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Ipsy. I love ipsy. I love the themes. Love the monthly custom bags. Love the samples. Love the pink shiny mailer. If you are from the US, you love the $10 USD price and free shipping. If you are from Canada, the love ends at the pink mailer (with the current dollar, ipsy is about $20 CAD a month – $10 USD for the Glam Bag + $5 USD Shipping). Even for $20 CAD, I still find immense value in my bags. Ipsy will send 5 personalized beauty products each month with a mix of full size products and luxury samples. In addition to the items sent, ipsters can participate in the points system to earn more free products!! I have redeemed my points for 6 or so items already since I joined in July 2014. Ipsy also has giveaways monthly (US and Canada) and ipsyMe; deals to buy featured products (US only).

It’s no news that I was feeling Boohoo over my Boho Glam Bag from ipsy this April (Out of the loop? Click Here to catch up!). Pair that with the loads of ipsters who received their bag with multiple problems (I was supposed to receive 4 of the 5 troubled products), and it’s safe to say I was NOT excited for April. What happened to all of that ipsyLove?


I was very happy to see that all of my products were in mint condition! My blush was in perfect condition, not a crumbly, hot pink mess. My face lotion was still completely sealed, not exploded (read below). My primer was mold-free (read below) and my lip tint was perfectly earthy (read below). My love for ipsy had quickly returned. I received some great products, and I can forgive for being excluded from the EA elite.

What I Got:

• Hikari Cosmetics Blush in Tango – This shade is just as gorgeous as I thought it would be. It is a beautiful, bright, true pink. The blush applies evenly and is super buildable. It is so easy to customize the depth of the color. Plus, it is FULL size! The color lasts all day, especially with a good base/primer (I used Smashbox Oil Free Photo Finish Foundation Primer). This was the item that I was most excited for! With so many broken and crumbly blushes, I was elated to have mine in pristine condition. I might have only tried their blush and lipstick, I’m really loving Hikari Cosmetics.

• LATHER Ultra Light Face Lotion – This lotion is definitely light. I prefer a thicker creamier lotion, but if you like a light, quick absorbing feel, you will love this lotion. The scent was also light, not at all overwhelming. I will keep this for a spare lotion for travel or the gym. It is not my favorite facial moisturizer but it will definitely do in a pinch. I am very happy that my lotion arrived safe and sealed!! At least ipsy had a backup plan by putting the lotion in a separate bag. If you did receive an exploded lotion, at least it wouldn’t have leaked EVERYWHERE!

• theBalm Cosmetics NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single in Flirty – Initially, I was hoping to receive the copper shade (Fit) over the purple gold shade (Flirty). I’m actually very happy that I received Flirty. It is unlike any shade I currently own. It is gorgeous worn on it’s own, or used as a smokey eye with a pop. The shade is a beautiful hue for spring. It has the slightest hint of purple which accents other gold shadows perfectly. Kudos to ipsy for knowing what I would like better than I do!! The shadow didn’t crease on me and stayed beautiful all night. I had no problems with fall out and it blended like a dream, no chalky or powdery shadow here!! I love TheBalm products and this eyeshadow is no exception.

• MicaBeauty Eye Primer – Poor MicaBeauty was having a hell of a time with their Eye Primer this month. Tons of ipsters reported having mold in their product!! Yikes!!! Ipsy responded with this: “Mica Beauty has reported that the ipsy sample production was officially micro-tested and passed all inspections. No mold was found. The brand believes any blemishes appearing on the product are due to air bubbles rising to the surface, and is confident there is no health or safety risk in using their product”. I was worried. And once I received my product, I noticed that it had the dreaded green hued “spots” like so many others!! But I trust ipsy so I decided to do a little of my own investigating. I lightly poked one of the spots. It INSTANTLY “popped” leaving nothing green or moldy behind. You can see in my close up picture, exactly where the spot had been. My product had no off smell and no discoloration (after being popped). I truly believe that the “spots” are nothing more than air bubbles from when the product settled. If you received this primer, I urge you to try the “pop test” for yourself. As for the product itself, I haven’t tried it yet. But I will update as soon as I try it!!

• Mullein & Sparrow Mini Lip & Cheek – This item is new to me (both product and brand), I also found it to be the most “Beautifully Bohemian” to me. Unfortunately, this was another product that people were complaining about. They said it also appeared to have mold and had a terrible “earthy” smell. Once again, ipsy responded: “We’re sorry about this! Since the Mullein & Sparrow Lip & Cheek Tint is an all-natural, product that contains alkanet root, which can create some grittiness and gives the product a natural, earthy scent. We can assure you that this is safe to use, and we apologize if you’re not a fan!”. My tint arrived with slight discoloration (most visible in the picture of all my Glam Bag items based on the way the flash reflected in the picture) but no mold to be seen. Although the tint did have an “earthy” scent, it was not overwhelming or off putting. It’s amazing the way things smell when they aren’t jam packed full of chemicals or artificial fragrances. The tint itself is very light and sheer. Adding more of a dewy fresh look vs. a high pigment statement look. I love that this product is all natural, the less crap, the better!!


Last, but not least, the bag. The Glam Bag itself. What a glorious bag it was this month. It is woven straw (or at least feels and looks that way) and sooo colorful. This bag screams Boho Chic!! I loved this bag in the preview, but fell so much deeper in love once I held it for myself. And it’s lined!! Yay!! This will be a summer staple in my beach bag!


Poor ipsy. Between my bitterness over missing out on one of my favorite lipsticks, and the slew of troubled products this month, I feel like April was a bumpy month. Luckily for me, my bag was mint and I ended up loving everything in it. How did your April Glam Bag pan out?? And tell me, did any of you get the Red Door Red??? Click Here to see what I got last month. Click Here to get your own Glam Bag!!


15 thoughts on “Beautifully Bohemian

  1. I got that primer and there was nothing on the top of mine. I also hated it regardless though. I felt like it was a useless primer and can’t believe they sell it for $44! That is insane! I can get a mac paint pot for $19 and it works AMAZING. I wrote my review and was so pissed when I went and looked at the price. Plus the packaging is some of the cheapest plastic I have ever felt. ~~ End Rant. Sorry about that lol

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    • I haven’t tried it yet but I’m not sure what to expect. Some people said it made their eyeshadow crease!! I will definitely be updating as soon as I try it!! I currently use Urban Decay Primer Potion and love love love it. So I think it will be hard to take that top spot, but I wish Mica luck in persuading me hahaha! Thanks for reading doll! ♡♡


  2. I actually really love the Mica Beauty Primer and use it often. I guess everyone has their own preferences but I do agree that’s it way too expensive lol. I got mine from Boxycharm and I didn’t notice anything in it. Looks like you got a really great bag this month though. 🙂 Xo

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