Getting Real with Rexall

I recently went to Rexall, for the FIRST time, as I had heard that they carried NYX products and I was still trying to hunt down the pencil liners and Butter Balms. I was successful in finding the liners (and on sale!) but still no luck in finding the Butter Balms (Click Here to find out where I finally found them!).


NYX Lip Liner (in Nude Beige and Hot Red)
Retail: $4.99 CAD
Steal: $3.99 CAD

I’m super impressed with these liners (which is proving that I might have an NYX infection, addiction, obsession). I own so many pink and wine colored liners that I was looking for a true red and a nice nuetral nude. After swatching a few shades, I finally settled on these two. The colors are pigmented and the liner glides on so smoothly (doesn’t pull on the lip at all). The staying power is great! The line stays even when I find myself needing to reapply my lipstick after a few hours.

But my post doesn’t end here, how could it? You should expect more from me by now. I found the clearance counter, the glorious display with all of the remaining Christmas gift sets. Oh shit. Oh yay!


KIT 3 Pack Blender Sponges
Retail: $12.99 CAD
Steal: $8.46 CAD

Some sponges. My dog thought my first one (Quo) was the most delightful new toy. It went missing after my first use (I left it out to dry on my makeup table). I finally found it under the bed with a nice chunk missing out of the top … now it was useless for anything other than a chew toy hahahaha (not really, it went in the trash). So anyways, that brings me to this purchase! 3 sponges of various sizes and shapes from KIT Beauty. I have never heard of this brand before so I’m thinking it is Rexall’s own beauty brand. The sponges feel soft and smooth, so far I have only used them to apply BB cream and blend my bronzer, but they worked wonders!!


Be Delectable by Cake Beauty EOS Hand and Lip Set
Value: $16.99 CAD
Retail: $14.99 CAD
Steal: $11.26 CAD

I love Cake products! I was quite upset when Sephora stopped selling them because I didn’t know where else to buy them, other than online. The scent of every product has always been so beyond delicious. I was thrilled to find a discounted holiday set that included my favorite EOS lip sphere of all time (sweet mint). This duo contains a hand cream in Strawberry and Cream, that I plan to use as an ultra nourishing body cream instead.


Nivea Personal Care Set
Value: $25 CAD
Retail: $14.99 CAD
Steal: $7.96 CAD

I love Nivea products!! They have always been my favorite drug store brand skincare line. I find the products are of good quality, for a budget friendly price. Nivea was a saviour during my years at university, the Nivea Soft Cream being my go-to facial moisturizer! I was thrilled to find this Nivea gift set for under $8 CAD. The set includes, Nivea Creme Care Shower Cream, Nivea Body Milk, Nivea Smooth Replenishing Hand Cream, and Nivea Invisible Anti Perspirant. The bag is just a bonus, plus it’s huge!!!

My first experience at Rexall was a successful one!! I definitely will have to visit again. But until then, it’s been real!! #peaceout ♡


11 thoughts on “Getting Real with Rexall

  1. Since I found out Target is closing, I almost wanted to run over to stock up on NYX products, but someone told me Rexall had a bigger selection. I have yet to visit the pharmacy, but I’m def going to stock up once Target liquidates.

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