Extrodinary Rewards, Extrodinary Disappointment


Sephora. You perfectly pissed off the majority of your customers. But I’m sure the never ending complaints via phone and email, clued you in pretty quickly. Yes. I’m talking about the “Extrodinary Rewards” that were released today. Or should I say last night? I’m not sure, since they were released in the middle of the night, the wee hours of the morning.

So here’s my issue. I’m a VIB Rouge member. That means I spend an embarrassing amount of money at Sephora. You would expect that this level of membership would mean you were informed of all special events, promos, and sales. Not the case. I never received a single email about the “Extrodinary Rewards“. I found out about them on Instagram and through a little research. I kept waiting for my email. It never came.

Even if I had received an email, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference because they didn’t give away any details. Sephora simply said to check the Rewards Boutique in the coming days. Great. Thanks, Sephora. It’s more of the point that I spend lots of money at your store, but I get overlooked and don’t receive emails. Leave it to the masterminds, to somehow hack the html code (or something), to figure out that the release date was going to be May 5th. That’s the rumor, but either way SOMEONE, SOMEHOW, did indeed figure out the date.

That brings me to my next complaint. Because the date was released (or leaked), some people waited up ALL night to get a reward. ALL NIGHT. Then, as it turns out, the rewards could not be shipped to Canada. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!!? So after all of that hype, all of that effort, and all of that time, some people couldn’t even redeem the rewards?!?!?!?!?!

As if that wasn’t enough, I got an email at 9:17 am (this morning, May 5th) from Sephora saying that they had released the rewards and to hurry to grab some as quantities were limited. But the kicker here is that 1) all of the rewards had been sold out for hours by this point, and 2) I’m Canadian and they wouldn’t have shipped to me anyways!!! Sephora, WHY are you rubbing all of these beautiful, unattainable rewards in my face?!?!

So no emails for me. No rewards for me. And apparently no rewards for basically anyone else either. I’m extremely pissed off with Sephora. And this isn’t the only reason. I have been Rouge since December and still haven’t gotten an email with a single Rouge exclusive gift with purchase. I used to see these all the time on other blogs when I was just a VIB. I would even buy some of the free gifts on eBay because they were so great (Buxom Lippie Trio, Fresh 4 piece set, etc.). That was one of the things I was looking forward to the most when I finally reached “The Top“. I’m nearly halfway through the year, and have yet to see an exclusive free gift with purchase. Another big factor, is the amount we have to spend to get free gifts or samples. Americans spend $35 USD, us Canadians have to spend $50 CAD. It’s been like this for years, even when the dollar was pretty much identical (give or take a cent or two) for both country’s. But there is more! Make your Canadian order online, and you will only be awarded your rewards points based on the AMERICAN price. The bigger the order, the more points you lose. Sometimes it is worth it to take the points cut based on free offers, but most of the time, it’s most beneficial to buy your products in store. If you need another reason for why I’m hating so hard, Canadians can’t use gift cards online! Often products are released online early, exclusively for Rouge members. If you have a gift card, you can forget about getting that product early, and you will have to wait until it’s released in store for everyone else.

If you are Canadian, or just a frequent reader of my blog, you know about the Shopper’s Optimum Rewards program. I did the math and if I stick to buying only during bonus events, like 20× The Points, and redeem my points only during Super Spend Events, I can get $290 CAD in product after spending only $600 CAD. That’s nearly a 50% return!!! Why would I spend that money at Sephora when I get barely anything back for my loyalty? When they leave me out of emails? When they release rewards in the middle of the night in such small quantities. I think I’ll be taking the majority of my beauty spending to Shopper’s/Murale. They give lots and lots of notice about events and rewards. Hell, they even publish it every week in a flyer!!

So Sephora, this is my “it’s not me, it’s you” speech (this and the email I sent this morning – haha!). Get your act together before my Rouge expires in December. Otherwise, I will be happy to be nothing more than a BI to you. And I’ll only stop in for my free bday gift. Did I make myself clear!??


18 thoughts on “Extrodinary Rewards, Extrodinary Disappointment

  1. This is insane. I agree with you that is ridiculous, I am also VIB rouge and extremely disappointed, I have recently been going to Ulta more often for their rewards. They always have little coupons monthly, and have exclusive deals and packages open for pretty much everybody. I have 1000 points at sephora and cannot even use them.

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    • So frustrating. Unfortunately we don’t have Ulta in Canada, but we do have better rewards programs than this BS. Hahaha!! There are other little things that have been bugging me as well. I think it is over as far as I’m concerned.

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  2. Holy crap these are some intense rewards! I didn’t even think rewards like these were possible, otherwise I would’ve saved up for the Laura Mercier one! I don’t quite understand why Sephora wouldn’t tell anyone, because I guarantee this would be crazy motivation for people to spend more in order to get their rewards.

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    • Me too girl (obviously) haha! Thanks for reading!!! I’m so disappointed in Sephora. I WON’T be a Rouge for much longer. I’ll make my own “Urban Decay Vault” next super spend event from SDM haha!!


  3. YES YES YES. I did receive an email about the ‘extraordinary reqards’, but I didn’t get it until TODAY and they were all claimed! The fact they barely even stocked them is such crap. I also love that you mentioned Shopper’s as I’m literally about to post a Shopper’s haul. I think after shopping at SDM more often I’m seriously seeing how freaking LAME and pitiful Sephora’s rewards are.

    xo J

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    • Omg really, not until yesterday?!?!? That’s awful. SDM is where it’s at for me. They have so many great brands. My favrotie are UD and Too Faced. I love Urban Decay and some beauty boutiques carry it which is awesome. And Too Faced just started shipping to Canada. So basically, I’m set. I’ll get the occasional thing at Sephora (I still love going there, but not enough to be a Rouge anymore!)

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  4. I was a Rouge member last year. I recieved absolutely zero perks from the “exclusive” level. Well, just the free shipping. I didn’t get any extra gifts, no special samples, nothing. Their Rouge program is the biggest joke. I haven’t bought a single thing from them this year. If they had made the program half decent like they claiMed they would, I would have made sure to make rouge again.

    Now I just shop at Canadian online stores like Murale and in stores like SDM. like you said, the optimum point program is pretty fabulous. It’s a zillion times better then Rouge ever was for me and u don’t have to spend a grand to get benefits. Only problem I’ve found is that there are a few brands that only sephora carries (kat von d) that I haven’t been purchasing bc sdm isn’t carrying it.

    Ugh. Just thinking about how much I spent to get to Rouge last year peeves me off.

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    • I agree with you!!! 100%!! And it’s true, there are some brands that only Sephora carries. Because of this I doubt I will be able to boycott them completely (although I wish I could). But my makeup addiction will make it impossible! Haha. Shopper’s has really stepped their game up lately though. I love that I can buy Urban Decay, Stila, Chanel, and Smashbox there. As for Too Faced (another fav of mine) they recently started shipping to Canada so I will be buying directly from them!!


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