Sale on Sale

Sephora is offering an awesome end of year sale! Use code “EXTRA20” at checkout (online) to receive 20% off already marked down items! Sale ends January 1/15.


This Urban Decay Little Perversions set was on my Holiday Wishlist. My amazing boyfriend got it for me (for $55 CAD). This set is now only $20.80 CAD ($26 CAD plus the 20% off)! That’s nearly $35 CAD saved to put towards MORE makeup! I couldn’t help myself I had to purchase another one (plus the mini Perversion mascara is perfect to save as a spare for my Naked on the Run palette). Click Here to grab yours before they are gone!


There are so many great things on sale right now and that extra 20% off goes a long way. Don’t get discouraged if something you see suddenly goes out of stock, they often will end up releasing more. The UD set was sold out by the time I went to checkout. I waited a few minutes and refreshed a few times, and it was available again. It was completely out of stock yesterday, but I see more have been released today! There are so many great items on sale I’m sure you are bound to find something fun!
Here are a few other things that caught my interest:


1. Sephora Favorites Summerstash
Value: $147 CAD
Retail: $54 CAD
Steal: $28.80 CAD ($36 CAD + 20% Off)

2. Buxom Two of a Kind (Mistress & Hooligan)
Retail: $23 CAD
Steal: $16 CAD ($20 CAD + 20% Off)

3. Buxom Two of a Kind (Nudist & Provocateur)
Retail: $23 CAD
Steal: $16 CAD ($20 CAD + 20% Off)

4. Buxom Red Hot Set
Value: $84 CAD
Retail: $48 CAD
Steal: $34.40 CAD ($43 CAD + 20% Off)

5. NARS Duo Eyeshadow (Demon Lover)
Retail: $39 CAD
Steal: $14.40 CAD ($18 CAD + 20% Off)

Sephora also has a couple remaining Boxing Day Sale sets. I’m actually surprised the Buxom one hasn’t sold out yet, I mean a FULL SIZE Full Bodied Lipgloss and a mini Hold the Line eyeliner for $13 CAD?! That’s a $36 CAD value!


BUXOM Dealer’s Choice Set
Value: $36 CAD
Steal: $13 CAD

Tarte Positive Energy Skintuitive Cheek & Lip Set
Value: $31 CAD
Steal: $14 CAD

I know, you just love me. Did you pick up anything good for end of year sales? Those links make it pretty easy … just saying β™‘


12 thoughts on “Sale on Sale

  1. Ugh as I wait for a movie I decide to check WordPress and now I just want to online shop and can’t since it is already the previews. Dang you enabler lol ❀️ hope to get that UD set and Nars duo by the time I get out of the movie πŸ˜ƒ Janet

    Liked by 1 person

      • OMG yay!!! Congrats on Rouge and welcome to the club πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ I have been holding out using my Sephora gift cards because my Year starts on Jan 1 and I want to make rouge again lol. I love the perks of being Rouge and the red card is amazing, why I take it everywhere even when I am not going shoppin is beyond me lol It’s a favorite accessory (sad but true) It’s crazy when I became Rouge too a feeling of yay and uh oh I spent way too much on makeup 😬


      • Omg!! Thanks for the tip!!! I never thought about it, that purchases I made between hitting Rouge and 2015 won’t count for my 2015 calendar year totals!!! You saved me because I was going to make a huge purchase with all my gift cards I got over the holidays!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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