Who dat?


A few tid bits about me:

  • Blonde
  • Boobs #thestruggleisreal
  • 30 (Flirty & Thriving)
  • #YYC
  • He put a ring on it
  • Probably prettier than you
  • I’m fluent in bootysarcasm, & LIPSTICK


Just your favorite blonde who loves makeup, shopping, and good deals. Put those three things together and you can create some serious damage to your wallet feelings of pure joy. If you’re like me, you like fancy things, but you live on a real world budget with real world demands. But this bitch is not going to sacrifice!! I will fill you in on all my little money saving secrets that allow me to live the life I want (and probably a few other unrelated, wonderful, hilarious, and/or random wordly things because why the fuck not?).

Hope to connect ♡

SOCIAL: @boobsandblonde

10 thoughts on “Who dat?

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