Treat A Dog


I’m addicted to beauty subscriptions. It was only natural that I wanted my fur children to share in my subscription love, by getting one of their own! I decided to try “Treat A Dog” because they were offering 50% off  the first box. Typically, I find pet subscription boxes to be quite pricey. I can find the same items for cheaper than the subscription service. I’m diligent in checking all labels and ingredients in treats and food. Having a subscription box that does all those checks for me, does save time and energy, but I don’t think that it makes up for the cost of a monthly box. However, with the promo, the box was definitely worth it.


With Treat A Dog, very month, you will receive a unique box delivered to your doorstep. Each box contains five or more carefully selected products and toys for your pup. The boxes contain a wide range of products including all natural treats and biscuits, bones, chews, hygiene products, toys and new gadgets.

Treat A Dog is $32 CAD a month ($16 CAD for your first box), with prices going down by as much as 34% if you sign up for 6 months at a time ($21 CAD a month). You can also choose a box based on your dog’s size and needs (small, medium, large). I have complete opposites, a Chihuahua and German Shepherd. I picked the large dog box and broke the treats into smaller pieces for my little tiny. I found this worked best to get items that BOTH of my dogs could use!


This specific review is of the MARCH 2015 box. I liked that they included a intro card and theme paper (green!). The box itself was pretty great! I received 5 items, all full size and all natural!


My GSD is obsessed with toys. And food. And treats. And basically anything. He’s a very happy go lucky doggie. My Chi isn’t big on toys but is a treat fiend (another reason I went with the large breed box, a bigger toy for the bigger dog who loves them).


The box contained: a Dougie Dog Plush Dog Toy, Red Barn Naturals Bully Stick, Merrick Big Brush Bones (10 count), Merrick Real Cuts Jerky Strips, and The Real Meat Company Duck and Sweet Potato Brew Leprechaun Duck O’ The Irish Dog Treats.

I love that all of the products are natural. They are not imported from China. The are not full of fillers and chemicals. They are completely safe for my fur babies.

This box was 100% worth the $16 CAD (half price off my first box). I even think it’s worth the $32 CAD if you find deal hunting bothersome. Personally, I can find all of these products for less than $32 CAD. For this reason I cancelled my subscription, even though the box and products were awesome.

Although the box and products were awesome, the ease of canceling was not. It took me 3 emails over ten days, to finally have someone reply to me and confirm my cancellation. I was a little frustrated at that point as I was trying to get my cancellation in before the following month’s box was billed. I much prefer being able to click online to unsubscribe (such as ipsy or Glossybox), instead of having to email the company to unsubscribe. When April finally rolled around, I noticed that I had been billed despite my cancellation. I emailed Treat A Dog again (email #4) to ask why. They quickly admitted to an oversight and said that they would refund me and I should see the refund within a few days … I did. Unfortunately, the confusion and effort it took to cancel, may deter me from resubscribing in the future. The products were awesome and the quality was great. For me customer service is just as important (if not more so in some cases) than the products themselves. Having to jump through hoops and over hurdles just to cancel a service, makes it unappealing to me.

My dog(s) however, loved every bit of Treat A Dog. Here’s a picture to prove it with my big pup, Zeus. ♡♡



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