The Worst of 2014 … Lip Monthly

I have been dreading writing this post for a few days now. But it is time to put on my big girl panties and put it out there … Lip Monthly sucks. Sucks balls. Sucks ass. Sucks at life. We all know how disappointed I was with them last month (if you don’t know, feel free to click here and catch up). I was billed for December’s bag after having cancelled. After getting the run around of emails that never actually answered any of my questions, I finally decided to just wait for my December bag, not worry about the mere $15 (I was told I would get what I paid for), and hope the items were at least worth my money.

This bag arrived even later than my November bag! I received my bag on December 31st. Lip Monthly should really start shipping earlier in the month so people can receive their bag in that same month. I can see from tracking my package, that each month my bag sits in the Chicago processing facility for 7-10 days before it even leaves the warehouse. I haven’t had this issue with other subscription companies.

The bag itself had the strongest smell of plastic ewww. And the bag felt very much like plastic and not fabric. The painted print feels like it will easily crack and fall off of the bag. It is the same quality as last month’s bag, which I will note has since gotten a broken zipper! I did like that the bag itself had a winter theme, but the smell is too much to handle and I definitely don’t want it stinking up my handbag.


Lip Monthly includes a card that explains their monthly inspirations, product info, and value of the bag. Love this feature (Topbox does this too!!). The first thing I noticed, was that there were only four products this month instead of five. The MMU (monthly mashup product) was MIA. The card explained that for the next few months they will be testing this out, as all four products were full sized. But all FIVE of my products from last month were full sized!! And I actually liked having a fifth product that wasn’t a lip item.

The contents of the bag were just as disappointing. I received:
– Milani Brilliant Shine Gloss in Bare Secret
– Mongolia Makeup Lipstick with Applicator in Matador
– LA Girl Automatic Liner in Wine
– NYC Lipstick in Mocha


The Milani Lipgloss is nice. It is a nude shade with bits of sparkle. It is definitely a sticky kind of gloss. I love sticky glosses but if you don’t then this will probably wear too heavy and thick. This gloss retails for $4.99 USD.

Another NYC lipstick? Really? Two in a row. You remember when you were a kid, and some distant unknown relative would give you some dollar store crayons and a coloring book for Christmas. You would always get so excited until you actually went to use them. They would leave the lightest, thinnest, most pathetic excuse for “color” behind. And they had such an over the top waxy feel. They were nothing like the pigment rich, vibrant, smooth Crayola’s. That is exactly my feelings towards NYC lipstick. But what more can you expect from dollar store lipstick? Retail? $0.99 USD.

The LA Girl lip liner has pretty decent staying power. However, it is identical in color to the lip liner they sent me last month. The whole point of subscription boxes is to try new things. To have received only two bags and to have them both contain identical colored lip liners is very disappointing. I have zoomed in a crazy amount on this picture so you can see how close the shades are.


The last item I received in my bag was the Magnolia Lipstick in Matador. I feel like this product could have a post all it’s own. The product looked promising and the description calls it a “Lipstick with Applicator“. My first impressions were that the label looked worn. Maybe that is the look they are going for, I’m not sure. If you rub the label, the black continues to smudge off. The label itself is completely crooked. That might not matter to some, but for me, packaging is important, especially for a $15 USD lipstick. I want my product to look neat, tidy, clean, professional, and of course, functional. I don’t want to wash my hands, reapply my lipstick, and have to worry about black ink transfer all over my hands.


If the product was amazing, I could tape the label or cover it somehow etc. to make it useable. The product was terrible. The worst lip product I have ever used, EVER!! No I am not exaggerating. No I am not being dramatic. You can rest assured in my lip product knowledge as I have owned and used hundreds of lippies (again not exaggerating). This lipstick was an oily, slick mess. The consistency was so runny it was impossible for the product not to bleed. And it never dried. When I wiped it off, it slid off so easily and left nothing behind (not even a slight stain). What’s worse is that my tube of product is filled with white floaties. I don’t even know what they are. This picture doesn’t do it justice though, they are way more visible in person (click on the picture to enlarge and zoom).


This lipstick went straight into the trash. And that is a first for me. I have never had to toss a product simply because it was awful.

Overall this bag, these products, and this company have been a HUGE let down for me. I’m such a lip product addict that I really was excited when I first heard about Lip Monthly. Unfortunately, the customer service and the way the company does business, was just as bad as the products I received. This month, I did like the Milani but that didn’t justify the $15+ CAD I paid. I’m so glad I’m finally done with this subscription.

19 thoughts on “The Worst of 2014 … Lip Monthly

  1. I tried Lip Monthly for a couple of months…and I only ever really liked the first bag that I got, which got lost in the mail and never and they had to send me another one. Not to mention their horrible and rude customer service. I am so glad I left them a long time ago!

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  3. Glad I read this, I almost looked into them. I’ve never heard of top box, either but it sounds good. I subscribed to allure beauty box 2 months ago and have liked the products quite a bit. I just got off the ipsy wait list and am very excited for that and also decided to try boxycharm which is a bit pricier. Thanks for our helpful review !


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