for “Unapologetic“!! Right now, London Drugs has their Revlon Colorburst lippies on for $6.99 CAD, with the $2 off coupon that brings them down to only $4.99 CAD each!!

Even if you aren’t expecting “shark week” for a little while, this deal is worth it just to save on the balm. I’m personally loving mine. They are quite pigmented (I prefer the Matte to the Lacquer), moisturizing, and fun. These are great for summer, whether that’s in your Saturday night clutch or your Sunday beach bag! ♡♡

Dollarama Daze

It’s no secret that Dollarama has amazing deals on everything, especially beauty items. It’s also not a secret that I have a Dollaramaddiction. I kind of wish it was a secret because I still haven’t been able to hunt down more of the Maybelline Color Whisper by Color Sensational Lipsticks. I only bought one, loved it, went back for more, and they were sold out. Figures. But I did find all of these goodies!!


Huggies Pure Wipes
Retail: $4.99 CAD
Steal: $2 CAD

I love using these wipes to use with eye makeup remover to take off my eye makeup, a quick wipe after the gym or a workout, and for wiping my brushes after every use.


Griffin Universal Charger Protect Kit (** Not pictured in haul)
Retail: $19.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

I needed a new car charger and cable so this was a definite steal! The screen protectors are far too small to use on modern smartphones (more for Blackberry’s), but I needed a screen protector for my Canon Rebel T5; these will be perfect once I cut them down to size (they are universal and are intended to be cut).


Post-it Portable Note Holder
Retail: $8.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

How cute are these? Not only does the durable cardboard cover keep the notes from bending and crumpling, but it also comes with an adorable pen.


Nivea Creme
Retail: $10.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

You have heard me mention my love of Nivea before. This Creme is a staple. It is super thick, greasy, and moisturizing. In other words, it’s for those intense emergency jobs. Overnight hydration, cream and socks, or even soothing for a healing sunburn (Aloe first to repair, Nivea later to prevent peeling).
OPI Nail Lacquer in
Retail: $14.50 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

OPI makes awesome nail polish, especially for $3 CAD. Dollarama really isn’t your typical dollar store!! This is a beautiful dark espresso brown perfect for winter.


Essie Magnetic Nail Lacquer in Sssssexy
Retail: $11.25 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

I’m really loving the magnetic snakeskin print of this polish. I wanted to add the red to my collection because, come on? $3 CAD?? Plus I find Essie is one of the polishes that last the longest on me (which is still only a day chip free!). Regular nail polish only really goes on my toes for this reason, where I will get much longer wear.


Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm in Pink Shock & Oh! Orange
Retail: $4.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

I love Baby Lips! These were a great addition to my collection. They have a lot of pigment in them which is great when you don’t have the time to apply lip liner and lipstick. Plus they are moisturizing! The pink is definitely my favorite of the two. I’m totally loving colored balms, they are so effortless.

Love love love Dollarama hauls!! ♡ Anyone else love them as much as me??

Mistletoe Kisses

The only thing I love more than lip products? Lip products for a great deal! These little loves were found at Dollarama. It’s no secret that I love the Dollarama and always find some amazing steals! My latest finds? These lush lip products:
Color Whisper by Maybelline
Retail: $9.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

Show Off Lip Lacquer by Rimmel (Apocalips)
Retail: $8.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

These are perfect for stocking stuffers – it is the season!! Or you know, for yourself, to be prepared for when you meet someone under the mistletoe. ♡

Getting Lippy with Lip Monthly

I think it is fair to say that “lips” are what started it all for me. Before I learned the ways of winged eyeliner, smokey eyes, and carbon black lashes, I learned the language of lips. My lips are full. I mean like so full I got made fun of in elementary school (haha who is laughing now, bitches, while you are all busy injecting your lips?!?!). For a while, I would only rock lipgloss because I felt lipstick made such a HUGE statement (see my Gavatar … yes those are MY lips). But I am a changed woman! Give me bold, give me pigment, give me plumping! I will line this pout and fill them in with the richest, most vibrant colors!

Cue the discovery of Lip Monthly. A beauty subscription “box” (bag) devoted entirely to our puckers! Obviously I was intrigued. Initially the products came in a box, but now, like ipsy, they come in a makeup bag that changes each month (a much better option!). The cost is $10 USD a month (plus $5 USD for shipping if you don’t live in the U.S). You will receive 5 products, a mix of sample size and full size & one of the products is typically a non lip item (MMU – Monthly MixUp).

Reviews for Lip Monthly have been mixed. In the beginning they sent out mostly discontinued products, which left customers not so happy. They have since changed the way they do business and now are sending out new, current products. They recently offered a promo to get your first bag for only $5 USD (shipping extra). This was the perfect opportunity for me to try Lip Monthly and see how it compared to ipsy and Topbox.

First of all, the bag took forever to get here. I signed up in early October and knew my first bag would be November’s. I have no idea why my bag was so late, but it barely got here in time for November (like only two delivery days left, kinda late). Second, I was charged for December’s bag even though I had yet to receive my first bag! This is definitely a huge no-no in my books. Why should I have to pay for the following month’s bag, if I’m not even sure where my money is going? The kicker here is that my payment came out AFTER I cancelled my subscription. I immediately sent an email:
1) Wondering where my bag was and why, as of November 20th, it was still in their warehouse.
2) If I was actually unsubscribed, since payment came out AFTER my cancellation I was wondering if it was an error.
3) Asking for a refund of December’s payment since I had yet to receive a bag and also because I had already unsubscribed.
I’m on my third email to them and this is the answer I have received, “Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on orders that have been processed, but you will receive all of the bags that you have paid for“. No mention of why my package was late, why I was charged after cancelling, or if I even am unsubscribed! I’m very frustrated with Lip Monthly and I definitely will not be reactivating my subscription (assuming it really is suspended to begin with). I understand they are just starting up but that doesn’t change my opinion, customer service is just as important as the product.

Now that I have got that all out in the open, here is my honest review of the products I received (finally) in my Lip Monthly bag.


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Lip Monthly Update …

It is November 24th, and still NO Lip Monthly bag. The bag HAS cleared customs but it is in Ontario (I live in Alberta). I will be so surprised if I get this bag before December comes. I cancelled my subscription as it is taking forever to receive my bag AND so far I am not impressed. Imagine my surprise when I see a charge for December’s bag on my Visa statement despite my cancellation (let alone the fact I have been charged for another bag before even receiving my first one)!!! I emailed them to ask for a refund since I:
A) Cancelled
B) Am still waiting on my FIRST bag …

Surprise, surprise the email response made no mention of why my bag is late, and did not address that I had been charged despite cancelling. Although she did say that they don’t process refunds and that I will “get what I paid for”. I followed up with the same questions, why is my bag not here yet on Nov. 24th and why was I charged even though I cancelled (am I actually unsubscribed? I sure hope so!)?

At this point it doesn’t matter how amazing the bag is. My decision has been made so clear, “Hello, Birchbox!!“.