NYX Niche

I might be a Sephora makeup slut. I might be a brand whore. But NYX has won my heart lately. Drug store brand makeup is not my typical go to, but NYX lip products are affordable GOLD. My addiction collection is quickly growing. Ipsy was my enabler, the one who introduced me to this obsession. I received a Butter Balm in Red Velvet in my December Glam Bag. Unfortunately, the Butter Balms are unavailable for purchase here in Canada, but I was able to pick up Holiday sets of the Butter Lipstick, Butter Gloss, and Chunky Dunks.

I got amazing deals on the Butter Gloss and Chunky Dunk sets. London Drugs had all their Holiday sets clearance priced!


NYX Sugar Rush Butter Gloss Set
Value: $23.97 CAD
Retail: $14.99 CAD
Steal: $7.49 CAD


I have wanted to try the Butter Glosses after hearing so many good thing about them and loving the Butter Lipsticks so much. This set includes the shades, Sugar Cookie (bright fuchsia), Cupcake (hot coral pink), and Cherry Pie (bright red). It was a no brainer to pick up this set. These glosses retail for $7.99 CAD each or you can get the set, with all 3, for $7.49 CAD. The glosses themselves are buttery (as the name implies) and smooth, not at all sticky. I was surprised at the pigment in these glosses, they give a beautiful color and are definitely not sheer.

NYX xoxo Chunky Dunk Hydrating Lippies
Value: $31.96 CAD
Retail: $15.99 CAD
Steal: $9.99 CAD


These were as close as I could get to tinted lip balms. This set includes the shades: Pink Bikini (bubblegum pink), Cherry Smash (bright red), Hibiscus Tea Punch (mauve), and Caramel Martini (caramel). These wear very sheer to the touch and are moisturizing. I actually love the pop of color that these add, just a little something. They are perfect for a carefree, low maintenance makeup look. This set was again a steal at under $10 CAD for all four lippies.

Am I the only one obsessing with NYX lately? Unfortunately, this brand is hard to come by in Canada. I’m already looking forward to summer US road trips so I can stock up in all my favorite goodies!


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