Holiday sets seriously kill me. They are always such a good value! The Urban Decay Little Perversions kit was one of the many sets that caught my attention this year. I was lucky enough to receive it from my boyfriend for Christmas (A+ again!! ♡ I might have to keep him). But wait, one is never enough. When this set went on sale during the Sale on Sale Sale at Sephora, say that ten times fast, I couldn’t help picking up ANOTHER one.


Value: $90 CAD
Retail: $55 CAD
Steal: $20.80 CAD

Ummm … ya. $90 CAD worth of Urban Decay for just over $20 CAD??? #duh.


The bag is so cute. The glitter isn’t really applied to the bag and more apart of the fabric, which is great because it means the glitter won’t fall off.  Good zipper, and on the thicker side. ♡


Products include:

Perversion Mascara (blackest black), Perversion Ink for Eyes (rich, shiny black), Perversion All Nighter Eyeliner (shiny black), Subversion Lash Primer (white) and Perversion 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (blackest black matte).

The Perversion Ink is full size and has a fine felt tip. Perfect for wings and cat eyes! The Perversion All Nighter is also full size and is a creamy retractable pencil. A perfect bold black! The 24/7 liner is a mini but is a slick, black, matte, this liner is perfect for blending and smoking out. Any kind of black liner you could possibly want, this kit has. I love the Perversion Mascara and the Subversion Primer, but you probably already knew that.

Were you lucky enough to snag this kit during the sale? Or did you splurge and get it before the sale ($55 CAD is still a great deal given the value!)??


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