Happy Birthday From Sephora!

Sephora has released their highly anticipated FREE 2016 birthday gifts. This has thrilled some Beauty Insiders, but has disappointed all many VIB Rouge members.

This year, they are offering two different two-piece sets. One gift is from Fresh Beauty and includes mini versions of their Soy Face Cleanser and Rose Face Mask. The other gift is from Marc Jacobs Beauty and includes a mini Le Marc Lip Creme in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and a mini Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer.


But cue the disappointment for VIB Rouge’s everywhere, because there is NO special Rouge birthday gift this year. No extra product. And yes, this has been confirmed by Sephora. I understand that these birthday gifts are FREE, but it’s kind of a giant slap in the face when you spend over $1000 a year to be apart of their elite level. Especially when you consider all of the other cuts they have recently made to the program (don’t even get me started on how every “exclusive gift” is available to VIB’s).

It’s always great having a birthday at the end of the year and getting to pick up the gift first!! So what did I pick?! Duh. Marc Jacobs. I can not pass on lipstick … ever. And I looooooove MJ’s highliners. I already have this color, but a back up is always a bonus!!

Which gift are you hoping to grab on your birthday?!?!

A Nars-issistic Birthday Gift

Happy Birthday to me! One of my favorite birthday freebies! Sephora has an amazing birthday gift for 2015. All Beauty Insiders get one! You just have to sign up. I wasn’t to keen on the 2014 Makeup Forever birthday gift, so I patiently waited until I heard about what they were releasing for 2015 before I went to get my gift (perks of being a holiday baby!). I was ecstatic to learn that the 2015 gift was a NARS lip duo in the shades Cruella and Rikugen! Sephora’s Boxing Day Sale tipped me over the edge and unlocked VIB Rouge for me. It worked out awesome that I had waited to receive my gift, because Rouge members get a third item in their birthday gift (2015 having a black Nars eyeliner to go with the lip duo).


Sephora nailed it. Another year BOLDER


Are you looking forward to this amazing FREE gift for 2015? What were your thoughts on the 2014 Makeup Forever gift?

Soul Sister

Thanks to the wonderful world of blogging, I swear, I have met my soul sister. Basically, she’s the brunette to my blonde ♡. Let me tell you all about Janet, from Jan and Jot. This woman is beyond talented, not to mention gorgeous. And so crafty, she makes the cutest things! Janet sent me the most amazing early birthday gift (seriously, how sweet is that?). If you could put “me” in a box of goodies, she nailed it. Pink, EOS, shoes, leopard, Paris, lipgloss …


And she MADE the keychain. I’m trying to tell her she should sell them because, OMG how freaking cute is this? Tell me you wouldn’t die for one of these?


I’m almost scared to use it because it is so nice! You should check out her blog. It’s the perfect mix of lifestyle and beauty posts that she writes with her other half, Josie. I love reading all of their posts, especially because they each add a special personality to their blog. Go follow them now, you won’t be disappointed (janandjot or click the link above)!! And Janet, thank you my dear ♡ you made my birthday so special already!

Birthday Wish

And by “wish“, I obviously meant wishlist! My birthday is December 30th. It might only be 5 days after Christmas, but that doesn’t make it any less of a birthday. Bring on the cake, candles, and champagne, because the holidays are all about being together, and this day is no exception! Lucky for him (aka the boyfriend) anything from my Christmas List is fair game, but in case Santa tickled my fancy, supports gluttony, brought me want I wanted for being such a naughty good girl, here are a few other ideas to celebrate my 27th:


1. A One Year Subscription
Birchbox // $160 USD

2. A Sassy Water Bottle
PINK // $14.95 CAD

3. The Sky-Liner Seven Piece Petite Highliner Collection
Marc Jacobs Beauty // $56 CAD

4.The Party Starter
Cards Against Humanity // $25 CAD

It’s MY Birthday, I’ll Get Freebies If I Want To

Yay to Birthdays! Boo to getting older. My birthday is coming up on December 30th. I cried on my 25th birthday; I was finally closer to 30 than 20. My 26th rolled by and was a blur of champagne and dancing. Now here comes my 27th, even though I would much rather prefer to stay 26 (or 21 would be nice too. Forever 21, I get it now). The years just keep going by faster and faster. I’m just starting to understand that we never really “grow up” (when do I actually start feeling like an adult?). I welcome 2015 and this transition into my – dare I say – late twenties! Bring on more booze, babes, & blogging!
Here is my list of AMAZING freebies for all you birthday dolls (there are plenty more, and a quick Google of your city will give you all your area deals – this is simply a list of my favorite ones)!!

Free Cup of Tea @ David’s Tea
Free Birthday Gift @ Sephora
$10 off $20 Purchase @ Sally Beauty
Free Birthday Drink @ Starbucks
$5 Bonus Treat @ Menchies

There you have it loves! A list to keep you oh-so-happy on your special day of birth!

** You need to be signed up with the individual store membership programs to receive these (you can’t just walk in and get them unless you are registered).