Blink Beauty

Omg. Leave it to my boyfriend to find an AMAZING gift for me for Christmas. Blink Beauty* is not a brand I had ever heard of or tried. But I was super excited to find out more about the L.A. based company. Everything I read about them online was awesome, so I was very excited to get my hands dirty.

*Not to be confused with Blinc Beauty.

This all-in-one kit is 8 layers! It is the neatest concept, with each layer being a kind of “drawer” inside of the box.

The Layers:


The concealer is full coverage and on the heavy side. I love that there are tons of shades so you can truly mix to find your perfect shade. They also have different undertones (note the green, yellow, and purple shades) to correct a variety of skin problems. The lighter and darker pigments would also be great for contouring!


What more could a girl want in her blush? There are so many colors here! From nudes and browns to oranges and pinks! The blush is pigmented and applied so evenly. I found they were very buildable, allowing you to customize the the intensity. The nude/browns would be good for contouring and highlighting as well.


Again, a variety of colors and an infinite amount of looks. This lipgloss adds the perfect pop of color, with some shades wearing more pigmented than others. They remind me of the NYX Butter Gloss in terms of pigment and feel, not sticky or thick. I love that you can customize the shades further by mixing them together.

I’m going to comment on the eyeshadows as a whole but will show each layer individually with photos. The eyeshadows are pigmened and soft. They are not powdery and have minimal fallout. They are very buildable which allows you to easily adjust intensity based on the look you are trying to achieve. I love the variety of shades and colors: shimmers, mattes, metallics, bright colors, neutrals, purples, pinks and even some warm marsala-esqe shades. These shadows also work nicely wet for eyeliner. The looks are endless with this beauty box.






I’m completely head over heels in love with this set. I love everything about it, and I’m so glad my boyfriend pushed me outside of my brand whore comfort zone and did some research into such a thoughtful gift. A+!! This will definitely be reached for often!!


See?! Drool. Just Beautiful. ♡


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