LuLu Loot

I love lululemon. Like really LOVE them. I own so many different styles of yoga pants, tops, shorts, hoodies … the list goes on and on. Paying $98 CAD for one pair of pants? So over my budget. What’s a girl to do? Either take a trip down to Seattle and splurge at the outlet (why does a CANADIAN retailer have their outlet in America?!?!?!), sell your first born to the devil, or check the clearance rack. That’s right, every lululemon location has a clearance rack, hidden in some back corner, somewhere.

Of course my latest purchase wasn’t planned. My friend wanted to go in and only I ended up making a purchase! Typical. I picked up a super adorable pair of printed leggings as well as a pair of cute pink shorts (photos are stock, not mine).


Wunder Under Pant *Full-On Luxtreme
Retail: $92 CAD
Steal: $69 CAD

Isn’t the print on these so cute? I love the tribal/camo style. These are perfect for dressing up an easy, relaxed, no fuss, outfit with a oversized sweater and a cute pair of boots (or a tank and gladiators)! You can get your own pair HERE, they have plenty left!! You can’t go wrong with lulu quality.


Run Times Short
Retail: $54 CAD
Steal: $39 CAD

How cute are these? I already own them in white but the pink was too cute to pass up!! I love all the hidden pockets including the zippered one in the back. These will be perfect for long summer jogs/walks with my pups! They also have a pair of “underwear” built in. They help the shorts stay in place and stop them from being see thru (bonus for me, sadness for you). They are super lightweight and very breathable. I’m so happy to have another color of these shorts!! Unfortunately, these are no longer available online, but a quick stop into your local store and you might find them!!

Great buys, guilt free!! You can check out all of lululemon’s clearance items by clicking here. What are some of your favorite lululemon finds?!?!


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