Quo Whoa!

Holiday sets. I have been ranting and raving about holiday sets for months now! Some sets I bought for myself when they were released because call me crazy I couldn’t risk having them sell out before Christmas. Others I waited patiently for, to appear under my tree, or in my shopping bag in January for half the price. Quo fit both of these categories. I splurged on the brush sets, when they were first released, back in October. And I couldn’t resist the temptation to pick up a few more Holiday Collection goodies after Christmas, especially for 50% off. I tried to resist. I really did. I walked past the display at Shopper’s Drug Mart the first time. But a few days later I gave into the glorious pleasure, my beauty addiction. I picked up two mini palettes by Quo, Essential Eyes & Beauty on the Go.

Left: Essential Eyes
Right: Beauty on the Go

These sets each retailed for $14.99 CAD but were a steal at only $7.49 CAD. The packaging is adorable. Who doesn’t love black and gold? And even the print is so chic. The cases themselves are made of a durable plastic that doesn’t feel at all cheap or breakable. There is even a reassuring “click” to let you know that the palette is indeed closed – perfect for travel, gym bag, carry on etc. I also love that they both have a mirror.


I love Quo quality and these sets didn’t disappoint. Their eyeshadows are pigmented and easy to blend. They don’t feel powdery or chalky, but smooth and silky. They also work great wet OR dry (wet for eyeliner, that makes a perfect match!).


The Essential Eyes mini palette has four shadows all nuetral-brown/champagne. I love the dark chocolate shade. I wish one of the lighter shades had been swapped out for a medium brown to really give an extra depth to a smokey eye. The lighter shades are gorgeous though so I’m not overly disappointed! All of the shades have a shimmer to them, but are not metallic or glittery.

The Beauty on the Go palette has everything you need (except mascara) for a quick, no fuss, makeup look. There are four shadows, mostly shades of grey with one shade leaning more towards mauve. The grey shades have more shimmer to them compared to the Essential Eyes shades, but they still don’t come across as glittery. The blush that is included is more of a peach highlighter than a blush, but either way it is breathtaking. It adds the perfect amount of sheen. The lipglosses are light pinks with a pearly finish. I’m not a fan of lipgloss in a palette, as they will inevitably get shadow in them, but it you are in a pinch, they will definitely do the trick.

My biggest criticism goes to the applicators included in the palettes. Sponge tips are not ideal for blending, or for application in general. I would much rather have a mini brush or, even better, a dual ended brush.

Overall, I’m thrilled with my Quo additions. Both of these will be added to my pile of travel makeup! I love having a nice selection for trips and overnights. Plus, if your luggage ever gets misplaced, you won’t be freaking out about the hundreds of dollars in cosmetics that has gone missing.

Did you score big with Quo? Do you love them as much as me? What’s your favorite travel go-to makeup?


16 thoughts on “Quo Whoa!

  1. I saw this at SDM on sale as well, but I didn’t want to pick them up without having done my research or seen reviews. Thank you for this! I might pass by and see if they’re still around. As for my favorite travel make-up, I love my tiny UD Naked Basics palette!!

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  2. After reading this I went to SDM and got both of these and picked up the fall brush setb(black bag blue marbely brushes) for $2.99 what a steal! Which brush set did you get? Do you like it?

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    • I actually have all three of the Holiday collection brush sets (**hangs head in shame) they were black and gold and the cases had pink for the lining. Here’s a link to the post when I bought them back in Oct. https://boobsandblonde.wordpress.com/2014/10/19/because-i-needed-nyquil/
      But I got the biggest set on sale last week for $30 (from $60) so I figured why not own them all? I needed new brushes anyways. And yes I love them. The brushes I had before (also Quo but the regular silver ones) I have had since I was 18 (I’m 27 now) with a few new individuals bought here and there. They last forever and I love the quality of them. In nine years (and I use them everyday) my bronzer brush is just now starting to get loose around the top where the metal clasp is!!


      • I do like them- have only swatched them so far- it was hard to walk away from some of the larger palates the price is so good but I have never really used any of the products before so I held back. But $3.00 for 9 brushes I figured even if I only ended up liking 1 of the brushes it paid for it. Really who couldn’t use more brushes! 😉 glad to see another yyc gal into all this jazz- I love your blog so far and love seeing the steals you post!

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  3. The Td square shoppers- but I sent a coworker there not even half an hour later and they had been totally cleaned out of them. But I am going to look at the one close to my house tomorrow and see if the same deal applies.

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