Walmart Wonder

Did you know that Walmart has a clearance section? If you live in the States then yes, you probably did. You guys have a whole section designated to clearance items!! We Canadians, don’t. But clearance deals can still be found. Each department will have a designated mini area with any clearance items. Typically, these are shelves on the back end of a rack or in a dark corner. Inviting, eh?! Nothing like making your way into the deepest darkest corner and emerging with some wonderful treasures.


Pantene Pro-V Advanced+ Keratin Repair Collection Starter Kit
Retail: $10.99 CAD
Steal: $2 CAD

Everyone knows I’m a brand whore. An expensive brand whore. And Pantene does not fit into this category. I don’t think I have used drugstore shampoo and conditioner since I was a preteen, even as a teen I used Redken. But when I saw this SET on clearance for $2 CAD, I knew I had to give the drugstore brand a chance. This line, the Pantene Expert Collection, is specifically designed for damaged or aging hair. This formula, Advanced+ Keratin Repair, is supposed to “reverse 2 years worth of damage in just 2 minutes“. That’s quite a big promise for a drugstore brand haircare line.


The kit contained:
• Advanced+ Keratin Repair Shampoo
• Advanced+ Keratin Repair Conditioner
• Advanced+ Keratin Repair Split End Fuser

So the verdict, did it repair my split ends and strengthen my fine, thin, natural blonde mane? Yes! I did see a difference in the ends of my hair, they did look fused!! But to be fair, any of my smoothing treatments (i.e. Moroccanoil Treatment) make my ends look the same way. This didn’t do anything amazing to my hair. Did this take off two years of damage? No. Did my hair feel smooth and soft afterwards? Yes. Maybe if your hair was truly exhausted, this would make a world of difference. But I take care of my hair. I use coconut oil overnight, I comb it when it’s wet (not brush), I try to use hair products without sulfates. Maybe my hair isn’t damaged enough to show any true, shocking results. Go on bitch, go and brush your shoulders off.

This kit was worth every penny of my $2 CAD. But will I buy again? No, especially not with the $13.99 CAD price per product. I would rather spend a few more dollars and get a higher quality product. This kit however, will be great for travel!! I don’t travel with my good hair products, as luggage often goes missing, and far too often for me to risk it. Besides using the Pantene as my travel bitch, I will stick to my ride-or-die salon products for my daily needs. And a final word to my babes: Bumble and Bumble, Living Proof, Redken … don’t worrying I’m still your little (brand) whore


4 thoughts on “Walmart Wonder

  1. $2?!!! I would have bought that too! But I don’t take care of my hair 😩 Don’t judge me lol. I buy whatever Costco sells in bulk although they do carry Redken but it’s super pricey 😬 Xoxo Janet

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