Nordstrom Beauty Trend Event

I had the privilege of attending the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Event last weekend with my mom (April 24th & 25th). We attended the afternoon/evening of the 24th. It was quite busy with alot of people, customers and employees. My first impression was that there was no one to explain the event or what was taking place or where. I’m sure there was alot going on that I wasn’t able to take place in, simply due to lack of knowledge.

Services were booked ahead of time, I went in store to make coordinating appointments for us both, keep it easy. Everyone was allowed to book up to five services. We only ended up booking three: mini facials, makeup, and nails.

The first place we stopped was Biotherm for mini facials. Biotherm had a medical esthetican on site and I was lucky enough to have her do my mini facial. She used a nice mix of products I was familiar with and products I hadn’t tried before. She also was very concise about explaining what she was using, how best to use it, and the benefits associated and expected. My skin really did feel great afterwards, it inspired me to take more time cleaning my face and using more products at home to do my own mini facials. Skin care can be a great art!!!

After we were done, we each received samples of some of the products used. My mom got some deluxe sized jars, but I got multiple packet samples as they only came in that size. She gave me five of each product so I thought that was pretty generous. That’s enough to let me get a good first impression of the products.

We didn’t buy anything immediately, since we didn’t want to be late for our next appointment at Bobbi Brown for makeup. They called me sooo many times for appointment confirmations and reminders, it was a little excessive. This was in addition to one call from Biotherm to confirm, and one from Armani. In the future I think it would be beneficial to get one confirmation call from Nordstrom, instead of 5 calls across 3 different booths.

This was going to be my first impression of Bobbi Brown. The makeup. The philosophy. The products. It was chaos. Pure chaos. The girls that worked the counter were running around looking for other employees. Other staff members were trying to find someone to change empty tissue boxes and full garbage cans. The area they had designated for the makeovers was along the main aisle way leading to the very busy mall entrance. My mom and I were separated even though the lady told us she would be moving us to sit side by side. No big deal. The lady doing my makeup seemed completely out of sorts. She kept leaving randomly to deal with various other staff members. She openly and loudly complained about employees to the makeup artist beside her (very unprofessional). She was completely out of loop about my needs as well. We talked at the beginning, when I arrived, about how I wanted a more intense eye makeup with bold brows. After one of the many missing moments, she said to me “okay so you wanted a minimal makeup look, like a day smoke, right?”. By this point I was so fed up with her inattentiveness, I nodded. I won’t go through the next grueling minutes, as they were much of the same. By the end of my “makeover” I was horrified. I can honestly say I have never seen makeup applied so tragically before. My eyeshadow was in blobs (had we not heard of blending?), my brows were filled in only as far as the arch and appeared to be crumbling, and she hadn’t even touched my lips. My mom looked radiant and had no part of her face over looked. Lucky for her, her artist was flown in for the event from Toronto. Basically, she hit MA gold. I hit Bobbi Brown remorse. I was honestly embarrassed to know I had to spend the rest of the evening with that face on. I quickly left Bobbi Brown. No samples. No browsing. No questions. I won’t be back.

Last stop was Giorgio Armani for nails! The “mani” they were offering was really just a quick file and lacquer. I had recently done an at home mani so the MA went straight to paint. I picked a beautiful Runway inspired brown shimmer shade. They had alot of pinks and reds, but nothing too summery or bright. The lady who did my nails was so nice and cheery. But her application was terrible. She tried to clean my cuticles up with a q-tip after they dried, but that didn’t help very much. Needless to say, I took the polish off the next day. She threw in a few perfume samples at the end of the appointment.

By this point I was still pretty embarrassed about my makeup. The young lady from earlier in the day, Alex from Biotherm, came over to see us getting out nails done. She oh so nicely asked me who did my makeup. I could read the terror on her face instantly. It really was as bad as I thought. She was so wonderful and offered to redo my makeup for me. And thank god. She was very close in age to me and her makeup was on point. I knew she could do a good job for me. And she did!! Everything was so much nicer. The time she took contouring, applying a smokey eye, and filling out my pouty lip, made me feel much more confident. It was such a night and day difference from my Bobbi Brown nightmare.

That concluded the appointments. I was now set to shop!! The best part! I picked up the Biotherm Skin Best CC Cream from Alex. Because of the event, I got extra Nordstrom points as well as a bonus Biotherm gift with purchase.


I have tried the Biotherm Aquasource BB Cream and had to return it. I hated the smell. This Skin Best CC Cream however, smells AMAZING. It has a hint of color, unlike the Aquasource CC Cream (which I haven’t tried) that is clear. I love the Skin Best line, especially for its ability to fight signs of aging from the beginning. I’m falling for this line, it’s slowly sneaking in to a first place race with my Aquasource favorites.

Skin Best is a youth preserving line. Perfect for my 27 year old skin. “For early signs of aging – fine lines and skin texture changes – caused by fatigue and the environment (oxidation). Skin Best offers triple action 1) instantly energizes complexion 2) diminishes fine lines 3) perfects skin texture“.

I’m loving this CC Cream. It blends to be a perfect match and leaves my skin so hydrated and moisturized. I love wearing this as my only makeup or under my makeup. In love! New staple for me!!


My free gift with purchase included 5 minis and two bags! The products included were mini Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel, mini Aquasource Eye Perfection, mini Biocils Eye Makeup Remover, mini Lait Corporel Body Milk, and mini Biosource Tonifying Exfoliating Cleansing Gel.


I love that this set comes with two bags. One is clear with a plastic zipper at the top (perfect for water resistance). The other is fabric and quite spacious. It has a metal ring around a breathable hole. This allows any wet toiletries to dry easily (swimming, the gym, the beach, etc. very versatile). This is one of the most practical “free” bags that I have ever received.

Overall, I feel very underwhelmed regarding the event. I found out towards the end that they had “Master Classes“. I would have loved to have been informed upon arrival. There was supposed to be “customized samples and gifts”. We were not given any samples except for the ones we got from Alex (she was such a doll).


As we were leaving, we were told that if you spent a collective total of $125 CAD on beauty items you got to fill a clutch with samples from the “sample bar“. The “sample bar” was basically all perfume samples. No makeup and minimal skin care samples. Not much incentive for me. I have friends who have attended Nordstrom events and they get bags with samples when they arrive, personalized samples from each booth, and information sheets with all offered programs and events, in addition to the free gifts with purchase. This was the first ever Nordstrom event for my store and city. So maybe it was and is a bit of a learning curve for everyone involved. I think this event was a fun opportunity to spend time with my mom, but I would not be in dire need to make sure I attended every future event. I have to give an honest shout out to Alex from Biotherm in Chinook Centre YYC. All the good parts of the event were due to her!! Did you hit up the Nordstrom Trend Event?! What were your impressions?


5 thoughts on “Nordstrom Beauty Trend Event

  1. Omg your event sounded like a nightmare! I mean I thought mine was a hot mess but yours was definitely worse. I like you, had no idea what it was and signed up and when I got there I was the first appointment of the day but even at that point they seemed flustered and didn’t explain anything. I didn’t even know about the Master Classes until reading your post LOLOLOLOL oh well a learning experience all around. I did enjoy my time at the YSL counter and thank goodness the lady Kim there gave me so many samples. At least we each had a lady who we loved but I hope next time it is better organized for both our Nordstroms xoxo Janet

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