Royal Rewards

Have you heard?!?! Sephora will be releasing new 1000 point, 5000 point, and 10 000 point rewards. Hope you have been saving up, because these look phenomenal. Supposedly, Sephora sent out a preview email about the upcoming rewards, however, I have yet to receive one. This entire post is based on my snooping. You’re welcome.


1000 points will get you Kat Von D’s best selling products from her edgy collection in a signed limited edition case.
5000 points will get you the ultimate Urban Decay collection, signed by brand founder Wende Zomnir. Could it be the entire Naked Vault?!?!*
10 000 points will get you the latest Stella McCartney bag, Falabella Shaggy Deer Fold Over Tote Bag, complete with Stella fragrance

Release dates were not reported, however the email did say to keep an eye on the Rewards Boutique in the coming week!!! Will you be redeeming?!

*Some of the emails report that the Urban Decay is a 2000 point reward, although the image shows it as 5000 points. I will update as more information becomes available.


10 thoughts on “Royal Rewards

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  2. I have several thousand points, but also never received an email informing me of this amazing opportunity. If I spend $15,000 a year at your store: 1) yes, I have a problem, and 2) have the level of customer service to inform me of these fleeting/impossible offers. I’m sure a man came up with this promo.

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    • I so agree!! I hope you saw my rant about it on a later post!!! I was very excited until it actually happened. And what a joke. Seriously. Such a joke. I didn’t get anything either!!!! So frustrating!


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