Hourglass Heaven

Hourglass has recently launched their Modernist Eyeshadow Palette and they are truly a work of art. I had gotten a gift card from my lovely friends for my birthday and I planned on spending it on the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette and this little beauty.

An artist-inspired eye shadow palette with seamless color transitions—offering effortlessly blendable and wearable shades in a range of finishes and textures. 

These palettes flaunt five complementary shades of soft and airy, finely-milled formulas in a curated selection of shades, finishes, and texture. Designed with the innovative multi-press technique, each palette features an array of finishes from matte to shimmer for a number of looks with depth and dimension. Available in seven unique and wearable color palettes, these shadows are exceptionally buildable in color, giving you unprecedented control over the intensity of your look. 


Sephora Chinook was giving away the mini Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Super Strawberry as a FREE bonus with VIB Rouge purchases. This is the second time they gave me one!! It is a great moisturizing balm with a nice touch of color. This shade is a sheer berry pink. FREE gifts always making me smile.

Now the palette, the real reason that you are reading this. The case is nice and solid. It is a sleek chocolate brown with HOURGLASS written in gold on the far right side. This palette is much smaller than I expected, easily fitting into the palm of my hand. I was actually surprised at how small the palette was for the hefty $67 CAD price tag.


I picked up the Obscura palette. It has the most beautiful earth tones. Each palette comes with five carefully coordinated shades. Obscura comes with the shades, cream, smokey brown, rose gold, coffee, and cool bronze. The way the eyeshadows are placed in the palette is truly breathtaking. I’m drooling. Seriously. It is so beautiful I didn’t want to even touch it.


The wave pattern is beautiful but also so practical. It allows you to easily coat all parts of any cut of brush. I love the mix of matte and shimmer shades. The dark browns specifically are very similar in depth of color, but one is matte while the other has a deep coppery shimmer. The rose gold and bronze shimmers are gorgeous, adding a beautiful pop to any makeup look.


I have heard so many mixed reviews on this palette. But I don’t understand why. This palette does take a certain finesse to master, but the extra time is worth it because the payoff is phenomenal. You need a light dab to pick up the shadow, no swirling needed. The shadows are extremely fine and powdery but they apply so easily to the eye. Fallout is minimal if you are sure to apply it with a light hand. These shadows were extremely buildable and blendable, allowing you to easily control the depth and dynamic of your shadow look. Sephora added these tips for using the Modernist palette:

Unlike traditional formulas, Modernist eye shadows are soft and airy; use a light hand when dipping brush or fingertips into product.
-When applying with a brush, tap off excess product before applying to the eye. 
– Use the Hourglass No. 11 Smudge brush in the narrow valleys of palette for a more precise/detailed application. 
-Use the Hourglass No. 3 All Over Shadow brush on the smoother surface areas of palette for broader application. 
-Deeper/shimmer shades can be layered for intensity or may be used with a damp brush for a more dramatic effect. 
-Use with an eye shadow base/primer for longer wear.

I feel like the negative reviews were due to people having traditional expectations and no willingness to open their minds to the specific intentions behind this palette. I will definitely be adding another one of these to my collection. I’m eyeing the beautiful plums of the Exposure and the stunning greens in the Color Field. Have you tried the Modernist shadows? What were your thoughts?! ♡♡


10 thoughts on “Hourglass Heaven

  1. Omg I felt the same way and didn’t understand the mixed reviews. I love my Infinity Palette! I mean I loved it so much I bought Color Fields and can’t wait to play with that one. I look forward to the next Sephora sale to add Exposure to my little HG family lol

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