Beauty Blender Bender

Attention fellow Canadian beauty addicts! Attention!!! Give me your fucking attention!! Want a Beauty Blender but don’t feel like paying $26 CAD for it? Well don’t I have great news for those Monday blues!!!
Birchbox Canada (yes, Birchbox CANADA. Note: NOT Birchbox US) is including a Beauty Blender AND cleansing Solid with every March box. Birchbox recently launched to Canada and so far I have been beyond tempted to subscribe. This offer however, pushed me over the edge. The total for the box with shipping comes to $14.95 CAD. You receive 5 personalized items (mix of sample size and full size), every month, with one of those items this month being the Beauty Blender and Solid combo. At just under $15 CAD, that is a phenomenal price for the Beauty Blender and Solid alone, let alone 4 additional products/samples. And lucky you, the cut off to order is March 17th. Meaning tomorrow. Meaning hussle your ass to subscribe ASAP.

Click Here to subscribe now, using my link. I did tell you about the deal, after all. The least you could do is hook a bitch up with some points …


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