FabFitFun: The Canadian Experience

So many subscription boxes and only so much time (and space and cash flow – but you know …). This post is not about whether or not you should look into purchasing the Summer 2018 box (I mean the Fall 2018 box is already rolling out), but it IS about my thoughts with the service overall being a Canadian and having to spend more money to purchase, including shipping. FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that costs $49.99 USD a month.

Here is a bright and colorful shot of the box I received:

The previews for this box were what convinced me to get it. The Tarte Tartiest Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette was nearly worth the cost of the box (retails for $59 CAD)! And tbh I had been debating getting it at Winners (but I got the Park Ave Princess Bronzer and Contour Palette instead). I mean, a girl can never have too many contour palettes!

Also, the BRAND NEW Foreo Luna Fofo! A chance to get your hands on it before anyone else. It retails for $119 CAD at Sephora. I have a Clarisonic, but this is so much more travel friendly!

These two items alone make the Summer Box so worth it. But let’s break it down and see what I actually paid:

  1. I used a code for first time members that got me $10 USD off my box. However, like 30 seconds after making my purchase, I saw that there was a separate code for a free mystery bag add on, which (I’m sure) would have added more than a $10 value. Make sure to check all social accounts and Google for the current promos before jumping on board.
  2. Shipping for Canadians is $8 USD for the box. With shipping and my code, the total came to $47.99 USD ($49.99 + $8 – $10).
  3. This worked out to a total of $63.70 CAD with exchange and GST.

This was the cost for the “basic” month to month version of the FabFitFun subscription. This meant I did not get access to FULL customization of my box, and that I did not get priority shipping. However, being Canadian means our boxes ship out with the first shipment date anyways, so it didn’t really matter.

My options for customizing included a choice between a Summer & Rose Beach Towel in Pineapple or Palm OR Yumi Kim Makeup Train Case in Navy or Floral. I needed a new BIG beach towel for my summer patio recliners, so this was a no brainer for me. Second customization was a choice between Jaboneria Marianella Hawaiian Black Lava Body Caviar, Aromatherapy Associates De Stress Muscle Gel, or a ERTH TU Y YO Ring. The ring was stunning and I decided to use it as a midi ring!!

Every box also included:

  • COOLA Face Sport SPF White Tea Moisturizer
  • Pier Imports Marble Ring Dish
  • Foreo Luna Fofo
  • Giveasip Paper Straw with online link for free Metal Straw

The sunscreen is perfect for summer, and although I have a million facial sunscreens, another is always welcome. Besides, we have a trip booked to Arizona in the November so it will come in handy.

The marble ring dish is sooo cute and the neutral marble design will fit it all styles and decors. Mine is sitting on my bedside table and is the perfect place to put my engagement ring at night to keep it safe.

I totally give a sip! But I found out this was only available to Americans. Super disappointing! I almost wish they didn’t include it at all in the box for Canadians so we didn’t get excited about having a portable and reusable straw to throw in our handbags! Love the concept, just wish I could take part.

I was praying that I would receive any colour of the Luna Fofo other than yellow, and I got Fuchsia. Basically the BEST colour I could have picked! I love the subsequent app. It told me exactly what I thought, I have dry skin. I did the test again after my skin care routine and it totally registered that my skin was more hydrated. It did mention that I should drink more water though …

Other items included in my box:

  • Tarte Tartiest Pro Glow Highlight and Contour Palette
  • Magi Sports Loop Resistance Band
  • Orlando Pita Play Atmos Shield Hair Protectant Treatment Spray

I was disappointed with both of these items (not talking Tarte). And maybe that’s me being picky. But what did you expect? I have a million thera bands and resistance bands and I have a ton of hair products and deluxe samples!! Having fine hair means a little goes a LONG ass way. I would have loved any of the other options offered, but I got both of the ones I was hoping to NOT receive. I read the FabFitFun FAQs and found out that the beauty profiles do not effect what box you are given, or what products you receive. My items proved this, as I had skincare rated high and hair and fitness ranked low (I am a beauty junkie – remember?), and yet still received these options. I would have been happy with any of the other products!

Finally, I got the Tarte palette. Thank goodness this was what I recieved. The other option was the Tarte Tartiest Pro To Go Palette and Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner. I was praying and hoping for the contour palette and the FabFitFun gods heard my screams calls. Seriously, if I got the other option, I think I would have cried and written this subscription service off for life.

FabFitFun has an option to do “add ons” for $10 USD. Unfortunately, the option to add on some of the items was not available in Canada (SURPRISE! … NOT). For example, US customers could add on the makeup case if they had picked to customize their box with the towel (and vice versa). This was not available when I customized (which was immediately after it was live).

Once you are a member you have access to the shop and “community”. I didn’t use either. The community contains videos and articles, along with ways to connect with other members. Not. My. Thing. Give me all the products.

Overall, this box was still worth it even though I got two products I was hoping to avoid. The other products I received were all A+ which made it easy to overlook this. And the ones I didn’t care for are still great products, so I can always gift them. I didn’t use the store or community, and I don’t see that changing. The add ons and straw were not applicable or available for Canadians so that was a little disheartening considering we pay MORE for the service. I also got $10 off which made a huge difference in convincing me to subscribe. In the end though, I cancelled my subscription. I can always reinstate in the future if needed. With this box I saw the full spoilers before signing up, and I would do that again if I was ever to get another box. They are on the pricey side of subscription boxes, however, this one far surpassed in value. The key is deciding if the products you actually like and use will be worth the cost. Remember, the beauty profiles have no influence or merit towards the contents of your box. If you were considering multiple months of subscription, buy a YEAR at a time (four boxes) to allow you FULL customization.

Give Me Your Goodies

Sephora, Sephora. Stop with these enticing offers. Spend $35 CAD online and get your choice of TWO minis!! Enter code “NEW BEAUTY” at checkout. There is a really decent mix of samples to choose from, including skin care, perfume, and makeup!


Samples choices include:
– Estee Lauder Supreme Mask
– Tarte Timeless Smothing Primer
– Balenciaga B. Balenciaga Perfume
– Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils
– Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Eye Cream
– Murad Resurgence Intensive Age Diffusing Serum
– Ren Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot
– Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector
– Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap
– Dr. Jart Dermaclear Micro Water
How do you pick only two?!?!? ♡

Welcome To The Top

I might have done something very bad. And by very bad, I could mean very amazing. I have reached the top and the view is amazing. Or at least that’s what they tell me. That’s right, I hit VIB Rouge at Sephora. That means I spent $1000 CAD in one calendar year. Oops. Double oops. I can try and justify it and say “but I purchased my friend’s curling iron so she could get 20% off“, or that “I bought alot of Christmas gifts at Sephora“. But it doesn’t matter. I still spent an astronomical amount of money at Sephora, on myself.


Of course, you get your little welcome kit and, as it’s designed to, you instantly can’t help but feel excited. I loved being a VIB, but I couldn’t help but envy the Rouges with their extra special birthday gifts, free shipping, unlimited makeovers, and extra cool, free VIB gifts with purchase.


The card is red, shiny, and loud, calling to have a special place all it’s own in my wallet. The kit also includes a small pamphlet explaining perks, a card for unlimited beauty studio access, and a special mini BITE lipstick in an exclusive shade available only to VIB Rouge’s. Feel special yet?


I’m so excited to be a VIB Rouge member and even more excited to share the goodies and perks with all of you!!

Some VIB and VIB Rouge technicalities I wanted to point out:

1. The amount of money spent to be apart of VIB or VIB Rouge is accumulated from January 1st to December 31st of that year. Meaning, if you hit Rouge at anytime in the year before December 31st (I for example hit Rouge on Dec. 26th) any purchases you make before the year ends (for me it would have been any purchases made between the 26th and the 31st) will not count towards your 2015 spend total to renew your membership for 2016. This wasn’t a big deal for me as I only had to wait five days for my “total spent to date” to refresh. But if you hit Rouge in October or November (or even earlier like in the summer) purchases you make before the new year will not be carried over to count towards the following year’s membership. Thanks to Janet from Jan&Jot for pointing that out to me!!

2. For us Canadians, buying online means LESS Beauty Insider Rewards Points and LESS money being banked towards totals spent in a calendar year. Buying online is beneficial for sales, clearance items, free gifts, and free samples. However, when buying online, points are accumulated based on USD prices, 1 point for every $1 USD spent. When you buy in store, you get 1 point for every $1 CAD spent. Based on slight variations between CAD and USD prices, you lose out on points and dollars toward year to date totals (roughly $20 worth on a $130 order). If you are getting something not on sale, or something available in store, and there are no crazy online promotions available, I suggest going into the store to buy your item (even though Rouge members get free shipping) to accumulate more reward points and help ensure you stay VIB or VIB Rouge the following year.

3. I have heard about people being locked out of their accounts or losing Rouge status for making too many online orders. Has anybody had this happen to them? If so, what is considered “too many orders”? I could see this being true if people made multiple orders in one day, obviously taking advantage of the free shipping. However, if this is happening even with days or weeks between orders, that is unacceptable. You can’t claim to have free shipping as a membership perk and then take it away just because.