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About a month ago, I told you about (another) fabulous Shopper’s Drug Mart sale and beauty bonus. In addition to 20× the points, you also got a free clutch filled with samples with every $125 CAD purchase!! I knew this was the time to indulge in some beauty goodies and blow my bank, pick up some new items for spring.

What I Purchased:

What I Got For Free (not including 3 bags!):

Isn’t spending money so much more satisfying when you get to tote home massive amounts of freebies?!?!?! It’s a beautiful art. The art of bargin shopping!!! And a terrible addiction. Let me break it down for you:



By now, we should all be very much aware of my love for Biotherm. Basically ALL things Biotherm, but specifically, the Aquasource line. I’m loving my Aquasource Deep Serum, as well as my Aquasource Skin Perfection Moisturizer. Together they made the perfect combo for dry wintery skin. I wanted to find the perfect night cream so I can save my Skin Perfection for day use. I had received a sample of (and, surprise, loved) the Aquasource Nuit. It is more of a gel than a cream, much like the Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel (my typical go-to daily moisturizer, but I switched it up by purchasing the Skin Perfection last time around). Aquasource Nuit is described as a “jelly” and certainly presents itself as such. The scent is very light, fresh, and clean. No floral or fruity scents here. The Aquasource Nuit was available in a bonus pack for the SAME PRICE as buying the product by itself ($50 CAD). No doubt which one I picked, insert eye roll.

The bonus pack included a Lait Corporel Body Milk, a mini Biomains Hand Cream, and a mini Beurre De Levres Lip Butter, in addition to the full size Aquasource Nuit. If you recall, I’m absolutely loving the Beurre De Levres Lip Butter. It is more of a cream than a balm, but it is perfect for healing dry, cracked lips in a snap. It is a very versatile product, I wear it overnight to really soften my lips by morning, I apply a thing layer under my lipstick, and I wear it alone during the day on low key makeup days. The formula is not glossy and leaves a semi matte (very buttery) finish.


Biotherm was offering a free gift with all purchases over $35 CAD. I love that Shopper’s let’s you combine all offers together, it makes that dollar stretch soooo far. The bonus bag (how cute are those spring pastel colors?) Included a mini Biosource Fresh Foam Cleanser, mini Biocils Eye Makeup Remover, mini Biomains Hand Cream, mini Aquasource Deep Serum, and mini Blue Therapy Serum. I have not tried any of the products from the Blue Therapy line, so I’m excited to try this serum. The Blue Therapy line focuses on anti aging and repairing visible signs of aging. Although I’m only 27, wrinkles scare the shit out of me, scare me, so I’ll take all the preventative measures that I can!! I have used (and own) all of the other minis that I received, so I’m obviously thrilled to have some new travel friendly bottles!!!


I have been dying to get my hands on a EA Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in the shade Pink Punch. During the last few SDM events, they had been sold out. The shade is a beautiful bright pink with blue undertones (the best for fair skinned blondes). The formula on these lipsticks is BEYOND hydrating. My lips feel so soft after taking the color off at the end of the day. The pigment is rich and vibrant, true color payoff in one swipe. Your lips will stay gorgeous all day or night, the lipstick doesn’t budge. I find myself doing top ups out of habit versus necessity. With all of these amazing things I have to say about this lipstick, it should come as no surprise why I was so bummed that I wasn’t one of the lucky ipsters to receive the shade Red Door Red in April’s Glam Bag. Serious boo!! The lipstick retails for $34 CAD, a pretty penny, but so worth every last cent. I was elated to find that they had my shade in stock this trip!!


This picture does not do this shade justice. It is appearing red here, but it is a true hot pink. The packaging is beautiful. It features the signature “red” door on the tube itself. The tube is made of some sort of metal so it is very durable and heavy in the hand (it better be for $34 CAD). I’m officially hooked on these lipsticks and can’t wait to add more to my collection!!


Elizabeth Arden was also offering a free gift with $35 CAD purchase. I was fortunate enough that the lady let me have one even though the lipstick was only $34 CAD. However, I was prepared to purchase another shade to get the deal if need be. The bag itself is a fun coral shade with a shiny metallic accent on the top. Unlike the Biotherm bag that was cloth, this one has a more vinyl texture, making it great for a swim bag or beach bag. Although not waterproof, the material makes it some what water resistant. The gift included a mini Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Pretty Pink, mini Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss in Passionfruit, mini Eight Hour Cream, mini Prevage Anti Aging Overnight Cream, mini Prevage Anti Aging Daily Serum, and (not so mini) Prevage Anti Aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser. I have not tried ANY of these products so I am beyond excited to play. The Prevage line focuses on anti aging and reversing environmental damage (again yay!!). I love that the bonus included a cleanser, serum, and cream. That really allows you to fully experience the product line.



The Clarins Rep was on site when I went in to make my purchases. She introduced me to this AMAZING Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the shade Candy Shimmer (05)!! I couldn’t say no after swatching it. The gloss is the perfect hint of pink with micro shimmer. The shimmer is so fine, it almost disappears once it is applied to leave the most flattering dewy lip. The gloss itself is not sticky or goopey. It is thick but leaves lips feeling like heaven. The tube comes with a built in foam applicator (like the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks) which makes it so easy to apply and touch up. They range doesn’t have many shades to pick from but I’ll be happy to purchase this one over and over again!! Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector retails for $20 CAD.



I’m such a UD junkie. We all know it. So I won’t deny it. The last item I purchased (to reach my $125 CAD total) was the Naked 2 Basics palette. I couldn’t decide between the original Basics or this one, but fate decided for me as this was the only one that they had in stock. In hindsight that was best, the Naked Basics contained a few shades I already own from other UD palettes. As with all Urban Decay shadows, the shades are pigmented and highly blendable. All the shades in this palette are matte. I own lots of shimmery, metallic shades so it’s nice to have an all matte addition. These shadows do not need to be applied with a heavy hand, in fact, if you do use too much aggression, force when applying and blending, the mattes can tend to look muddy. A light hand and light blending is all that is needed to make the shadows look stellar! The shadows are highly buildable allowing you to amp up your eye look if necessary. I like using an angled liner brush to apply the darkest shades to my lash line for a perfectly smoked out liner.


This palette is beyond travel friendly. It’s small but still has 6 shades to combine for many different looks. If you are on a budget and aren’t willing to drop $64 CAD on the Naked, Naked 2, or Naked 3 palettes (even though you should … they are amazing), then this $34 CAD beauty, might be the perfect purchase for you. The compact is made of durable plastic and clicks into place to close. There is also a little mirror inside which makes it perfect for quick touch ups, and it’s big enough that you could use it to apply all of your makeup if you were in a pinch.


After such a huge haul, I couldn’t believe that there was more coming my way!!! I also couldn’t believe that I never knew about Shopper’s Beauty Bonuses before now!! I’m a sucker for these things!!


The clutch that the samples came in was surprisingly adorable. It is a metallic gold color and is huge. Like wallet, phone, camera, makeup bag, and a vodka mickey, kind of huge. It also has metal rods (???) along the top by the zipper, to give the bag structure and support; the bag will stay propped open if you want it to. The amount of samples I got in the bag blew my mind, there were 20! 20!!!! No foil or packets here!!! All deluxe size samples! Also in the picture are two samples I got from the Clarins Rep 🙂

Don’t forget that I also got 20× my points on my purchases!!! I also picked up a trio set of Quo beauty blender sponge knock offs (pictured at the very beginning of this post). Did you splurge to get the sample bag?!?! What were your thoughts on all the freebies? Worth buying a few goodies?!?!? ♡♡


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