Pick A Prive

Topbox has some awesome Prive options this month!! I was so torn between what to wish for! Topbox is a $12 CAD Beauty Subscription Box that ships directly to your house every month. They will send you the regular Topbox which is filled with 4-5 beauty products (sometimes full size!). Every month you have the option to wish for a Prive Topbox, or wish for multiple boxes. You never know what you will end up receiving, you could still get sent a Regular Topbox despite a lengthy wishlist. They had quite a few options offered this month but these were my favorite (like seriously how can you pick?):

I have seen Topbox offer the Mystery box before and it turned out to be Kerastase hair products. I can’t guarantee that this box will be the same, but if the silhouette of the products is anything to go on, they resemble the Kerastase product line!!

I wished for the Benefit Prive Box again, because I’m a true Benebabe at heart! However, it took all I had to not wish for all three of these wonderful options. Did you opt for a Prive box this month? Which one did you pick, was it one of the ones that I didn’t mention?


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