My First VIB Rouge Event

I had the privilege of attending the Beauty Before Brunch event at my local Sephora last month. This was the first event I have attended as a Rouge member. Although I have a few Sephora locations close to me, I decided to go to South Calgary. I have had terrible experiences there in the past, but the (NEW!!) Store Director, Sam, was beyond amazing and put forth a real effort in getting to know me as a valuable customer. Because of this, and because of my faith in her as a team leader, I decided to visit the Sephora I had previously loathed soo much. I’m so glad I did, because Sam and her team did a great job executing the event.

The event was a closed door event, meaning that you had to be on the list to get in, oooohhhh exclusive! When I first arrived, I was greeted by a Cast Member (associate) who took my name and gave us a run down on the event, including the mini classes they were offering and when. I loved that Sephora had someone at the door to walk you through the day’s event. In case you forgot anything, you could check the program they handed you during check in. No confusion. No missed tutorials. No problems. (Nordstrom, take note!!)


Sam (the Store Director) went above and beyond my expectations. She had my “must get” purchases already put aside for me. I wish I could hug her to thank her, because it turns out the KVD Shade and Light Contour Palette was sold out. I only got mine because Sam was such a doll for holding my items until the event.

There was also a table with snacks and refreshments. And good refreshments too! Starbucks Coffee and Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade!! Great choices. And of course water bottles. They were regular water bottles; I can’t pretend that I wasn’t a tiny bit disappointed that they weren’t VIB Rouge label water bottles. I guess my hunt for one, will continue. They also had gluten free quinoa cookies.

During the event, they were having mini classes for skincare, brows, and contouring. I attended the brow and contour demos. Both were very well done. They were quick, to the point, and provided everyone with some great tips and techniques. After the brow tutorial (the last of the three), the Cast Member offered to do my brows for me. I loved having the opportunity to see how she did my brows compared to how I do my brows. I came to the event with minimal makeup, a much better canvas for a play day full of new products and techniques!

There were a few brand representatives on site, I talked with the Clarisonic and Clarins Reps. Both were very knowledgeable about their product lines. The Clarisonic Rep did a demo on my friend who was curious about the product and it’s benefits. The Clarins Rep was delightful to talk to and she recommended some products. We chatted about the Clarins makeup line (not available at Sephora) and about some of the new skincare products coming out. I would have liked to see more makeup brand (vs. skincare) Reps at the event, but I don’t think that this was organized by each individual location. In other words you get what you get.

I enjoyed having the store all to myself. And by “to myself” I meant with all of the other VIB Rouge’s. I have never spent so long at a store before. We were there for over 2 hours. We even stayed past the 11am event end. Browsing, chatting, testing. It was like Wonderland. The best part was that I never felt rushed or pressured to make a purchase (although I had tons of stuff that I planned to buy, I didn’t feel pressure to buy anything at all). Even once the event ended, we weren’t rushed. We were told the store was now opening up for everyone and that we would have to mention we were at the event, when we went to the till, to get the discount.

Overall, I feel like the event was well organized and had a great atmosphere. For such a big event, everyone was calm and aware of what they were supposed to do. I very much enjoyed my experience and look forward to the next event. I have to send a major shoutout to the Store Director, Sam. She is on top of her game. She knows what her customers want and she knows how to get it for them. She single handedly made me happy to shop at South Calgary again. I feel that location will strive with her guidance. It was such a complete turn around from the store I had visited previously. She not only welcomed me to the event personally, but she also said goodbye and gave us a few of her favorite Ole Henrikson samples to try at home. Thank you Sam!!

Now for the fun part, my VIB Sale haul!!! With EVERY purchase (no matter the amount) you got a free fold over clutch filled with samples (deluxe and packet) and a full size Formula X Nail Polish (I got the shade Extreme, a coppery red).


Admittedly, this was only the first of three VIB Sale purchases I made. Oops. But they got smaller each time, I swear! This pic is strictly the items I got at the event. One of the best parts of a exclusive event is the samples!! I got quite a few at the event. I went back to a different Sephora later that same day to make a second purchase (items below), and got another bag in the process. (I was working on the other end of the city so I was unable to return to South Calgary). They were out of samples for the bag, so the Cast Member made me a bag. I actually liked it more than the first bag I received (even though it didn’t contain a full sized product like the bag I got from the event, she did throw in more deluxe samples to make up for it). I also redeemed 200 points for two deluxe samples of my FAVORITE lash primer, Dior Show Maximizer.


Retail: $55 CAD
Steal: $49.50 CAD

Retail: $43 CAD
Steal: $38.70 CAD


I am so happy that I purchased BOTH of these. They are a beautiful sight. I haven’t used either yet. I still need to stare at them and admire their beauty for a but longer before I mess them both up. Dirrrrrty. Filthy. Once I have tried them, I fully intend on writing a full review on the products.

Retail: $67 CAD
Steal: $60.30 CAD


I love, love, LOVE these palettes. I already own Obscura (earth tones) and fell so head over heels, I knew I had to get another one. Not only do I love the shadows themselves, the palette is a literal work of art. I purchased Color Field (olive tones) during the sale for the pop of color it could add to my eye looks.

Retail: $24 CAD
Steal: $21.60 CAD


I love Urban Decay. And I love these pencils. They are creamy, pigmented, bold, and they don’t budge. I probably own a dozen or more. Color, brown, black, shimmer, matte, satin … I own it all, they have it all. These are hands down my ultimate FAVORITE eyeliner (Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayons takes a close second).

Retail: $22 CAD
Steal: $19.80 CAD


I just told you how much I love these pencils. Obviously a threesome, a trio set was a no brainer! I love that they are all matte. And I also love that I didn’t own a smokey gray (Smoke) or navy shade (Sabbath) like this. I already own and love the matte black (Perversion), but who doesn’t need a back up of their fav black eyeliner?

Retail: $15 CAD
Steal: $13.50 CAD


I love the brights of the Tangerine/Lingonberry duo. I wanted a coral orange/pink for summer and was going to purchase the Sephora Collection Creamy Lip Stain in Watermelon. Then I noticed this duo. The Tangerine shade looks sooo orange, but once swatched, it has the most gorgeous hint of pink. The Fig/Date duo has the most flattering nudes, with some hints of mauve. Bite Beauty makes amazing lip products. My favorite thing is that they are all food grade and natural. Yes, you can eat it. My German Shepherd can vouch for that, he ate my Rouge Bite Beauty Welcome gift. The lipsticks are super pigmented, moisturizing, and creamy. I love the formula, it even has Resveratrol. Resveratrol “fights free radicals with potent long-term age-repair benefits. Each lipstick contains the Resveratrol equivalent of two glasses of red wine, reducing fine lines and wrinkles on and around the lip area over time“. And how practical are these dual ended sticks? Two colors, one tiny tube. Very clutch and travel friendly! Not to mention the value ($28 CAD) compared to the $15 CAD retail. A great purchase, I had to own both. I hope they release more duos, I would buy them all!!

Overall, I very much enjoyed this event. I did enjoy having access to the discount early and also a private event to make my purchases while there was still lots of stock available. I’m still a little mad about the Extrodinary Rewards b.s, but that is with the company directly, and in no way reflects my experiences at the South Calgary location. I love all of my purchases and couldn’t have better things to say about the Rouge event! I look forward to the next one. Did you attend the Beauty Before Brunch event?


Royal Rewards

Have you heard?!?! Sephora will be releasing new 1000 point, 5000 point, and 10 000 point rewards. Hope you have been saving up, because these look phenomenal. Supposedly, Sephora sent out a preview email about the upcoming rewards, however, I have yet to receive one. This entire post is based on my snooping. You’re welcome.


1000 points will get you Kat Von D’s best selling products from her edgy collection in a signed limited edition case.
5000 points will get you the ultimate Urban Decay collection, signed by brand founder Wende Zomnir. Could it be the entire Naked Vault?!?!*
10 000 points will get you the latest Stella McCartney bag, Falabella Shaggy Deer Fold Over Tote Bag, complete with Stella fragrance

Release dates were not reported, however the email did say to keep an eye on the Rewards Boutique in the coming week!!! Will you be redeeming?!

*Some of the emails report that the Urban Decay is a 2000 point reward, although the image shows it as 5000 points. I will update as more information becomes available.

Star Studded Surprise

Thanks to an amazing giveaway from Beauty + Babes, I got my hands on a ton of Kat Von D Star Studded Lipsticks AND a super cute makeup bag!


Talk about a “kiss of death” Talk about a killer giveaway. She definitely knows how to tickle my fancy, NINE new lipsticks?! I had been eyeing this set for weeks, such a beautiful collection of traditional nudes, pinks, and reds, as well as some shades with an edge (sparkley bright purple, a dark vampy red? Yes please!). This set retails for $47 CAD, with a value of $151 CAD!! Even though I already own some of the KVD lipsticks, I didn’t own any of the shades included in this set, yay!!! Shades include (pictured from left to right): Motorhead (matte black cherry), Lovecraft (matte mauve pink nude), Agatha (matte pale nude), Countless (matte bright orange), Sexer (iridescent hot pink), Bachelorette (matte pink fuchsia), Hexagram (matte true red), Wonderchilde (iridescent neon purple), Adora (metallic sparkley red).


Drench your lips with bold color and unstoppable femininity. Designed to look as rock ‘n roll as its wearer, this revolutionary, hybrid lipstick is formulated with Color Cushion Technology that combines 10-hour wear, one-swipe payoff, and velvet touch comfort. This color-true lipstick leaves lips supple, and its wide color spectrum offers stunning shades, including red for every skintone, statement-making colors, and classic, everyday neutrals. 

Many of the reviews I have read said that these lipsticks tend to be drying and patchy when applied. The only color that I found applied unevenly, was Motorhead. But given the extremely dark pigment, I think lips would need to be fully prepped to rock such a dark shade. As for the other shades, they all applied smoothly, evenly, creamy, and pigment rich. I’m thrilled to add these to my collection! The shades Adora and Sexer are my favorite in the set. I don’t own any iridescent lipsticks like this, but a shimmering red is perfect to finsh off a festive holiday look.


This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning how adorable this bag is! It’s surprisingly spacious, big enough to fit more than just the essentials plus some full size brushes! It will be the perfect makeup bag to throw in my holiday clutch! Literally, grab and GLOW.

Thanks again to Beauty + Babes for such an awesome giveaway prize! I highly recommend you check out her blog. She has such a great mix of beauty, fashion, hauls, and celebrity babes!!

Black Friday Gluttony

Ok. I admit it. I’m beauty obsessed. Like I’m in WAY too deep. And to prove it, here is my Sephora Black Friday haul. And yes, this is all for me (hang my head in blissful shame). I did get gifts too, but those won’t be appearing in my post. It felt like it took forever to get here! But doesn’t it always when you are dying to get your hands on my humps the goodies?? Each of these sets were only $12 CAD!! Such a great deal! And since I ordered online, I got the Flawless Refresh sample bag for FREE (plus the usual 3 free samples).


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Guess What?!?!

The Sephora Black Friday Sale is LIVE!!!!!!!! (Online)
1) If you spend $35 CAD you can still use promo code “SEASONSET” to get a free makeup bag filled with 8 deluxe sized goodies!
2) Spend $75 CAD for free shipping!
3) Don’t forget to pick 3 free samples!
4) Click Here to see the Favorites offered for Black Friday!!!

I placed my order … have you?! ♡