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Social media. It may be an addiction. My boyfriend told me the other day that I always have my phone in my hands. I insisted that this wasn’t true, saying that I only go on my phone when he insists on playing Xbox or watching the same reruns of Family Guy over and over.

Well as karma would have it, my phone broke the VERY next day. I felt instant panic. Was it my screen? The phone itself, the battery? Was I just not holding the “on” button for long enough?? Maybe it was low battery and I never noticed? No, surely that couldn’t be it. I spent the better part of the night trying various things, different chargers, battery pull, different battery etc. with no luck. Finally I went to sleep but the cravings to have a phone didn’t stop there. I woke up the next morning in just as much panic. I still had well over a year left on my three year contract, and I was pretty sure my warranty was up (I obviously couldn’t call to find out). I brought my phone to the nearest cell phone repair shop to access the damages. They confirmed that my power button was broken and told me it would be $90 CAD to fix and they would have it for me in a few hours. PERFECT!

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Let Me Take My Bow

Am I really that narsassistic, full of myself, confident? Ummm. Ya. I’m Boobs&Blonde. So I’m going to go on and take a bow, because I have been nominated for three awards from three lovely ladies. And given that it is award season, how fitting? I’m going to go put on a fancy cocktail dress, pour myself a glass of wine, and take pictures of myself, and make a little (long) post all about these fabulous nominations!

First up, the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


I was nominated by the lovely Danielle Kay Beauty!! Thank you so much for the nomination doll, I’m truly honored!!

The Rules:
1. Thank the person for nominating you and link back to them
2. List 7 facts about yourself
3. Nominate other bloggers and let them know
4. Display the award on your page

My Facts:
1. I’m blonde and have huge tits, I’m talking 36 DD. (I bet you already knew this fact, although I can’t figure out how – haha).
2. I have a Chihuahua and a German Shepherd. Both are rescues and are my children.
3. I also have two cats. It may be a zoo over here.
4. I’m highly allergic to cats.
5. I cried when I turned 25. I anticipate a meltdown at 30.
6. I danced for 17 years (Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, etc.).
7. I have a BA in Psychology with plans to get my Master’s.

I’ll save the nominations for the end and go on to the next award. The Glam Gala nominated me for the Liebstar Award!! Thank you so much for nominating me dear! You are seriously too sweet!
The Questions:
1. If you could only wear one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Mascara! It would have to be mascara! Even on low key days a dash of mascara is always a necessity. I am a natural blonde and my eyelashes are literally invisible, I dare you to see them! A dash of mascara does wonders in making my eyes pop.

2. What is your favorite cosmetic brand, it can be high end or drug store?

My favorite brand would have to be … this is so hard, that’s what she said, Too Faced!! I love Urban Decay and Buxom and Benefit and omg so many! But I think Too Faced would have to be my ultimate fav as of late.

3. Following up to the previous question: Do you prefer high end or drug store makeup?

Definitely high end. I have a few drug store favorites, but 97% of my collection is all high end makeup brands.

4. What got you started blogging?

A lot of my friends and family had begun telling me I should start a blog because of all of my deals and steals that I find. They also consider me the biggest “girly girl” of the group, and always ask me to do their makeup or for my product advice. The tipping point was when my boyfriend’s sister said “You really should start a blog”. I had recently graduated and found myself with a lot of extra time that was no longer filled with papers and essays. So ya, I started to blog.

5. What’s your favorite band/singer?

I love so many types of music! Jay Z and Queen B, to Swedish House Mafia and Bingo Players, to Keith Urban and Tim McGraw, to Rihanna and Britney Spears. I honestly can’t pick. That’s probably a good start though.

6. What’s your favorite movie?

Of all time? Blow. But in all honesty I have 100 favorites.

Lastly, we have the Versatile Blogger Award. I was nominated by the beautiful, Beautiful Beakers!! Thank you, girl, for the nomination!! I feel so blessed to have been nominated!
The Rules:
1. Show the award on your blog
2. Thank the person that nominated you
3. Share 7 facts about yourself
4. Nominate 15 blogs
5. Link to their blogs and tell them they’ve been nominated

My Facts:
1. My ultimate career goal is to be a Sex Therapist. I’m hoping to integrate my experience working with special needs into a sexual education program for such individuals.
2. I have taken a roadtrip from Calgary to L.A. (that’s the length of the whole western USA coast).
3. I’m obsessed with Elephants and have ornamental ones from all over the world.
4. I started wearing makeup in 9th grade. I was 13. I wore mascara, a dust of bronzer, and lipgloss. It is still the same look I wear on a no muss no fuss makeup day.
5. I have been in a 6 year relationship with my boyfriend. We met online!
6. My alcohol of choice is always Vodka.
7. I love seafood.

Thank you again to these amazing babes for their nominations! Go check out their blogs! Danielle Kay Beauty, The Glam Gala, and Beautiful Beakers. I’m truly thrilled and honored to have been nominated by them.

As for my nominations, I nominate everybody reading this! If you are reading this, post 14 facts about yourself! I want to know more about all of my amazing readers! Be sure to tag me in your post so that I can read your facts.

Until next time dolls! ♡♡♡

Fcuk It

French Connection. Remember when it was all the rage?! Everyone and their dog had a signature “FCUK” t-shirt. I think the store might still be at some malls, but I personally don’t shop there anymore. Plus, it was always super pricey for seemingly average clothes.

I have been looking for a new work bag, one that was big enough to fit my lunch bag, tea thermos, books, agenda, pens, etc. I work with kids that have special needs, so I often need to bring different things to work depending on the plan for the day. During a recent trip to Bianca Amor’s, this bright, spacious bag caught my eye.


French Connection Tote
Retail: $148 CAD
Steal: $12 CAD

This bag is huge. Seriously. It is big enough to carry all my essentials and some extras! The tote is lined with a durable black fabric and has a zippered pocket. Yellow would not have been my first choice, but I’m actually glad I got a color I wouldn’t normally pick. And the yellow is growing on me, it is bright and vibrant on the coldest winter days. I like the lined black print mixed with the leather type center. For $12 CAD, this was an instant win for me. It was exactly the type of tote bag I was looking for.


The tote also came with a white dust bag. I have no intention of using it for this bag, but will gladly use it to store some of my Coach and MK bags I have that didn’t come with a dust bag (they were purchased from an outlet).

Do you still rock the FCUK? Or has that time come and gone for you as well?

Dollarama Daze

It’s no secret that Dollarama has amazing deals on everything, especially beauty items. It’s also not a secret that I have a Dollaramaddiction. I kind of wish it was a secret because I still haven’t been able to hunt down more of the Maybelline Color Whisper by Color Sensational Lipsticks. I only bought one, loved it, went back for more, and they were sold out. Figures. But I did find all of these goodies!!


Huggies Pure Wipes
Retail: $4.99 CAD
Steal: $2 CAD

I love using these wipes to use with eye makeup remover to take off my eye makeup, a quick wipe after the gym or a workout, and for wiping my brushes after every use.


Griffin Universal Charger Protect Kit (** Not pictured in haul)
Retail: $19.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

I needed a new car charger and cable so this was a definite steal! The screen protectors are far too small to use on modern smartphones (more for Blackberry’s), but I needed a screen protector for my Canon Rebel T5; these will be perfect once I cut them down to size (they are universal and are intended to be cut).


Post-it Portable Note Holder
Retail: $8.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

How cute are these? Not only does the durable cardboard cover keep the notes from bending and crumpling, but it also comes with an adorable pen.


Nivea Creme
Retail: $10.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

You have heard me mention my love of Nivea before. This Creme is a staple. It is super thick, greasy, and moisturizing. In other words, it’s for those intense emergency jobs. Overnight hydration, cream and socks, or even soothing for a healing sunburn (Aloe first to repair, Nivea later to prevent peeling).
OPI Nail Lacquer in
Retail: $14.50 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

OPI makes awesome nail polish, especially for $3 CAD. Dollarama really isn’t your typical dollar store!! This is a beautiful dark espresso brown perfect for winter.


Essie Magnetic Nail Lacquer in Sssssexy
Retail: $11.25 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

I’m really loving the magnetic snakeskin print of this polish. I wanted to add the red to my collection because, come on? $3 CAD?? Plus I find Essie is one of the polishes that last the longest on me (which is still only a day chip free!). Regular nail polish only really goes on my toes for this reason, where I will get much longer wear.


Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm in Pink Shock & Oh! Orange
Retail: $4.99 CAD
Steal: $3 CAD

I love Baby Lips! These were a great addition to my collection. They have a lot of pigment in them which is great when you don’t have the time to apply lip liner and lipstick. Plus they are moisturizing! The pink is definitely my favorite of the two. I’m totally loving colored balms, they are so effortless.

Love love love Dollarama hauls!! ♡ Anyone else love them as much as me??

This Booty in Those Booties

Just a few weeks ago I told you about my adorable Cougar suede, waterproof, zip up boots that I purchased for an amazing deal. Those boots are fashionable and practical, and sooo comfortable. I just had to look into their other styles before the Boot Sale Soft Moc was having, ended. I stumbled across these booties!
How cute are these? Simple but so versatile. They didn’t have these available in my size, so I had them sent to my neighborhood store for pick up. They have a similar fit to the boots, so I had faith that they would fit. The booties are also suede and waterproof, making them perfect for any season, especially winter. My absolute favorite thing about these boots in the hidden 3 inch heel. Heels lift the booty!! Ya, girl!! They pick up all that junk in your trunk and lift it up to show off that lovely asset. I love, love, love the hidden heel for this reason – totally casual, yet looking fierce as fcuk. This booty, these booties look adorable with skinnies, leggings, even shorts or a summer dress.

Retail: $129.99
Steal: $59.99

I’m such a shopaholic!! But I couldn’t resist these for under half price!! Did you find any good deals on boots this season? Spring is coming so now’s the time to find some great deals!

Staying Organized with Kate Spade

2015 brings about a new year, new resolutions, and new organizers! And who better to keep you organized than klassy classy Kate Spade?

Indigo was having a great sale (isn’t this getting redundant?) on all 2015 organizers and calendars during the beginning of January. I picked up an adorable black and white polka dot agenda and a pair of small notebooks.

Kate Spade Pencil It In 12 Month Agenda Deco Dot
Retail: $40 USD
Steal: $24 CAD

Kate Spade Notebook Set
Retail: $12 USD
Steal: $8 CAD

The agenda is so practical, with monthly calendars that have laminated, labelled tabs and daily slots for more detailed descriptions. There is also a ribbon for easily finding your place, note pages, celebration pages, and inspirational monthly messages. The quality of this agenda is high, not detail has been left out. The book itself is durable, with a leather type feel, and the pages are thick so ink doesn’t bleed through.


The notebooks are lined and perfect for taking quick notes, addresses, phone numbers, lists etc. and still small enough to store in your purse. These covers have a “file folderesque feel to them, so they would get bent if not stored properly (as in do not just toss in your purse, putting it in a slot or zipper). I love the cute title on the front. I’m notorious for saying “p.s“, and I’m a pink addict, so these were a must have.


I’m loving these trendy, designer staples!! They are keeping me so orgainized! Plus, who doesn’t love Kate Spade?!?! What are your must haves for staying orgainized in 2015?



Real Techniques, Real Critiques

All I have been hearing about lately is Real Techniques brushes. I have been in a long term relationship with Quo brushes. They were my first brush set (11 years ago) and although I have since added to my collection, I still have my originals that are just as amazing as they were on day one. That is what I mean when I talk about durability, have your brushes ever lasted this long? Of course care and cleaning will make a huge impact on the longevity of the brush, but Quo quality is unbeatable. You can imagine my hesitation to add a new brand of brushes to my collection. I couldn’t deny all of the amazing things I had been hearing about Real Techniques, so when London Drugs had all of their brushes on sale (surprise!), I thought it would be a great opportunity to jump on the RT bandwagon. To get an even better deal, I picked up the Nic’s Picks Set which has 5 brushes, 3 of which are exclusive cuts.


Nic’s Picks Brush Set
Retail: $29.99 CAD
Steal: $22.49 CAD


A collection of Nic’s favourite brushes. Complete any look with this limited edition set, featuring 3 exclusive brushes specially designed to create the perfect finish. Includes all the brushes needed to create a complete look:

– Duo-fiber face brush: for lightweight application + blending of face powder or pigments
– Cheek brush (set exclusive): evenly applies makeup across cheekbone for a more dramatic finish
– Angled shadow brush (set exclusive): perfectly cut for layering eye shadow in the crease
– Base shadow brush: applies a smooth, flawless foundation of colour
– Eyeliner brush (set exclusive): firm, angled head for optimal control along lash line

I picked this set because it was a great deal, but also because I felt like I would get the most use out of these brushes based on the mix of face and eye tools (vs. the RT Starter Sets or Core Sets that are either all face or all eyes).


The first brush included in this set is a duo fiber brush which is my absolute favorite brush to use when applying my bronzer. This brush is very lightweight (as stated) and I found it too light to apply my pressed powders, instead favoring the cheek brush to apply them (and my blushes!). At first the brushes seemed so soft, like too soft. Some people might be rolling their eyes at this statement, but I personally prefer a brush with a bit more stiffness, for greater precision during application. Having had some time to play with these brushes, I am learning to love the softness and the way they make blending so easy. The base shadow brush is phenomenal at laying flawless color across the lid, either to begin a full smokey eye, or to just add a smidgen of color to the lids on a minimalist day. The angled shadow brush is great at applying color to the crease, however I still needed a finer brush for smudging/blending the crease. Lastly, the eyeliner brush is the perfect little brush for smudging eyeliner, blending it out, or turning eyeshadow into liner by wetting it.


Shading Brush
Retail: $6.99 CAD
Steal: $5.24 CAD

This brush was the perfect edition to truly make a full face look attainable (for ME), using all Real Techniques brushes. The brush top is short and on the stiffer side, which is perfect for blending the crease or adding a darker or brighter shade to a limited eye area.

Leave it to ipsy to release a RT brush in some of their January Glam Bags. The brush was a fine liner brush for use wet with a shadow, or dry with a gel liner. I unfortunately did not receive this item, but if you did, I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Have you tried Real Techniques brushes? Do you love them? What other brush brands are you obsessed with?

Ipsy Fresh

The first ipsy #glambag of 2015 is here! I’m always excited to get my bag, and this month was no exception. I’m loving the “Fresh Start” theme this month. Simple products, nothing too sparkley or glittery. Basic makeup, the staples.

Ipsy is the monthly beauty subscription that ships 4-5 beauty samples right to your door. There is always a nice mix of full size and sample size (usually mini/deluxe size) products. The cost is $10 USD a month (plus $5 USD for shipping if you live in Canada). The value of the bag far surpasses the price. Through ipsy, I have fallen in love with new (to me) brands (NYX) and also gotten some well known favorites (Urban Decay). They also have a wicked rewards program where you get points for doing reviews. Those points can be redeemed for full size and sample size products. I have 2 bonus items coming next month!!

The bag this month has a vinyl/plastic feel to it (super easy to clean) with a woven type print. It is cobalt blue on one side and white on the other. The zipper is orange and has the signature “ipsy” pull. It is rectangular and spacious, I prefer this over the pencil case style bags. I actually liked this bag more when I saw that it was two toned, I was expecting it to be completely blue.


I was pretty excited for this bag, but after trying out the products, I’m even more elated. The products I received this month:

1. Coastal Scents Liquid Eyeliner – I can’t review this for you dolls because I’m trading it with a friend for the Hikari liner. I have soooo many black liners, and she won’t wear the shimmery grey of the Hikari. I will let you know what I thought of the Hikari though when I do the swap!!

2. Hey Honey Take It Off! Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask – I love the way this mask made my skin feel, the epitome of a fresh start. Don’t forget to apply a light moisturizer BEFORE applying the mask. I could see this mask being problematic if you skipped that step! I also liked the scent very fresh, light, and sweet.

3. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – As expected, this primer is unreal! It keeps my makeup looking fresh and keeps my face feeling hydrated. This primer provides a barrier to help seal in your moisturizer, underneath your makeup. I apply my moisturizer, then the primer, followed by my BB cream, and finally my powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter. That sounds like a process, but I look flawless.

4. (MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito Lip Balm – I have never heard of this brand, but OMG this balm is phenomenal. It is perfect to wear alone or over color. It is hydrating and makes my lips feel so smooth. It is not sticky but is thick and wears like a gloss, while providing all the benefits of a balm. It had a light mint scent. I’m actually in love with this formula!!

5. Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow – I received this in the shade Ethereal. And, again, I love it. This product is vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, and free of phthalates, parabens, carmine, beeswax (obviously since it’s vegan), lanolin, mineral oils, propylene glycol, petroleum and FD&C colors. The shade itself is gorgeous. It is a light nude shimmer. Super pigmented! This shadow is great for a variety of looks and would also make a beautiful highlight for cheeks, brow bone, and body. It would look just as fabulous all by itself, with just some mascara and liner, for a low maintenance look.

I’m loving the fresh bag this month. Ipsy keeps killing it. I love trying all the new products, especially for just over $15 CAD. Click Here to see what I got in last month’s bag. Click Here to get your own Glam Bag. ♡

Semi Sweet Is Oh-So-Sweet

Too Faced. One of my favorite beauty brands (along with Benefit Cosmetics, Quo, Urban Decay … ok ok I get it. #makeupwhore). Too Faced recently released their SECOND Chocolate Bar palette, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, and I just knew that I was going to have to indulge in the sweet, rich goodness. I picked this palette up at the beginning of January and have had some time to stare at it, play with it.


I do not own the original Chocolate Bar palette, but I knew that this would be a better fit for me. The original palette contained more pink and purple hued shades compared to the generous helping of browns and coppers in the Semi Sweet. Of all the colors in the rainbow – browns, golds, champanges, and espressos, continue to hold my deepest desires.


The box has the most adorable polka dots and a quick picture of each shade in the palette, on the back. Sephora has one of these palettes out to try, so I barely looked at the shades on the box and when straight to the hands on fun. These shadows are made with REAL cocoa, are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates and are cruelty-free.
The packaging looks exactly like a chocolate bar. This palette is apparently smaller than the original Chocolate Bar (although they have now been repackaged to be smaller and more similar to the Semi Sweet). The case is metal with a magnetic clasp, that helps ensure it is closed (great for travelling!). I typically am not a fan of tin type palettes as they show dings and dents, I always feel like they might tarnish or rust, and, if silver, show fingerprints off like an art galley. This case has a good weight to it and is painted brown so I have faith that it will hold up and change my opinions on metal casing. Here’s hoping! There is also a little mirror in the lid which is great for on the go applications! I love that the shades are listed on the palette itself, makes communication effortless.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the Semi Sweet, was the delightful smell of chocolate. That and the beautiful shades, of course! This palette contains 16 eyeshadows, 2 of which are larger than the rest, Coconut Creme (matte) and Butter Pecan (shimmer). This is perfect because these are great base colors or highlight colors and will probably be used most often.

Indulge your beauty craving with 16 antioxidant-rich, cocoa powder-infused matte and shimmer shades of warm caramels, deep mochas, bronzy chocolate hues and a pop of sugared blueberry.

These shadows are highly pigmented, extremely blendable and easy to layer, allowing you to easily customize how dark you want your shadow to be (day vs. night, etc.) They are smooth and powdery. They have impressive staying power. With a primer, these shadows will have no problem lasting all day and all Saturday night and early Sunday morning if required. They don’t crease or have fallout during wear. Some shades do have a bit of fallout during application, this is easily fixed with a light (clean) brush sweep, or just apply foundation after applying shadow. I love the mix of shimmers and mattes! Perfect combo for a variety of looks.


The blue shade, Blueberry Swirl, is the perfect shade for a pop of color. It is a darker blue with a greenish sheen. It really it gorgeous! The shade Pink Sugar is not at all what I expected. I had heard it was powdery, with no color. This was not what I found. Pink Sugar should be thought of as a finishing shade, it is made to apply a texture layered over color (or worn alone with intentions for a light dusting of shimmer). The color is iridescent pink and gold shimmer. I personally love this addition to the palette as I own NOTHING like it. I can imagine this being perfect for that added bit of glam, layering over a favorite matte shadow to give it that perfect amount of shimmer, or for dusting on my face/body for a theme party or Halloween. Totally versatile and totally underrated. The other shades are just as expected, rich and pigmented and the new loves of my life.

**Stock Photo

I love this palette sooo much. Seriously, great purchase, worth every penny. Plus, the scent is to die for. Thank you to my bffs for the birthday gift cards, it was exactly what I wanted, the sweetest present!! ♡

The Last and The Lingering

The last of the holiday sets and sales. The lingering deals. I can’t help myself. I seriously can’t. I think I already have everybody’s birthday presents purchased for 2015. Am I crazy? I know I’m crazy. Of course, I also purchased a ton of stuff for myself. After the craziness of Boxing Day sales, follows the insanity of Semi Annual sales. The secret is to wait until the last weekend (or preferably the last day) of the sale. If you are picking up something that you need to have, this strategy might not work for you. When you wait until the end, the savings can be unbelievable, but stock is not guaranteed.
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