Super Spend @ SDM

Shopper’s Drug Mart is having a Super Spend Your Points Event this weekend! It is on beauty items only, but I’m not complaining! That was always the plan. You can redeem 40,000 points for $90, or 80,000 points for $200. If you are a makeup addict like me you can do separate transactions to take major advantage of this amazing event, I am redeeming 120,000 points for a total of $290 towards a beauty haul. That’s a combined savings of $91 extra in reward!!! I have never seen a redeem event with this much extra $$$. Even the anticipated yearly Christmas event didn’t have this much extra value!


If you have never redeemed before, it’s super easy. You pick out whatever you want (for this event that means only beauty related items). When it comes time to pay you redeem however many points, and the amount comes off of the total bill. If your merchandise total is equal in amount to the reward total, your purchase is free, yes FREE! Of course you have to pay the taxes, that’s to do with the government, not SDM. This amount will vary depending on where in Canada you live, here is #yyc it’s 5%.

Happy Hauling Bitches!! ♡♡
Click Here to see what I picked up!!


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