Real Techniques, Real Critiques

All I have been hearing about lately is Real Techniques brushes. I have been in a long term relationship with Quo brushes. They were my first brush set (11 years ago) and although I have since added to my collection, I still have my originals that are just as amazing as they were on day one. That is what I mean when I talk about durability, have your brushes ever lasted this long? Of course care and cleaning will make a huge impact on the longevity of the brush, but Quo quality is unbeatable. You can imagine my hesitation to add a new brand of brushes to my collection. I couldn’t deny all of the amazing things I had been hearing about Real Techniques, so when London Drugs had all of their brushes on sale (surprise!), I thought it would be a great opportunity to jump on the RT bandwagon. To get an even better deal, I picked up the Nic’s Picks Set which has 5 brushes, 3 of which are exclusive cuts.


Nic’s Picks Brush Set
Retail: $29.99 CAD
Steal: $22.49 CAD


A collection of Nic’s favourite brushes. Complete any look with this limited edition set, featuring 3 exclusive brushes specially designed to create the perfect finish. Includes all the brushes needed to create a complete look:

– Duo-fiber face brush: for lightweight application + blending of face powder or pigments
– Cheek brush (set exclusive): evenly applies makeup across cheekbone for a more dramatic finish
– Angled shadow brush (set exclusive): perfectly cut for layering eye shadow in the crease
– Base shadow brush: applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour
– Eyeliner brush (set exclusive): firm, angled head for optimal control along lash line

I picked this set because it was a great deal, but also because I felt like I would get the most use out of these brushes based on the mix of face and eye tools (vs. the RT Starter Sets or Core Sets that are either all face or all eyes).


The first brush included in this set is a duo fiber brush which is my absolute favorite brush to use when applying my bronzer. This brush is very lightweight (as stated) and I found it too light to apply my pressed powders, instead favoring the cheek brush to apply them (and my blushes!). At first the brushes seemed so soft, like too soft. Some people might be rolling their eyes at this statement, but I personally prefer a brush with a bit more stiffness, for greater precision during application. Having had some time to play with these brushes, I am learning to love the softness and the way they make blending so easy. The base shadow brush is phenomenal at laying flawless color across the lid, either to begin a full smokey eye, or to just add a smidgen of color to the lids on a minimalist day. The angled shadow brush is great at applying color to the crease, however I still needed a finer brush for smudging/blending the crease. Lastly, the eyeliner brush is the perfect little brush for smudging eyeliner, blending it out, or turning eyeshadow into liner by wetting it.


Shading Brush
Retail: $6.99 CAD
Steal: $5.24 CAD

This brush was the perfect edition to truly make a full face look attainable (for ME), using all Real Techniques brushes. The brush top is short and on the stiffer side, which is perfect for blending the crease or adding a darker or brighter shade to a limited eye area.

Leave it to ipsy to release a RT brush in some of their January Glam Bags. The brush was a fine liner brush for use wet with a shadow, or dry with a gel liner. I unfortunately did not receive this item, but if you did, I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Have you tried Real Techniques brushes? Do you love them? What other brush brands are you obsessed with?


18 thoughts on “Real Techniques, Real Critiques

  1. I am happy you are starting to love these brushes because I really like Nic’s Picks over Sam’s Picks. Although I really like RT’s in general. I have to say that fine liner brush is eh, I can’t seem to get the hang of it and it is better for gel liner in my opinion than using it for anything else. My one friend uses it as a spot concealer but it is too flimsy for anything great. If you want I can send you my extra one in your package I am mailing out this weekend so you can see for yourself. Somewhere along the lines I managed to get 3 of those hahaha. Hoarder to the extreme! xoxox Janet

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