Fcuk It

French Connection. Remember when it was all the rage?! Everyone and their dog had a signature “FCUK” t-shirt. I think the store might still be at some malls, but I personally don’t shop there anymore. Plus, it was always super pricey for seemingly average clothes.

I have been looking for a new work bag, one that was big enough to fit my lunch bag, tea thermos, books, agenda, pens, etc. I work with kids that have special needs, so I often need to bring different things to work depending on the plan for the day. During a recent trip to Bianca Amor’s, this bright, spacious bag caught my eye.


French Connection Tote
Retail: $148 CAD
Steal: $12 CAD

This bag is huge. Seriously. It is big enough to carry all my essentials and some extras! The tote is lined with a durable black fabric and has a zippered pocket. Yellow would not have been my first choice, but I’m actually glad I got a color I wouldn’t normally pick. And the yellow is growing on me, it is bright and vibrant on the coldest winter days. I like the lined black print mixed with the leather type center. For $12 CAD, this was an instant win for me. It was exactly the type of tote bag I was looking for.


The tote also came with a white dust bag. I have no intention of using it for this bag, but will gladly use it to store some of my Coach and MK bags I have that didn’t come with a dust bag (they were purchased from an outlet).

Do you still rock the FCUK? Or has that time come and gone for you as well?


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