SensatioNail Steal

I’m girly. I like a good deal. And I love to play with all things beauty. I do my own gel nails at home. Why pay someone else to do it, when I can buy 3 bottles of gel polish for the same price? A gel mani in my city, will hit you hard at about $55 CAD/$60 CAD. Even without a sale, a bottle of Gelish from Sally Beauty is only $18 CAD!!

I found a glorious deal on Nailene Sensationail Gel Polish. I had never heard of this brand, so I only bought three. After going home and doing some research, I discovered that Nailene is a popular brand found in the US (sold at retailers such as Rite Aid) and the UK. I immediately went back and bought more!!


Nailene Sensationail Gel Polish
Retail: $16.99 CAD
Steal: $2 CAD

For $2 CAD, how could I not pick up as many shades as possible? I picked up 8 in total. 8 polishes, $16 CAD … cheaper than one, regularly priced polish. I found these in my favorite place to bargin hunt, Bianca Amor’s. True “diamonds in the rough“.


They had a pretty decent selection of shades to pick from. I got quite a few, even ones I wouldn’t typically wear. For $2 CAD they are perfect for one time or nail art shades.

Shades: Pink Daisy (fushcia pink gloss), Evening Sand (light peach shimmer)

Shades: Juicy Sangria (red gloss), Mauve Maven (mauve gloss)

Shades: Something Blue (bright blue shimmer), Blue Yonder (deep navy gloss)

Shades: Disco Fever (pewter shimmer), La Creme (nude cream gloss)

These shades wear beautifully. I don’t have the Nailene Sensationail base or top coat; I use the shades in conjunction with my Gelish system. All gel products can be used together, and these have fit flawlessly into my collection. I get my typical 10-14 days of wear before I switch up my mani. Typically boredom gets to me before wear.

Do you use gel products? Or do you prefer to stick to regular nail polish?! If you live in #yyc, you need to get your cute booty on over to BA to get some gellies ASAP. ♡♡♡


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