Optimum Optimism

If you are a fellow beauty addict and SDM lover then I’m about to make your weekend!! This Saturday (and the rest of the week), Shopper’s Drug Mart is having a 20x the points event on all beauty purchases of $75 CAD or more.


Let’s do a little math. Spend $75 = 750 points × 20 (BONUS) and that’s 15 000 points! But clearly I wouldn’t write a post just about this. I mean Shopper’s has these types of events ALL the time.

Freebies!! Am I new at this game? How did I not know that Shopper’s offered bags filled with samples???? And this sample bag kicks Sephora’s black and white ass!! If you spend $125 CAD on cosmetics at the Beauty Boutique, you get this cute clutch and all it’s contents for free!!


Back to the math. These offers can be combined – I called and checked! Spend $125 = 1250 points × 20 (BONUS) and that’s 25 000 points! And you get a free sample bag worth $210 CAD in addition to all those points. Note: This beauty clutch offer is valid only at BEAUTY BOUTIQUE locations!!

When choosing what to spend your money on, keep in mind that certain brands offer additional free gifts with purchase. For example, Biotherm is currently offering a free gift with purchase, and so is Elizabeth Arden. I plan on reaching the $125 CAD minimum by picking up a few skin care items I need and some EA lipsticks, taking advantage of the 2 free gifts with purchase, on top of the free beauty clutch and bonus points offer. Ya, that’s right. #noshame

But I’m still not done. Of course I’m not. It’s the DD’s, I’m mesmerized. I’m talking about double deals, obviously.


You can get 4000 points FREE when you update your Optimum Account or join the Optimum program! It you are already a member, sign in to your Optimum account, click “Update Profile”, enter promo code 1923, and change something (I changed my address). Don’t forget to save it at the end. You should then receive two emails, one saying you changed some information and one confirming you will get the bonus points. This offer is only valid of you haven’t taken place in a similar promo within the last six months.

There you have it babes. A sick ass weekend to be an Optimum member!! Will you be splurging? ♡


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