Staying Organized with Kate Spade

2015 brings about a new year, new resolutions, and new organizers! And who better to keep you organized than klassy classy Kate Spade?

Indigo was having a great sale (isn’t this getting redundant?) on all 2015 organizers and calendars during the beginning of January. I picked up an adorable black and white polka dot agenda and a pair of small notebooks.

Kate Spade Pencil It In 12 Month Agenda Deco Dot
Retail: $40 USD
Steal: $24 CAD

Kate Spade Notebook Set
Retail: $12 USD
Steal: $8 CAD

The agenda is so practical, with monthly calendars that have laminated, labelled tabs and daily slots for more detailed descriptions. There is also a ribbon for easily finding your place, note pages, celebration pages, and inspirational monthly messages. The quality of this agenda is high, not detail has been left out. The book itself is durable, with a leather type feel, and the pages are thick so ink doesn’t bleed through.


The notebooks are lined and perfect for taking quick notes, addresses, phone numbers, lists etc. and still small enough to store in your purse. These covers have a “file folderesque feel to them, so they would get bent if not stored properly (as in do not just toss in your purse, putting it in a slot or zipper). I love the cute title on the front. I’m notorious for saying “p.s“, and I’m a pink addict, so these were a must have.


I’m loving these trendy, designer staples!! They are keeping me so orgainized! Plus, who doesn’t love Kate Spade?!?! What are your must haves for staying orgainized in 2015?




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