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Social media. It may be an addiction. My boyfriend told me the other day that I always have my phone in my hands. I insisted that this wasn’t true, saying that I only go on my phone when he insists on playing Xbox or watching the same reruns of Family Guy over and over.

Well as karma would have it, my phone broke the VERY next day. I felt instant panic. Was it my screen? The phone itself, the battery? Was I just not holding the “on” button for long enough?? Maybe it was low battery and I never noticed? No, surely that couldn’t be it. I spent the better part of the night trying various things, different chargers, battery pull, different battery etc. with no luck. Finally I went to sleep but the cravings to have a phone didn’t stop there. I woke up the next morning in just as much panic. I still had well over a year left on my three year contract, and I was pretty sure my warranty was up (I obviously couldn’t call to find out). I brought my phone to the nearest cell phone repair shop to access the damages. They confirmed that my power button was broken and told me it would be $90 CAD to fix and they would have it for me in a few hours. PERFECT!

What better way to pass the time, than by hitting up the mall? I stopped into Fido (my phone carrier) to ensure my phone was indeed out of warranty and they told me that although I had well over a year left on my contract, I could re-sign today for only 2 years (I was on 3 year contract) and get a new phone for cheap, cheap, cheap. I had the Samsung Galaxy S3 in for repair, I was offered the S4 for FREE or the S5 for $130 CAD billed to me the following month. I said sure, let’s re-sign and get me a new phone. Because why not? Who doesn’t need 2 phones?!?! Me!! That’s who! So let’s get this straight. I have a phone being repaired, but buy a new S5 anyways (and for the record I still have my unlocked Google Nexus S as my backup/travel phone meaning I actually have 3 phones)??

What is it about the social network world that makes us feel so needy? When my phone does die, I catch myself continuing to check it out of habit, completely forgetting that it won’t turn on. And why do I need a designated “travel” phone? Isn’t the best part about vacation being disconnected from the busy life at home? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t take my phone to Mexico or other destination vacations, but you better believe that when I’m heading to the US, I have my US sim card activated and preloaded with data/mins/texts. Yes, that means I have an American number in addition to my Canadian number. If I know I will be without a phone, all is good, however take it away without so much as a warning and suddenly I’m losing my shit, devastated.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I feel like our phone’s (or computers, or iPads, or whatever your vice) have become an extension of our limbs. Always within reach. I went to family dinner recently and everyone had their phones out on the table, you know just in case. Just in case of what? In case there is a new blog post to read, or instagram to like?? Why not keep the phone tucked away? I’m sure whatever it is, can wait an hour or two.

So tell me? Has phone addiction taken over the social world?? I’m making a conscious effort to keep my phone away while I’m with family and friends. But I’m also unlocking my S3 to be my NEW travel phone. So maybe in this technological, gluttonous age we live in, it, like everything else, is all about balance. What do you think? Are you addicted to your phone?


13 thoughts on “Post, Tweet, Share, & Like

  1. I honestly hate my phone. I hate checking it for texts, or missed calls. I hate reading/listening to those messages. And God knows I hate replying. This must be why I have the reverse problem and suck at social media lol.


  2. I am addicted to certain social media. I hate Facebook and Twitter but love the Instagram. I try to not check it often since my son complains I am on it too much, I want to give him as much attention before he has his own phone and then the roles are reversed and I am begging for his attention lololol. That is so neat you have a travel phone for when you come to the US how smart! I buy the extra data and for the past couple of times I have left the US I just check Instagram and a quick text to let my family know I am safe. xoxox Janet

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    • I hate a love hate with Facebook. I really hate the negative people or disgusting videos that someone “liked” etc. And the “tell alls”, I seriously do not need to know the intimate details lol! But I love Instagram and WordPress!! I would guess it is cheaper for you to add to your US plan. But Canada is so expensive, more specifically the big cities like mine. It was $50 CAD for me to add on such a tiny package. With my US sim I pay like $30 CAD for a month of unlimited everything to Canada (home) and US. So worth it I think. And of course if anything ever happened it could be used as a backup phone instead of getting a loaner. I think that’s great that you don’t check often because of your son. Not having kids definitely gives me way more “me” time!! So good for you for having a good balance!!

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      • Oh I know Facebook annoys me to no end!! I can only handle some likes and cries for attention but then it gets overloaded with crap. Too many I hit “unfollow” because I just can’t stand it. I feel terrible about saying this but when people have kids every day a picture I can’t deal. Once in awhile yes, but really everyday of every hour stop I don’t need to see your baby that much, just enjoy your baby stop posting! LOLOL I sometimes miss my “me” time only because I recently found a seller online that sells cheap makeup but it’s first email gets it so a rat race and I am trying to pay attention to Dylan but then a sale starts and dammit I need my Nars Audacious for $25 and free shipping! I stop when he catches me and he turns off my phone or else I will go crazy. He likes to hide it on me but I am ok with it because that seller gets me stressed checking when she is going to post and refreshing all day, ahh the addiction to makeup is real. Yeah I was thinking the same great for backup and handy in general!

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      • Lololol for some reason I don’t mind animal posts at all! I think it stems from the fact I miss my dogs so much that I like seeing other pets, but the baby ones drive me crazy when they post more than one a day.

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  3. I’m such a love hate person with my phone too. It’s great for when I’m in-transit (but not driving!), bored, or when I first wake up and want to check it, but I hate when people are on them during face to face social time! Also, I regularly need to jump out of the way of people on their phones who aren’t looking where they are going. It’s getting to be crazy!

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