Second Chances

Remember when you read a few weeks ago, that EVERYONE subscribed to Birchbox Canada got a Beauty Blender in their box?! Remember how that meant that you got the little pink BB for only $15 CAD? And remember when you were super sad that you missed the March 17th deadline??

Well pout no more!!! If you missed out, Birchbox Canada is offering the same thing this month. No, that does not mean that we all get a Beauty Blender again. But it does mean that all NEW subscribers will get one in their first box!!


For all new subscribers, Birchbox Canada (yes, Birchbox CANADA. Note: NOT Birchbox US) is including a Beauty Blender AND cleansing Solid, in addition to 4 other beauty samples. The total for the box with shipping comes to $14.95 CAD.

Click Here to subscribe now, using my link. I did tell you about the deal (again). And I’m still thinking that you should hook a bitch up with some points. You have until April 17th to take advantage of this steal!


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