Oops I Did It Again

I couldn’t help myself. I had to go back and get the light NYX Butter Lipsticks set “True Love“. For only $11.24 CAD I just couldn’t pass it up ($26.97 CAD value).

I loved the The Balm Shady Lady Volume 3 palette that I picked up, so I did some research into the other three volumes. I was thrilled to learn that the original Shady Lady palette was also on sale for only $14.99 CAD (retail $44 CAD) at London Drugs! There was only ONE left in my city, but luckily it wasn’t too far away.


The Butter Lipsticks are much lighter than any colors I own. They are perfect for an array of daytime makeup looks, for a night out however, I prefer something much more bold. The set includes the shades Snow Cap, Candy Buttons, and Taffy.


I love that the Shady Lady (Volume 1) palette is leopard print! I’m a sucker for animal print in general, but leopard is just that cherry on top. This palette has a few more neutral shades compared to the Volume 3, which I’m super excited about. The colorful shades will compliment and work well with the colors in the Volume 3 palette!


These shadows are just as pigmented as the other The Balm shadows that I have tried. They are very buildable and fallout is minimal. I’m so happy I decided to pick this one up as well.


Here is a comparison of the Shady Lady Volume 1 (left) and Shady Lady Volume 3 (right).


Right now London Drugs has discount on almost all of their holiday sets and luxury cosmetics (including $20 CAD off any $100 CAD luxury cosmetics purchase). This includes the Shady Lady Volume 2 palette at $35.20 CAD. I have yet to track down the Shady Lady Volume 4  palette. It is mainly a neutral palette and that is a must have!!! Maybe it isn’t available anymore?!

Are you taking advantage of holiday sets? Have you found any amazing deals?


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