Down with DVF

It’s Thursday so why not do a little throwback to one of my favorite deals!! Two times a year, Winners has their Final Clearance sale and there are always amazing deals to be found! I like to go a few times, because everyday they mark down the remaining items, until the last day when they do mark downs every HOUR. The next Final Clearance will be coming up in the next few days. These deals are from the sale this past summer (hence the throwback) but I figured it was a perfect time to share in lieu of the coming clearance. (Sorry about the pic, it was taken before I had my blog!)


Sole Society Sandals
Retail: $60 CAD
Steal: $8 CAD

Diane Von Furstenberg Ready To Go Tote
Retail: $350 CAD
Steal: $30 CAD

My jaw hit the ground when I realized the cute zebra print tote I was eyeing was DVF! These kinds of savings seem impossible, but they aren’t if you know where to look. ♡ #tbt


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