Beauty Bonus

About a month ago, I told you about (another) fabulous Shopper’s Drug Mart sale and beauty bonus. In addition to 20× the points, you also got a free clutch filled with samples with every $125 CAD purchase!! I knew this was the time to indulge in some beauty goodies and blow my bank, pick up some new items for spring.

What I Purchased:

What I Got For Free (not including 3 bags!):

Isn’t spending money so much more satisfying when you get to tote home massive amounts of freebies?!?!?! It’s a beautiful art. The art of bargin shopping!!! And a terrible addiction. Let me break it down for you:



By now, we should all be very much aware of my love for Biotherm. Basically ALL things Biotherm, but specifically, the Aquasource line. I’m loving my Aquasource Deep Serum, as well as my Aquasource Skin Perfection Moisturizer. Together they made the perfect combo for dry wintery skin. I wanted to find the perfect night cream so I can save my Skin Perfection for day use. I had received a sample of (and, surprise, loved) the Aquasource Nuit. It is more of a gel than a cream, much like the Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel (my typical go-to daily moisturizer, but I switched it up by purchasing the Skin Perfection last time around). Aquasource Nuit is described as a “jelly” and certainly presents itself as such. The scent is very light, fresh, and clean. No floral or fruity scents here. The Aquasource Nuit was available in a bonus pack for the SAME PRICE as buying the product by itself ($50 CAD). No doubt which one I picked, insert eye roll.

The bonus pack included a Lait Corporel Body Milk, a mini Biomains Hand Cream, and a mini Beurre De Levres Lip Butter, in addition to the full size Aquasource Nuit. If you recall, I’m absolutely loving the Beurre De Levres Lip Butter. It is more of a cream than a balm, but it is perfect for healing dry, cracked lips in a snap. It is a very versatile product, I wear it overnight to really soften my lips by morning, I apply a thing layer under my lipstick, and I wear it alone during the day on low key makeup days. The formula is not glossy and leaves a semi matte (very buttery) finish.


Biotherm was offering a free gift with all purchases over $35 CAD. I love that Shopper’s let’s you combine all offers together, it makes that dollar stretch soooo far. The bonus bag (how cute are those spring pastel colors?) Included a mini Biosource Fresh Foam Cleanser, mini Biocils Eye Makeup Remover, mini Biomains Hand Cream, mini Aquasource Deep Serum, and mini Blue Therapy Serum. I have not tried any of the products from the Blue Therapy line, so I’m excited to try this serum. The Blue Therapy line focuses on anti aging and repairing visible signs of aging. Although I’m only 27, wrinkles scare the shit out of me, scare me, so I’ll take all the preventative measures that I can!! I have used (and own) all of the other minis that I received, so I’m obviously thrilled to have some new travel friendly bottles!!!


I have been dying to get my hands on a EA Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in the shade Pink Punch. During the last few SDM events, they had been sold out. The shade is a beautiful bright pink with blue undertones (the best for fair skinned blondes). The formula on these lipsticks is BEYOND hydrating. My lips feel so soft after taking the color off at the end of the day. The pigment is rich and vibrant, true color payoff in one swipe. Your lips will stay gorgeous all day or night, the lipstick doesn’t budge. I find myself doing top ups out of habit versus necessity. With all of these amazing things I have to say about this lipstick, it should come as no surprise why I was so bummed that I wasn’t one of the lucky ipsters to receive the shade Red Door Red in April’s Glam Bag. Serious boo!! The lipstick retails for $34 CAD, a pretty penny, but so worth every last cent. I was elated to find that they had my shade in stock this trip!!


This picture does not do this shade justice. It is appearing red here, but it is a true hot pink. The packaging is beautiful. It features the signature “red” door on the tube itself. The tube is made of some sort of metal so it is very durable and heavy in the hand (it better be for $34 CAD). I’m officially hooked on these lipsticks and can’t wait to add more to my collection!!


Elizabeth Arden was also offering a free gift with $35 CAD purchase. I was fortunate enough that the lady let me have one even though the lipstick was only $34 CAD. However, I was prepared to purchase another shade to get the deal if need be. The bag itself is a fun coral shade with a shiny metallic accent on the top. Unlike the Biotherm bag that was cloth, this one has a more vinyl texture, making it great for a swim bag or beach bag. Although not waterproof, the material makes it some what water resistant. The gift included a mini Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Pretty Pink, mini Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss in Passionfruit, mini Eight Hour Cream, mini Prevage Anti Aging Overnight Cream, mini Prevage Anti Aging Daily Serum, and (not so mini) Prevage Anti Aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser. I have not tried ANY of these products so I am beyond excited to play. The Prevage line focuses on anti aging and reversing environmental damage (again yay!!). I love that the bonus included a cleanser, serum, and cream. That really allows you to fully experience the product line.



The Clarins Rep was on site when I went in to make my purchases. She introduced me to this AMAZING Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the shade Candy Shimmer (05)!! I couldn’t say no after swatching it. The gloss is the perfect hint of pink with micro shimmer. The shimmer is so fine, it almost disappears once it is applied to leave the most flattering dewy lip. The gloss itself is not sticky or goopey. It is thick but leaves lips feeling like heaven. The tube comes with a built in foam applicator (like the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks) which makes it so easy to apply and touch up. They range doesn’t have many shades to pick from but I’ll be happy to purchase this one over and over again!! Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector retails for $20 CAD.



I’m such a UD junkie. We all know it. So I won’t deny it. The last item I purchased (to reach my $125 CAD total) was the Naked 2 Basics palette. I couldn’t decide between the original Basics or this one, but fate decided for me as this was the only one that they had in stock. In hindsight that was best, the Naked Basics contained a few shades I already own from other UD palettes. As with all Urban Decay shadows, the shades are pigmented and highly blendable. All the shades in this palette are matte. I own lots of shimmery, metallic shades so it’s nice to have an all matte addition. These shadows do not need to be applied with a heavy hand, in fact, if you do use too much aggression, force when applying and blending, the mattes can tend to look muddy. A light hand and light blending is all that is needed to make the shadows look stellar! The shadows are highly buildable allowing you to amp up your eye look if necessary. I like using an angled liner brush to apply the darkest shades to my lash line for a perfectly smoked out liner.


This palette is beyond travel friendly. It’s small but still has 6 shades to combine for many different looks. If you are on a budget and aren’t willing to drop $64 CAD on the Naked, Naked 2, or Naked 3 palettes (even though you should … they are amazing), then this $34 CAD beauty, might be the perfect purchase for you. The compact is made of durable plastic and clicks into place to close. There is also a little mirror inside which makes it perfect for quick touch ups, and it’s big enough that you could use it to apply all of your makeup if you were in a pinch.


After such a huge haul, I couldn’t believe that there was more coming my way!!! I also couldn’t believe that I never knew about Shopper’s Beauty Bonuses before now!! I’m a sucker for these things!!


The clutch that the samples came in was surprisingly adorable. It is a metallic gold color and is huge. Like wallet, phone, camera, makeup bag, and a vodka mickey, kind of huge. It also has metal rods (???) along the top by the zipper, to give the bag structure and support; the bag will stay propped open if you want it to. The amount of samples I got in the bag blew my mind, there were 20! 20!!!! No foil or packets here!!! All deluxe size samples! Also in the picture are two samples I got from the Clarins Rep 🙂

Don’t forget that I also got 20× my points on my purchases!!! I also picked up a trio set of Quo beauty blender sponge knock offs (pictured at the very beginning of this post). Did you splurge to get the sample bag?!?! What were your thoughts on all the freebies? Worth buying a few goodies?!?!? ♡♡


Getting That GliSODin Glow

Summer is coming, which means it’s time to get working on that summer body (if you haven’t started already). For me that means taking care of my insides, as much as my outside. If you want to start eating clean and getting healthy, you don’t want to do it after months of binging on whatever your heart desired. All the toxins from the sugary, processed foods will stay in your body and stop you from reaching the results you want. The best way to start a program (whether that’s a lifestyle change or kicking it into high gear for summer) is to start with a clean slate. AKA a detox, a cleanse. Rid your body of all the bad so you can make the most of all the good.

I was fortunate enough to have GliSODin Skin Nutrients (GSN) contact me to document my journey using their program. About three years ago I started using their products. I started off with the Advanced Cleansing Formula (now called the Advanced Detoxification Formula), followed by their Advanced Slimming Formula. I took the supplements in addition to a lifestyle change of healthy diet and daily excersise. I was beyond pleased with the results, shedding around 50 lbs (University took a huge toll on my once fit, dancers body).

*Advanced Detoxification Formula (also pictured in the shake), Advanced Slimming Formula, Advanced Lymphatic Formula

Fast forward 24 months and I have since hit some hurdles. I was in a car accident 18 months ago that left me with multiple back injuries (which I’m still in treatment for). My injuries, combined with extreme stress (I was recently diagnosed with PTSD and Depression due to the accident), has led me to eating my feelings, literally. The injuries make it hard for me to get my fat ass moving (and I mean that in the most self loving way possible, even when I was fit, I had my huge ass trailing behind me)!! All of my hard work was erased. I gained all of the weight back. Every pound. Enter the vicious cycle of hating the way I look, followed by disappointment that I let myself get back here, followed by more eating and more sitting.

That brings me back to GliSODin contacting me. I wanted to tell them about the amazing results I had, and about how good I HAD felt while on the program. Of course that was followed by a sheepish blurb about how I had since lost myself and was struggling to find “ME” again. I was beyond elated to know that they were willing to get me started on the program again and I offered, in return, to document my results, on my blog, for all of you!!!

The thing I love about GliSODin is that it is all natural. There are no harsh laxatives or chemicals used. You can read all about the science behind GliSODin HERE. I won’t go into the specifics but it is definitely worth the read!! This time around, I will be taking the Advanced Lymphatic Formula in addition to the Advanced Detoxification Formula and the Advanced Slimming Formula. GliSODin also offers skin brightening and anti aging formulas, but I haven’t tried either.

*Advanced Detoxification Formula, Advanced Slimming Formula, Advanced Lymphatic Formula

I’m a week into the two week detox of the Advanced Detoxification Formula. Unlike fad diets or cleanses, GliSODin does not limit you to only drinking their product and eating next to nothing. They simply encourage healthy eating and provide a suggested eating plan (check it out here). From GliSODin:

When participating in a cleansing program it is important to nourish your body with healthy foods and drink plenty of water to assist in the detoxification process. Although the Advanced Detoxification/Cleansing Formula will initiate toxin elimination on its own, it is recommended to follow a healthy eating plan. We recommend following a nutrient dense eating plan to support the Advanced Detoxification/Cleansing Formula to maximize your results.

I love that this program works with a healthy eating plan. If you are making a healthy living change, this makes it easy to incorporate the products into your lifestyle. The product themselves taste great, it really isn’t an issue to work the shakes (twice a day) into my routine. The program is used worldwide by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, so I have faith that the products work, that and the fact that I have already used them myself and know the amazing results first hand!

*Advanced Detoxification Formula

I will be updating my journey, as well as talking about my results, side effects, and thoughts on all of the mentioned products along the way, with a full review at the end of the program. I’m currently on the Advanced Detoxification Formula (as mentioned above), but once that’s over, I will be starting the Advanced Slimming Formula and Advanced Lymphatic Formula simultaneously. If you are interested in learning more about GliSODin check out their website here or check them out on Twitter (@GliSODinSkin), Instagram (@glisodin_skin) or Facebook (GliSODin Skin Nutrients).

LuLu Loot

I love lululemon. Like really LOVE them. I own so many different styles of yoga pants, tops, shorts, hoodies … the list goes on and on. Paying $98 CAD for one pair of pants? So over my budget. What’s a girl to do? Either take a trip down to Seattle and splurge at the outlet (why does a CANADIAN retailer have their outlet in America?!?!?!), sell your first born to the devil, or check the clearance rack. That’s right, every lululemon location has a clearance rack, hidden in some back corner, somewhere.

Of course my latest purchase wasn’t planned. My friend wanted to go in and only I ended up making a purchase! Typical. I picked up a super adorable pair of printed leggings as well as a pair of cute pink shorts (photos are stock, not mine).


Wunder Under Pant *Full-On Luxtreme
Retail: $92 CAD
Steal: $69 CAD

Isn’t the print on these so cute? I love the tribal/camo style. These are perfect for dressing up an easy, relaxed, no fuss, outfit with a oversized sweater and a cute pair of boots (or a tank and gladiators)! You can get your own pair HERE, they have plenty left!! You can’t go wrong with lulu quality.


Run Times Short
Retail: $54 CAD
Steal: $39 CAD

How cute are these? I already own them in white but the pink was too cute to pass up!! I love all the hidden pockets including the zippered one in the back. These will be perfect for long summer jogs/walks with my pups! They also have a pair of “underwear” built in. They help the shorts stay in place and stop them from being see thru (bonus for me, sadness for you). They are super lightweight and very breathable. I’m so happy to have another color of these shorts!! Unfortunately, these are no longer available online, but a quick stop into your local store and you might find them!!

Great buys, guilt free!! You can check out all of lululemon’s clearance items by clicking here. What are some of your favorite lululemon finds?!?!

Dollarama Deals

Dollarama has my heart, or rather my wallet. They always lure me in with such great finds and even better deals!! Here are a few items I have come across recently, hopefully you can find some of them at your local Dollarama. Why pay more, when you could pay less – way, way less!?!


Softlips Organic Lip Moisturizer
Retail: $3.99 CAD
Steal: $2 CAD

Softlips Tinted Moisturizer
Retail: $3.99 CAD
Steal: $2 CAD

These balms are great for anything and everything. The Tinted Softlips (in Sweet Rose) are the perfect “your lips but better” shade. The formula (of both) is very moisturizing and hydrating. I love having these on hand, and have some everywhere, my purse, car, gym bag, jacket pockets … etc.


Freeman Barefoot Lemon Sage Foot Balm
Retail: $4.99 CAD
Steal: $2 CAD

Freeman Barefoot Dragon Fruit Foot Lotion
Retail: $4.99 CAD
Steal: $2 CAD

Freeman Barefoot Peppermint and Plum Foot Scrub
Retail: $4.99 CAD
Steal: $2 CAD

I think I’m due for a pedi … or at least I will be now with all of these footie goodies!! I’m no stranger to Freeman products, I used their face masks as a teen! You really can’t go wrong with this brand for inexpensive pampering!


Dove Go Fresh Burst Beauty Body Wash
Retail: $5.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiance Deep Conditioning Cream
Retail: $9.99 CAD
Steal: $2.50 CAD

Two drugstore staples for me!! Dove is always my go to for bodywash and soap (I love their deodorant too!). Vaseline‘s Cocoa line is also a druggie drugstore favorite!! I typically have used the body lotion but I love this cream so much more! It is so rich and thick, it acts more like a body butter than a body cream. I picked up a couple of these, for $2.50 CAD I had to (seriously, I was forced – by me).


Pantene Pro V Weekly Rehab Cream
Retail: $9.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

Smackers Fragrance Collection Trio
Retail: $16.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

Wet n’ Wild Color-icon Kohl Eyeliner
Retail: $2.99 CAD
Steal: $1.50 CAD

Typically, I don’t purchase Pantene Pro V unless the deal is stellar (like this one or this one). This conditioner isn’t a miracle worker but it does leave your hair smooth and soft. I leave it in my swim bag to use for my post swim showers because of all that icky drying chlorine. The Smackers trio reminds me of my youth. These fun fragrances are nothing spectacular, in fact the smell of alcohol is pretty apparent for the first few seconds after spraying, but they do smell good after that. They are great for on the go spritzing, especially if you puff, puff, pass like I do. The Wet n’ Wild liner was an impulse buy (aren’t all Dollarama purchases technically impulse buys? Shhhhh!). But it was a huge black pencil liner, so I know it will come in handy eventually, even if that something is using it for writing on drunks next Saturday. I haven’t opened it yet so I can’t comment on the quality.


Wet n’ Wild Silk Finish Lipstick*
Retail: $2.99 CAD
Steal: $1.50 CAD

*These lipsticks have been reformulated and repackaged. The older versions were found in silver tubes.

I was very excited to try these Wet n’ Wild lipsticks as I had read some positive reviews about the NEW version. The packaging is sleek and black, with the lids clicking into place. We all know I love the “click“. I was so surprised by the pigment of these lipsticks, they are bold in one swipe! They are creamy and apply evenly. I liked the “frosty” shades the least, preferring the “creme” formulas. They last a decent amount of time, and feel light on the lips. For the price, these are EXCELLENT for indulging in trend shades. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a shade that you plan on only wearing a handful of times. They also won’t make you cry when you lose them on a very messy Friday night (at least not to the same degree that you would if your Buxom went missing!!).

Have you found any amazing Dollarama deals lately? I am on the lookout for some Nivea Creme and Lipbalm combo packs, Almay Get Up and Grow, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, OPI Ferrari Collection, Sally Hansen Sheer Cream Blush, Revlon Color Stay Under Eye Concealer, and the Chap Ice Lip Spheres Trio. If you find any of those at your store, send me them, I’ll be very jealous!! Happy shopping ♡

Boho Boohoo


Ipsy Glam Bags are LIVE!!! Just sign into your account to see what you are getting. Glam Bags will soon be arriving on our doorstep, all pink and shiny! I sneaked an early peek (as usual) and was decently happy with my items. The theme this month is Beautifully Bohemian and it is perfectly timed for April. I must say though, I am devastated that I wasn’t one of the lucky few to receive a FULL SIZE Elizabeth Arden Lipstick in Red Door Red. I love love love the EA lipsticks, Pink Punch is my absolute favorite shade. It brings me to tears to think I won’t be adding Red Door Red to my collection. It’s hard to not let my disappointment overshadow the great items that I will be receiving!


My Products:

Hikari Cosmetics Blush in Tango – I am excited to receive this item, the shade looks gorgeous, it’s full size, and I love the Hikari Lipstick that I have in Cabernet. Hopefully this item will be just as well received!

LATHER Ultra Light Face Lotion – Another fave lotion, another day. I love little skin care samples for travel or the gym bag. I’m excited to try this moisturizer but am also not expecting too much. I have a deep seeded love for Biotherm, it would take alot to make me stray.

theBalm Cosmetics NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single – Yes! We all get one, but what a great product. I love theBalm products, although my love is recent. I’m hoping to receive the copper shade (Fit) over the purple gold shade (Flirty), but realistically I would wear both!

MicaBeauty Eye Primer I really enjoy MicaBeauty products!! I’m excited to add this one to the mix! My only downfall with this product, is that last month they sent me the Evelyn Iona Cosmetics Concealer in the completely wrong shade, so I decided to use it as an eye shadow base. Kind of a disappointment to get two very similar items two months in a row (at least it isn’t another highlight! My highlight collection is massive!)

Mullein & Sparrow Mini Lip & Cheek – I have never heard of this brand and am very excited to try this product! This item is the most “Beautifully Bohemian” to me. A multipurpose stain for a no fuss flush, is so totally Boho Chic.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over missing out on the EA lipstick, but these products might help! What are you getting this month? Are you one of the chosen ones? Click Here to see all of this month’s available products. Click Here to get a Glam Bag of your very own!

Beauty Before Brunch

Finally!!! Finally. VIB Rouge emails have been sent out with all the details about the upcoming Sephora VIB sale and the exclusive Rouge event. I have been dying to share these details with you for weeks now, but I was sworn to absolute secrecy!!


The Rouge Event, Beauty Before Brunch, will take place Sunday, April 12th from 9 am – 11 am and you can bring a friend. You have to RSVP by Friday, April 10th to secure your spot. If you haven’t received an email yet, don’t panic!! You can RSVP directly from your account on Sephora’s website.

The event will offer FIRST ACCESS to the 15% savings for the upcoming sale, as well as closed door shipping! You get a foldover clutch filled with samples FREE with all purchases. I have verified that the clutch is available for all people attending the event. This means that you can bring a VIB or BI friend and they can get this bonus bag with their purchase too!! If you are bringing someone who has never shopped at Sephora before, make sure they sign up as a Beauty Insider so that they can take advantage of this perk.

The event will also have mini makeovers, brow, skincare, and contouring workshops (check your local Sephora for times of workshops as I’m assuming they will be different for each location), and brand ambassadors on site to answer questions or concerns you might have regarding specific products.

You will need to stay hydrated and nourished for all of this shopping!!! Sephora will be offering light refreshments and snacks during the event. I can’t wait to finally get my hands on an official VIB Rouge labelled water!!

Will you be attending the event? Are you a sucker for samples and free gifts like I am? I don’t know how much “shopping” I will actually be doing … I already have a list of everything I want to buy!!! Want to hear all about the event? Check back to get the low down on my personal experience at my first Rouge event.

Battle Of The Boxes

I’m totally switching it up this month, because I’m a lazy ass bitch, because all of my boxes came so late. I thought it would be fun to compare my MARCH boxes in one gigantic post. I must be a serious slut, because I love each of these subscription services. So don’t ask me to choose. Orgies are more my style, anyways.



Ipsy. The bitch who started it all. The one who introduced me to the “crack” of my beauty addiction – subscription boxes. Ipsy is only $10 USD a month!! Of course, us Canadians know, anything that cheap is too good to be true. And such is true with Ipsy. Add another $5 USD for shipping to Canada (FREE shipping for all US customers). The current exchange rate is not so nice; that “$10” bag, will be more like $20 CAD. It is still worth every penny nickel in my opinion, but something to keep in mind when signing up.

Ipsy sends 5 beauty products, every month, in a themed makeup bag. You complete a beauty profile to help customize the Glam Bags to your preferences. They send a nice mix of brands (high end and drugstore), sizes (deluxe and full size), and products (makeup, skin care, and hair care). You get points for reviews and referrals and you can use them to redeem for extra products (which I did this month and last month. I’m now point poor!!). I love this option because it allows you the opportunity to try a product you might not have received in your monthly bag.

My Products:

1. NYX Butter Lipstick – I received this in the shade “Hunk“. It is a beautiful, vibrant fushcia purple. Very bright and perfect for spring. I love bold lippies and am very excited to add this to my collection, this is a unique shade, unlike anything else I own. I love the formula of the Butter Lipsticks. They are smooth and buttery. The color is super pigmented and doesn’t crease, settle, or become patchy. My lips always feel moisturized after a full day of wearing this lipstick. The lipstick lasts a surprising amount of time (all morning and through coffee. I reapplied after lunch as I like the look of fresh lips). The color eventually fades to a nice stain if you don’t want to reapply.

2. Pūr~lisse beauty Pūr~Delicate Gentle Soymilk Cleanser & Makeup Remover – I love love love the Pūr~lisse SPF daily moisturizer I have from a previous ipsy bag, so this will make a great travel duo. The cleanser is gentle and milky. It doesn’t really lather but leaves behind silky smooth (clean) skin.

3. VINTAGE by Jessica Liebeskind Illuminating Face Highlighter – This Highlighter is EVERYTHING. No really, it is amazing!!! It looks so bright and pink in the package, but it applies to a soft shimmering pink highlight. Such a gorgeous color, that I really can’t explain, you need to try this product in person to truly be apart of the beautiful person’s club, to truly understand. Most highlights that I already own are champagne toned, but this pink highlight kicks all my champagne’s asses. I can see this little pink square becoming a staple in my beauty routine.

4. St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub – I love St. Ives. I still periodically use products from them. When I was on a strict student budget, I used St. Ives with my other fav, Nivea. I prefer the St Ives Green Tea Scrub to this one, however. All of that said, this is actually not a good product to use on your face. The jagged sides of the pit pieces can actually scratch your skin and create tears for bacteria to grow. GROSS! So why did I love this scrub? For my body!!! My hands, feet, elbows, legs!

5. Evelyn Iona Cosmetics Concealer – The product itself looks amazing, organic and natural, love! However, I received this product in the shade Flawless, and that is a Medium Ivory shade. NOT my color. Ipsy, I’m a natural blonde, meaning I’m extremely fair skinned. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt with this product, as it is the first WTF moment I have had with you. But seriously, a Medium Ivory shade … really? Regardless of my bitching, I plan to use this as an eyeshadow base. The formula itself is glorious and I think a little repurposing will do wonders for this little beauty.

Bonus Products:

6. Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush – I love brushes. And I love pink. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Ipsters who had received this in their January bag, had great things to say about it. I cashed in some points to have this added to my bag. It’s the perfect all over shadow brush. Great for travel or daily use. The bristles are super soft but the brush itself is super dense (which I love the most in a brush).

7. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara – I already love this mascara so I jumped on the opportunity to add this to my bag. It is volumizing and lengthing, while being SUPER buildable. You can apply additional coats anytime, even six, eight, ten hours after the initial application. This makes going from a fresh daytime makeup to a sexy sultry night look, beyond easy.

I loved March’s Floral Fantasy theme and I’m feeling ready for spring! Click Here to sign up for your own Glam Bag or Click Here to see February’s bag.



Welcome to the Boobs&Blonde family, Birchbox!! This company has great marketing, they really do. They suckered me (and 5 of my friends) into signing up because they were (ARE … Click Here if you’re confused) offering a FULL SIZE Beauty Blender and cleansing Solid, with every March box!! How can any self respecting makeup whore, makeup junkie, possibly say “NO” to that?

Birchbox is $10 CAD a month, with $5 CAD shipping. Since the subscription is in Canadian dollars, exchange rate does not affect the price, YAY!! You can expect the same bill, every month. I wish Ipsy would pick this up, I know they have already lost a few customers after our dollar decided to go muff diving.

Birchbox will send 5 personalized beauty products, right to your door, in a tiny brown logo box. I actually was expecting the box to be bigger than it was, but maybe I always expect things to be larger than they actually are … haha, wink wink. This is my first month with them, but it seems that they send an even mix of beauty products in all categories (hair, makeup, skin care, fragrance, etc.). Included, is a card with product descriptions and price. I love this feature, it allows you to know the exact value of the contents, as well as providing helpful direction about where to purchase what you end up loving. Birchbox also awards points for reviews and referrals. Instead of redeeming points for products, like Ipsy does, Birchbox credits every 100 points to $10 that you can use in their shop (typically full size items of the monthly offered products). The featured items (all items offered that specific month) ship for FREE. This is a great way to buy full size items of your favorite products.

My Products:

1. ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick – I LOVE this lipstick! I saw from a quick creep peek on Instagram that some people had received this lippie in light/nude shades. So not my thing. Kudos to Birchbox for sending gold with a bright shade. I received the shade “Peony” which is described as a hot pink. I personally find it is a vibrant red pink shade. The formula itself is moisturizing and creamy. Application is smooth and even, with no issues of bleeding or creasing. This little tube packs a punch and will for sure last the night, but the degree of “Party Proof” will depend on your degree of partying.

2. Beautyblender + mini Solid Blendercleanser – The one Holy Grail product that made me jump on signing up for Birchbox! This duo is the perfect way be introduced to the world of BB. These little pink sponges retail for $26 CAD, not including the Solid. That makes this Birchbox an amazing deal, even without the other four products!! This sponge is just as good as you have heard it is. Using the sponge wet, is the only way to do it! Your makeup will be applied flawlessly. It isn’t just a miracle worker at applying makeup like Foundation, BB Cream, Concealer etc. it also applies cream blush like a dream, and blends contour like a fantasy. Ya. Miracle, Dream, Fantasy. It doesn’t get much better than that. I think I might have to pick up the Micro version at the big VIB event this weekend … maybe.

3. Number 4™ Hydrating Shampoo – A $82 CAD shampoo?! Really? This stuff must be amazing. Result? Not so stunning. This shampoo is nice, but it had nothing on my Living Proof or Bumble & Bumble products. I also didn’t care for the smell. I like fruit and fresh scents. This reminded me of the smell of an old lady’s house. Not young, sexy, fresh, or fruity. I like the bottle it came in and will definitely be refilling it with my favorite shampoos for travelling, once it’s used up.

4. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (24-Hour Miracle Cream) – Such a tiny sample, but you don’t need much. This cream has minimal scent (yay!) and is very moisturizing. The cream is rich, without being heavy. It can be used anywhere on the body, including the face. It can also be used as a makeup remover and is safe to apply on freshly shaved skin. Such a great versatile mini that makes a great travel essential!!

5. Harvey Prince Imperial Gardenia – I hate getting fragrance samples. Obviously, it’s going to happen from time to time, the point of subscription boxes is to try new things! But I instantly get disappointed when I see them. Luckily, this is the first one I have received in a box (across all companies) and it also appears that almost everyone got one. I’m soooo not complaining, how could I when I am still on my BB high?? The scent itself is floral (yuck), I like fruity!! The Harvey Prince Ageless (pink grapefruit scent) would have been more my style.

I’ll be honest. I was planning on signing up for Birchbox, getting the Beauty Blender, and then unsubscribing. But they won my heart. Especially with the full size lipstick, they found my weakness. I’m hooked. Shit. Click Here if you want to be hooked too. #peerpressure



Topbox. My Canadian indulgence. I love that Topbox is a CANADIAN company. I have to give love to a Canuck company catering to beauty. They are the cheapest beauty subscription company for Canadians, but they send the highest quality items, in terms of brands, compared to my other subscription services.

At only $12 CAD a month, Topbox is a phenomenal value. And the box ships for FREE. Yes, free!! That’s a big deal for us Canadians, rarely anything ships free. They send 4-5 personalized beauty samples, often leading towards 4 (unless the samples are tiny). Instead of a box or makeup bag, Topbox ships in a unique tube (or organza bag if you prefer). Topbox includes a descriptor card, like Birchbox, detailing the description, price and where to buy info for each product.

Unique to Topbox, is the ability to wish and opt for a Prive Box. Topbox explains:

A Prive Topbox is a box of samples from only one brand. Each month you will be emailed a Wish List so you can “wish” for the boxes you are interested in. Due to limited quantities no member is guaranteed a Prive Topbox. If you do not get the Prive Topox you will be sent the regular Topbox.

I love the option to swap the boxes!! The wishlist will have specifics about what is contained in each box so you know exactly what to expect. Prive boxes could have only one item in them, instead of the typical 4-5 samples in the regular Topbox.

My Products:

1. Medusa Makeup Lipgloss – My first impressions of this gloss were not great. I received the shade “Sparkle Mania” and that basically describes my thoughts when I looked at the tube, that or devastated chaos. The product was full size (always a bonus) and the packaging was super adorable. The company is all natural, vegan, paraben free, and cruelty free (another bonus). So why the bad first impression? It basically reminded me of kiddie or dollar store lipgloss, clear and extremely (EXTREMELY) glittery. Other subscribers had received shades with color (red, pink etc.) and I felt those might have been better. But I’m a bitch. We already know this. And apparently I’m a judgmental bitch. Because the lipgloss is great! A second look showed that it was indeed very sparkley, but it was not chunky glitter as I had initially thought, it had fine tiny bits of gold flecks in it. I opened the tube and the formula glided across my lips. It wasn’t runny (as my dollar store judgements had led me to believe) but it wasn’t sticky either. It was smooth and created the perfect amount of sheer perfection. The gloss looked stunning alone. The shimmer became less obvious once applied and instead created a mesmerizing, dewy, supple pout. I haven’t tried this over lipstick YET, but I think this little beauty my be my new favorite “topper”.

2. Philosophy Hope In A Jar – This moisturizer is a cult favorite. I have tried this moisturizer before, but am more than happy to have another mini to add to my stash. This is a pretty small sample, but that makes it perfect for travel, carry on, the purse, or the gym bag. This moisturizer does what it is supposed to and leaves my skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and soft. I’m still not convinced that I should switch from Biotherm to Philosophy, but I will gladly incorporate what samples I have into my travel routine (someone need to tell Biotherm that they need to make travel friendly, non glass minis for me to buy!).

3. Schwarzkopf BC Moisture Kick Beauty Balm – I love getting hair samples like this. The tube is a very generous size, allowing you to use it many times, and really get a good idea if you like the product or not. I used a small amount as directed but it still made my hair greasy. It is common for me to have this issue the first time using a new hair product as I have naturally very fine, thin hair. It takes trial and error for me to find the perfect amount of product to use in my hair without making to greasy. My hair did appear to be smoother and didn’t dry out once I started styling it with my curling iron. I’m hoping my next trial goes better and a smaller amount will help my hair be less greasy and therefore more voluminous. I really hate when my hair is flat and weighed down by product.

4. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist – I’m elated to receive this product!! And it even comes in a mini glass spray bottle. The mist is supposed to restore, tone, and hydrate the skin in one spritz. This is what I refer to as a “princess product”. It’s not an essential and it’s expensive but it is beyond luxurious. I love the feeling that this product leaves on my skin. I DO feel refreshed. I DO feel hydrated. I like to spritz this in the morning before applying my makeup or even in the late afternoon between appointments and grabbing a cocktail with friends (over top of my makeup). I see this becoming a travel essential!! Not because of the size but because of it’s usage. I can imagine this being AH-MAZE-ING on tired, dehydrated “airplane” skin or to spritz after a long road trip being stuck in the car. I will definitely be buying this product once I’m done the mini!

I love Topbox. I love them for being Canadian, I love them for being so affordable (yet high end), and I love them for providing free shipping!! Click Here to see what I got last month. If you are interested in signing up (Canadians only) let me know and I can send you an email referral!!

The baddest battle of the boxes!! And they all won. Because I’m a makeup whore who loves products of all shapes and sizes, I don’t discriminate. I couldn’t possibly pick only one poison. Which one do you like best? What are you subscribed too?! Tell me! I always like to feed my addiction. ♡