A New Year brings about a new you. I mean it’s still the old you, but with a fresh, clean slate. Sephora has jumped on the “fresh, clean, new you” theme and have released a fabulous selections of 11 samples to get you refreshed and ready for whatever 2015 throws at you. This bag with 11 samples is free with any online purchase of $35 CAD or more. Simply enter code “REFRESHER” at checkout.

As if that wasn’t incentive enough, you get 2x the points on ANY skin care product (valid in stores and online until Monday, January 19/15, no promo code required).

This includes the recently released Sephora Favorites The Great Cleanse set. So for example, if you order The Great Cleanse online for $58 CAD (already a steal with a value of $152 CAD!!!), you will get 2x the Beauty Insider Rewards points AND 11 free samples. Of course, you could order anything, but this combo would get you a ton of skin care products for under $60 CAD. I couldn’t help but share this phenomenonal deal!!! Fresh year, fresh skin, fresh deals. So far 2015 is looking good!! Or is that just my reflection?! ♡


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