Spa Sunday

I love to get naked and have a “Spa Bath” on Sunday nights. Prep my skin for the busy week ahead. Wash away all the stress from the week before. Sometimes I grab my tried and true favorites. Other times I go through my samples and minis and pick out a few goodies to make the ultimate DIY spa.


Today’s Picks!! It was a glorious rub a dub dub

1) GlamGlow THIRSTYCLEANSE Daily Hydrating Cleanser ($43 CAD) – The first step is to wash your face. This cleanser starts out as a mud and turns in to a foam. You apply the mud to a dry face and spread it around evenly. Then apply water to your hands and massage your hands into the mud. The water will cause the mud to lather into a cleansing foam. I very much enjoyed this product. The mud was calming and soothing, my skin was left clean and refreshed. I would totally consider buying this product in the future. I really enjoyed it!!

2) Dr. Brandt Skincare Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant ($90 CAD) – I followed up the cleanse with this scrub. The scrub brightens skin, reduces the appearance of discoloration, and helps increase the absorption of other skincare products. It felt very fine and although you could feel lots of gritty pieces, it wasn’t at all damaging or abrasive. It felt like a very fine scrub. It didn’t leave my skin dry or irritated. I have sensitive skin, and still found this scrub to be gentle enough for a weekly treatment. This scrub is NOT suitable for daily use. It is intended to be used with a minimum of three days between treatments.

3) GlamGlow BRIGHTMUD Eye Treatment ($76 CAD) – Next, an eye treatment. This GlamGlow treatment is made to minimize puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. It also claims to brighten and hydrate the eyes. I prefer to do one eye at a time, applying was a bit tricky. You open the pod and “tap” the product on to your eye. This did not work for me. I had to scoop the product out and light tap my fingers to my eye (and undereye) to apply. Left the treatment on for three minutes and then wipe off with a soft dry tissue. I did feel a slight burning sensation for a few seconds, but it went away quickly. My eyes did appear fresh and hydrated. My puffiness had subsided.

4) Indigena Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub ($60 CAD) – This scrub is AMAZING! All natural, food grade (yes, it’s edible!), and never tested on the fur babies!! The best thing? You can use this scrub on your face, lips, and body. It has a coconut base, citrus essential oils, and wild Newfoundland blueberry seeds. This is hands down, the best scrub I have ever used. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling revived. I can’t wait for my next trip to St. John’s to stock up on more Indignea products!!! For Spa Sunday, I used this on my entire body for a much needed polish.

5) L’OCCITANE Ultra Rich Body Cream Rich in Shea Butter ($48 CAD) – After a relaxing Spa-esque soak, I need to immediately hydrate with a thick cream. To help seal in moisture, I like to apply the cream immediately after toweling off, when my skin is still plump and hydrated from the water. This cream was rich and luxurious. It made my skin feel like a dream. The sample size was very generous and I was easily able to use it for my entire body (face excluded).

6) AmorePacific Intensive Vitalizing Eye Essence ($105 CAD) –  A serum specifically for the eyes. This one works on three levels: de-puffing, lifting, and brightening. It has a very light, watery consistency. It’s so runny I had to be careful with the packet to not make a mess. However, this consistency made it very light and fresh, and easily absorbed.

7) ESTÉE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Eye Synchronized Complex II ($65 CAD) – I love this eye cream. It reduces all of the key signs of aging around the eyes. I can feel it working with a slight tingling or tightening sensation. You only need a tiny amount, and it’s best to pat it into the skin (as in don’t rub it in). Although it says “night” in the name, this eye gel can be used morning and night. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite eye products.

8) Dr. Brandt Skincare Laser FX Lift Serum ($89.50 CAD) – This serum is used for the face, and is great for signs of aging (it will tighten and firm). Serums are designed to penetrate the deeper levels of the skin. Used with an exfoliant, your skin will be primed to make the most of this product. I love the way my skin feels and looks. I also enjoyed the combo of the the two Dr. Brandt products in the sample. They really compliment each other.

9) Biotherm Skin Best Night ($71 CAD) – I follow up the serum with the Skin Best Night cream. This is a favorite of mine. A staple. A routine. This is a thicker, heavy cream best for overnight, or in this case after a heavy string of products. When I have a Spa Sunday, I don’t put make up on for the rest of the day and I use a night cream (even if it’s only the afternoon) to really boost hydration and repair. I get so many compliments on my skin, and it’s all thanks to my daily regimen of Biotherm.

10) RELAX. And drink lots of water. And get a good night’s sleep.

This is my favorite way to use samples. Just make sure you compliment your products and don’t use too many “treatments” at once, for example, I chose to do a facial scrub so I didn’t do a mask. If you use bath bombs, bubbles, or oils in your bath water, be sure to use fresh tap water for all DIY facials. To make it the most amazing spa day ever, pair your face and body treatments with a mani, pedi, and hair mask. Don’t have a hair mask? Coconut oil is all you need. Apply it to wet hair and let it soak for ten minutes BEFORE you shampoo and condition for a quick boost. Or apply it after you shampoo and condition and leave it in overnight as a mask.

You’ll have Monday all like “Meowwww, Bitch!“. But seriously, you will be fierce and ready to Carpe Diem seize the day!! How do you use your samples? And how do you prepare for the busy week ahead?!


Nordstrom Beauty Trend Event

I had the privilege of attending the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Event last weekend with my mom (April 24th & 25th). We attended the afternoon/evening of the 24th. It was quite busy with alot of people, customers and employees. My first impression was that there was no one to explain the event or what was taking place or where. I’m sure there was alot going on that I wasn’t able to take place in, simply due to lack of knowledge.

Services were booked ahead of time, I went in store to make coordinating appointments for us both, keep it easy. Everyone was allowed to book up to five services. We only ended up booking three: mini facials, makeup, and nails.

The first place we stopped was Biotherm for mini facials. Biotherm had a medical esthetican on site and I was lucky enough to have her do my mini facial. She used a nice mix of products I was familiar with and products I hadn’t tried before. She also was very concise about explaining what she was using, how best to use it, and the benefits associated and expected. My skin really did feel great afterwards, it inspired me to take more time cleaning my face and using more products at home to do my own mini facials. Skin care can be a great art!!!

After we were done, we each received samples of some of the products used. My mom got some deluxe sized jars, but I got multiple packet samples as they only came in that size. She gave me five of each product so I thought that was pretty generous. That’s enough to let me get a good first impression of the products.

We didn’t buy anything immediately, since we didn’t want to be late for our next appointment at Bobbi Brown for makeup. They called me sooo many times for appointment confirmations and reminders, it was a little excessive. This was in addition to one call from Biotherm to confirm, and one from Armani. In the future I think it would be beneficial to get one confirmation call from Nordstrom, instead of 5 calls across 3 different booths.

This was going to be my first impression of Bobbi Brown. The makeup. The philosophy. The products. It was chaos. Pure chaos. The girls that worked the counter were running around looking for other employees. Other staff members were trying to find someone to change empty tissue boxes and full garbage cans. The area they had designated for the makeovers was along the main aisle way leading to the very busy mall entrance. My mom and I were separated even though the lady told us she would be moving us to sit side by side. No big deal. The lady doing my makeup seemed completely out of sorts. She kept leaving randomly to deal with various other staff members. She openly and loudly complained about employees to the makeup artist beside her (very unprofessional). She was completely out of loop about my needs as well. We talked at the beginning, when I arrived, about how I wanted a more intense eye makeup with bold brows. After one of the many missing moments, she said to me “okay so you wanted a minimal makeup look, like a day smoke, right?”. By this point I was so fed up with her inattentiveness, I nodded. I won’t go through the next grueling minutes, as they were much of the same. By the end of my “makeover” I was horrified. I can honestly say I have never seen makeup applied so tragically before. My eyeshadow was in blobs (had we not heard of blending?), my brows were filled in only as far as the arch and appeared to be crumbling, and she hadn’t even touched my lips. My mom looked radiant and had no part of her face over looked. Lucky for her, her artist was flown in for the event from Toronto. Basically, she hit MA gold. I hit Bobbi Brown remorse. I was honestly embarrassed to know I had to spend the rest of the evening with that face on. I quickly left Bobbi Brown. No samples. No browsing. No questions. I won’t be back.

Last stop was Giorgio Armani for nails! The “mani” they were offering was really just a quick file and lacquer. I had recently done an at home mani so the MA went straight to paint. I picked a beautiful Runway inspired brown shimmer shade. They had alot of pinks and reds, but nothing too summery or bright. The lady who did my nails was so nice and cheery. But her application was terrible. She tried to clean my cuticles up with a q-tip after they dried, but that didn’t help very much. Needless to say, I took the polish off the next day. She threw in a few perfume samples at the end of the appointment.

By this point I was still pretty embarrassed about my makeup. The young lady from earlier in the day, Alex from Biotherm, came over to see us getting out nails done. She oh so nicely asked me who did my makeup. I could read the terror on her face instantly. It really was as bad as I thought. She was so wonderful and offered to redo my makeup for me. And thank god. She was very close in age to me and her makeup was on point. I knew she could do a good job for me. And she did!! Everything was so much nicer. The time she took contouring, applying a smokey eye, and filling out my pouty lip, made me feel much more confident. It was such a night and day difference from my Bobbi Brown nightmare.

That concluded the appointments. I was now set to shop!! The best part! I picked up the Biotherm Skin Best CC Cream from Alex. Because of the event, I got extra Nordstrom points as well as a bonus Biotherm gift with purchase.


I have tried the Biotherm Aquasource BB Cream and had to return it. I hated the smell. This Skin Best CC Cream however, smells AMAZING. It has a hint of color, unlike the Aquasource CC Cream (which I haven’t tried) that is clear. I love the Skin Best line, especially for its ability to fight signs of aging from the beginning. I’m falling for this line, it’s slowly sneaking in to a first place race with my Aquasource favorites.

Skin Best is a youth preserving line. Perfect for my 27 year old skin. “For early signs of aging – fine lines and skin texture changes – caused by fatigue and the environment (oxidation). Skin Best offers triple action 1) instantly energizes complexion 2) diminishes fine lines 3) perfects skin texture“.

I’m loving this CC Cream. It blends to be a perfect match and leaves my skin so hydrated and moisturized. I love wearing this as my only makeup or under my makeup. In love! New staple for me!!


My free gift with purchase included 5 minis and two bags! The products included were mini Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel, mini Aquasource Eye Perfection, mini Biocils Eye Makeup Remover, mini Lait Corporel Body Milk, and mini Biosource Tonifying Exfoliating Cleansing Gel.


I love that this set comes with two bags. One is clear with a plastic zipper at the top (perfect for water resistance). The other is fabric and quite spacious. It has a metal ring around a breathable hole. This allows any wet toiletries to dry easily (swimming, the gym, the beach, etc. very versatile). This is one of the most practical “free” bags that I have ever received.

Overall, I feel very underwhelmed regarding the event. I found out towards the end that they had “Master Classes“. I would have loved to have been informed upon arrival. There was supposed to be “customized samples and gifts”. We were not given any samples except for the ones we got from Alex (she was such a doll).


As we were leaving, we were told that if you spent a collective total of $125 CAD on beauty items you got to fill a clutch with samples from the “sample bar“. The “sample bar” was basically all perfume samples. No makeup and minimal skin care samples. Not much incentive for me. I have friends who have attended Nordstrom events and they get bags with samples when they arrive, personalized samples from each booth, and information sheets with all offered programs and events, in addition to the free gifts with purchase. This was the first ever Nordstrom event for my store and city. So maybe it was and is a bit of a learning curve for everyone involved. I think this event was a fun opportunity to spend time with my mom, but I would not be in dire need to make sure I attended every future event. I have to give an honest shout out to Alex from Biotherm in Chinook Centre YYC. All the good parts of the event were due to her!! Did you hit up the Nordstrom Trend Event?! What were your impressions?

Beauty Bonus

About a month ago, I told you about (another) fabulous Shopper’s Drug Mart sale and beauty bonus. In addition to 20× the points, you also got a free clutch filled with samples with every $125 CAD purchase!! I knew this was the time to indulge in some beauty goodies and blow my bank, pick up some new items for spring.

What I Purchased:

What I Got For Free (not including 3 bags!):

Isn’t spending money so much more satisfying when you get to tote home massive amounts of freebies?!?!?! It’s a beautiful art. The art of bargin shopping!!! And a terrible addiction. Let me break it down for you:



By now, we should all be very much aware of my love for Biotherm. Basically ALL things Biotherm, but specifically, the Aquasource line. I’m loving my Aquasource Deep Serum, as well as my Aquasource Skin Perfection Moisturizer. Together they made the perfect combo for dry wintery skin. I wanted to find the perfect night cream so I can save my Skin Perfection for day use. I had received a sample of (and, surprise, loved) the Aquasource Nuit. It is more of a gel than a cream, much like the Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel (my typical go-to daily moisturizer, but I switched it up by purchasing the Skin Perfection last time around). Aquasource Nuit is described as a “jelly” and certainly presents itself as such. The scent is very light, fresh, and clean. No floral or fruity scents here. The Aquasource Nuit was available in a bonus pack for the SAME PRICE as buying the product by itself ($50 CAD). No doubt which one I picked, insert eye roll.

The bonus pack included a Lait Corporel Body Milk, a mini Biomains Hand Cream, and a mini Beurre De Levres Lip Butter, in addition to the full size Aquasource Nuit. If you recall, I’m absolutely loving the Beurre De Levres Lip Butter. It is more of a cream than a balm, but it is perfect for healing dry, cracked lips in a snap. It is a very versatile product, I wear it overnight to really soften my lips by morning, I apply a thing layer under my lipstick, and I wear it alone during the day on low key makeup days. The formula is not glossy and leaves a semi matte (very buttery) finish.


Biotherm was offering a free gift with all purchases over $35 CAD. I love that Shopper’s let’s you combine all offers together, it makes that dollar stretch soooo far. The bonus bag (how cute are those spring pastel colors?) Included a mini Biosource Fresh Foam Cleanser, mini Biocils Eye Makeup Remover, mini Biomains Hand Cream, mini Aquasource Deep Serum, and mini Blue Therapy Serum. I have not tried any of the products from the Blue Therapy line, so I’m excited to try this serum. The Blue Therapy line focuses on anti aging and repairing visible signs of aging. Although I’m only 27, wrinkles scare the shit out of me, scare me, so I’ll take all the preventative measures that I can!! I have used (and own) all of the other minis that I received, so I’m obviously thrilled to have some new travel friendly bottles!!!


I have been dying to get my hands on a EA Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in the shade Pink Punch. During the last few SDM events, they had been sold out. The shade is a beautiful bright pink with blue undertones (the best for fair skinned blondes). The formula on these lipsticks is BEYOND hydrating. My lips feel so soft after taking the color off at the end of the day. The pigment is rich and vibrant, true color payoff in one swipe. Your lips will stay gorgeous all day or night, the lipstick doesn’t budge. I find myself doing top ups out of habit versus necessity. With all of these amazing things I have to say about this lipstick, it should come as no surprise why I was so bummed that I wasn’t one of the lucky ipsters to receive the shade Red Door Red in April’s Glam Bag. Serious boo!! The lipstick retails for $34 CAD, a pretty penny, but so worth every last cent. I was elated to find that they had my shade in stock this trip!!


This picture does not do this shade justice. It is appearing red here, but it is a true hot pink. The packaging is beautiful. It features the signature “red” door on the tube itself. The tube is made of some sort of metal so it is very durable and heavy in the hand (it better be for $34 CAD). I’m officially hooked on these lipsticks and can’t wait to add more to my collection!!


Elizabeth Arden was also offering a free gift with $35 CAD purchase. I was fortunate enough that the lady let me have one even though the lipstick was only $34 CAD. However, I was prepared to purchase another shade to get the deal if need be. The bag itself is a fun coral shade with a shiny metallic accent on the top. Unlike the Biotherm bag that was cloth, this one has a more vinyl texture, making it great for a swim bag or beach bag. Although not waterproof, the material makes it some what water resistant. The gift included a mini Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Pretty Pink, mini Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss in Passionfruit, mini Eight Hour Cream, mini Prevage Anti Aging Overnight Cream, mini Prevage Anti Aging Daily Serum, and (not so mini) Prevage Anti Aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser. I have not tried ANY of these products so I am beyond excited to play. The Prevage line focuses on anti aging and reversing environmental damage (again yay!!). I love that the bonus included a cleanser, serum, and cream. That really allows you to fully experience the product line.



The Clarins Rep was on site when I went in to make my purchases. She introduced me to this AMAZING Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the shade Candy Shimmer (05)!! I couldn’t say no after swatching it. The gloss is the perfect hint of pink with micro shimmer. The shimmer is so fine, it almost disappears once it is applied to leave the most flattering dewy lip. The gloss itself is not sticky or goopey. It is thick but leaves lips feeling like heaven. The tube comes with a built in foam applicator (like the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks) which makes it so easy to apply and touch up. They range doesn’t have many shades to pick from but I’ll be happy to purchase this one over and over again!! Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector retails for $20 CAD.



I’m such a UD junkie. We all know it. So I won’t deny it. The last item I purchased (to reach my $125 CAD total) was the Naked 2 Basics palette. I couldn’t decide between the original Basics or this one, but fate decided for me as this was the only one that they had in stock. In hindsight that was best, the Naked Basics contained a few shades I already own from other UD palettes. As with all Urban Decay shadows, the shades are pigmented and highly blendable. All the shades in this palette are matte. I own lots of shimmery, metallic shades so it’s nice to have an all matte addition. These shadows do not need to be applied with a heavy hand, in fact, if you do use too much aggression, force when applying and blending, the mattes can tend to look muddy. A light hand and light blending is all that is needed to make the shadows look stellar! The shadows are highly buildable allowing you to amp up your eye look if necessary. I like using an angled liner brush to apply the darkest shades to my lash line for a perfectly smoked out liner.


This palette is beyond travel friendly. It’s small but still has 6 shades to combine for many different looks. If you are on a budget and aren’t willing to drop $64 CAD on the Naked, Naked 2, or Naked 3 palettes (even though you should … they are amazing), then this $34 CAD beauty, might be the perfect purchase for you. The compact is made of durable plastic and clicks into place to close. There is also a little mirror inside which makes it perfect for quick touch ups, and it’s big enough that you could use it to apply all of your makeup if you were in a pinch.


After such a huge haul, I couldn’t believe that there was more coming my way!!! I also couldn’t believe that I never knew about Shopper’s Beauty Bonuses before now!! I’m a sucker for these things!!


The clutch that the samples came in was surprisingly adorable. It is a metallic gold color and is huge. Like wallet, phone, camera, makeup bag, and a vodka mickey, kind of huge. It also has metal rods (???) along the top by the zipper, to give the bag structure and support; the bag will stay propped open if you want it to. The amount of samples I got in the bag blew my mind, there were 20! 20!!!! No foil or packets here!!! All deluxe size samples! Also in the picture are two samples I got from the Clarins Rep 🙂

Don’t forget that I also got 20× my points on my purchases!!! I also picked up a trio set of Quo beauty blender sponge knock offs (pictured at the very beginning of this post). Did you splurge to get the sample bag?!?! What were your thoughts on all the freebies? Worth buying a few goodies?!?!? ♡♡

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Last month I wrote about Shopper’s Drug Mart’s Super Spend Your Points Event. I redeemed nearly all of my points – 120,000 of them. I took advantage of both point redemption offers, earning me a FREE haul worth $290 CAD!!! All I had to do was pay the tax. I wanted to get some high end makeup with my points so I went to a Beauty Boutique location that carried one of my absolute FAVORITE brands, Urban Decay. Here is my haul!!


Isn’t it beautiful!? All those lovely FREE products. It was like winning the cosmetic lottery, you just walk in, fuck shit up, and pick out what you want – anything that you want.


What I got:
• Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
• Smashbox Double Exposure Palette
• Smashbox Try It Kit
• Biotherm Aquasource Skin Perfection Kit
• Biotherm Beurre De Levres Lip Butter
• Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation
• Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil
• Benefit High Brow

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Biotherm Brilliance

The dry winter weather! I can’t even. Haha. Everyone needs a good moisturizer (yes, everyone). I’m completely out of my Nivea Soft moisturizer and nearly out of my Boscia Intensifying Moisturizer.

Nivea was my go-to moisturizer during University. It is hydrating, makes my skin feel amazing, and at $12.99 CAD, is super budget friendly! I completely lucked out with my Boscia and purchased a full size for $12 CAD during the legendary Favorites Sale from Sephora. The Boscia was so moisturizing and could even be used as a mask! I used it sparingly, only on days when the thirst was real when I really, really needed it. I used my Nivea daily, and everytime after washing my face.

I desperately needed some new face cream, and figured for winter, I could start using the Boscia daily (yay for graduating and having a big girl job). I was so disappointed to learn that they no longer make this face cream!! As much as I loved my Nivea, I feel like it’s time to invest in higher quantity products. When I was a teen and lived at home, my mom used to give me all of her minis of her Biotherm products. I loved them and honestly, I believe they had a huge impact on why I had and continue to have great skin. The Aquasource line specifically became my favorite. It only seemed logical that I should return to my roots. Biotherm now carries an Aquasource Deep Serum, which is perfect for that extra hydration I was looking for!

While I was at London Drugs splurging on NYX sets and The Balm beauties, I took a peek at the Biotherm Holiday Sets. Of course I did. Lucky me! They had a Deep Hydration Gift Set! The set retails for $60 CAD and comes with a full size Aquasource Deep Serum, mini Aquasource 48+ Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel, mini Biosource Total and Instant Cleansing Micellar Water, and Aquasource 360 Hydra-massager for Eyes.


The only item I have tried in this set is the Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel, and it was my FAVORITE product in the line. I’m expecting this Deep Serum to be even more amazing! The Aquasource Deep Serum retails for $60 CAD alone, so it is worth picking up the set for the extras!

But of course, that’s not all. For spending over $38 CAD, I also got a free gift with purchase! This set included an adorable and MASSIVE cosmetic bag. It reminded me of summer, so it probably will be my new beach bag throw in! It has a woven feel and is super colorful!

**Stock Photo

This set includes a cosmetic bag, mini Aquasource 48+ Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel, mini Aquasource Deep Serum, mini Aquasource Nuit High Density Hydrating Jelly, and sample of Lait Corporel Anti Drying Body Milk.


I paid for the Full size bottle of the Aquasource Deep Serum ($60 CAD), and got all these minis for free. It really goes to show what a little beauty investigating can do!! I’m really excited to have two mini jars of the original Aquasource moisturizer because they will be great on days that I don’t need as much hydration, and also for the mini Deep Serum for travel or gym!!

TGIF Bitches ♡

BB Babe

BB Cream. CC Cream. DD’s. Oops. That’s me. But seriously, these revolutionary creams are ALL the rage! I have been blessed with a booty, big lips, blonde hair, naturally great skin, so I have never worn foundation (except under the lights during all those years of competitive dancing! ). I’m not into pressed powders, layers, or cakey face PAINT. But I will admit to LOVING a good tinted moisturizer with SPF. Perfect for days where you want to go makeup free or for a good base before applying your glamorous face. I hadn’t caught on to the BB cream trend until June. I KNOW! Had I been living under a rock? I mean, I had heard about them, I just never gave them a second thought. But I have ipsy to thank for the introduction. They sent me a sample of Derma E BB Cream and I LOVED it. I mean a reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kinda love. I have picked up a few other samples here and there, but I am running at the tail end of them now.

Biotherm was the first skin care line I started using as preteen. The Aquasource/Biosource line quickly became my go to, even now into my mid twenties. Biotherm now has their very own Aquasource BB Cream. I obviously needed to get my hands on it! The cream retails for $37 CAD (very similar price point to Smashbox, Nars, Benefit etc. BB’s creams). I was extra excited to discover that at London Drugs, you get a FREE bag of Biotherm goodies with any $30 CAD Biotherm purchase!


This BB Cream has 7 benefits, it:
– Hydrates up to 5 layers
– Evens
– Illuminates
– Corrects
– Smoothes 
– Protects (SPF 15)
– Perfects

The feel is lightweight and it has awesome coverage!! I’m so happy that Aquasource has it’s own BB Cream! And even more happy that I got all of these goodies for FREE (in a super cute pink, positive bag … a reminder to keep smiling?).


Free products included:
– Aquasource 48hr Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel
– Biosource Fresh Foam Hydra-Toning Cleanser
– Biosource Instahydration Toning Lotion
– Biomains Age Delaying Hand and Nail Treatment
– Skin-Best Serum in Cream
– Cute Bag!

I’m not sure how long the promo is going to be offered, so hurry your cute ass to the store!! ♡