A Nars-issistic Birthday Gift

Happy Birthday to me! One of my favorite birthday freebies! Sephora has an amazing birthday gift for 2015. All Beauty Insiders get one! You just have to sign up. I wasn’t to keen on the 2014 Makeup Forever birthday gift, so I patiently waited until I heard about what they were releasing for 2015 before I went to get my gift (perks of being a holiday baby!). I was ecstatic to learn that the 2015 gift was a NARS lip duo in the shades Cruella and Rikugen! Sephora’s Boxing Day Sale tipped me over the edge and unlocked VIB Rouge for me. It worked out awesome that I had waited to receive my gift, because Rouge members get a third item in their birthday gift (2015 having a black Nars eyeliner to go with the lip duo).


Sephora nailed it. Another year BOLDER


Are you looking forward to this amazing FREE gift for 2015? What were your thoughts on the 2014 Makeup Forever gift?


10 thoughts on “A Nars-issistic Birthday Gift

  1. I LOVE the gift this year! The make-up forever one wasn’t the best for me. For us beauty loving girls, who needs another sample size mascara and nude colored lip liner? I just need to spend my last hundred dollars or so to get upgraded from VIB to rouge to get the eyeliner! 🙂


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