Drugstore Daydream

Can I really call myself a makeup junkie if I just recently learned about brands like NYX and The Balm? Thanks to ipsy and Topbox for the introductions, it was the beginning of a hot and heavy love affair. I’ll be honest, I am a makeup snob. When I want to try a new product, I head straight to the closest Sephora, not the makeup aisle of the drug store. I mean, I wasn’t always like this. In junior high school my makeup obsession began with Lip Smackers. By high school I was fluent in the language of Maybelline and Loreal. Once I graduated and started making decent money, I stepped my makeup game up and became a permanent member of the Sephora cult. And I haven’t looked back, at least until beauty subscriptions started introducing me to new, high quality, “drugstore” brands!

First, I received a sample of The Balm Cosmetics How ‘Bout Them Apples Lip and Cheek Cream Palette in my October Topbox. I received the shade “Pie” and loved it (more for my lips than my cheeks though)!! This led me on the hunt to find some more The Balm products. I finally found them at London Drugs, and picked up a plumping lipgloss, Plump My Pucker in Spike My Punch that was 50% off! Once again, I was impressed and mentally added The Balm to my list of brands to love. The price of The Balm products is not actually that cheap. It might be a “drugstore brand” but at $45+ CAD for palettes, $20 CAD for a lipgloss, $30 CAD for a bronzer, etc. this beauty line is more luxury than budget.

Second, I recently received a full size of NYX Butter Balm in Red Velvet in my December ipsy glambag. I was instantly hooked and had to track down more! Again, London Drugs came to my rescue (I guess I should stop in more often!). The Butter Balms are actually back ordered here in Canada so I was unable to pick up a few more shades, but I was able to fall madly love with the NYX Butter Lipsticks!

While I was at London Drugs, I also checked out The Balm display and was delighted to find a ton of goodies on sale, including different shades of the Plump My Pucker lipgloss and some other amazing steals. Needless to say, my quick stop turned into a bit of a haul:


NYX had a ton of holiday gift sets available. And we all know I love holiday sets!! Especially since they are such a great deal!! They had a huge selection of sets with different shades and different products. I picked up a trio of the Butter Lipsticks.


This set in “Bombshell” included 3 full size Butter Lipsticks in the shades Licorice, Pops, and Big Cherry. This set retails for $14.99 CAD, such a great deal considering these lipsticks retail for $8.99 CAD each. But it gets even sweeter, because right now these sets are an additional 25% off, pricing the set at ONLY $11.24 CAD! I am so surprised by these lipsticks. They are true color in only one swipe. So pigmented. So creamy. So buttery!!


I’m actually thrilled with these lipsticks and might have to pick up the lighter trio “True Love” just because they really are that amazing.

Next up, I grabbed another The Balm Plump Your Pucker lipgloss in Water My Melons. This shade looks so similar to my other one, but it actually isn’t. This one is pink wih hints of shimmer (versus the non shimmer red of Spike My Punch).


This gloss retails for $20 CAD but was on sale for $9.99 CAD! I love that this gloss isn’t sticky and has just the perfect amount of tingling!

I also snagged this The Balm Shady Lady (Volume 3) eyeshadow palette for only $14.99 CAD (retails for $44 CAD). That’s nearly 70% off!!


The outside packaging is super cute, all four volumes of the Shady Lady line have animal print cases! What I loved about this palette is that it has alot of shades that I don’t already own. I gravitate towards nuetrals, and have very few colored shades. For $14.99 CAD, this was the perfect opportunity to add some bolder, more colorful shades to my makeup routine.


All of these shades were highly pigmented! Again, I was so surprised. They are not at all chalky and didn’t have a ton of fallout. Most of the shades also have an option to be used as an eyeliner. I’m excited to own such a vibrant colorful palette!

Last but not least, I got two free samples of ROC Pro Define Anti Sagging Firming Fluid. Because I am turning 27 after all! Haha!


Happy Friday Loves! If you need some last minute gifts I suggest you hurry hard and make your way to the nearest London Drugs for some fabulous beauty finds. ♡


20 thoughts on “Drugstore Daydream

    • Are you from Canada? I didn’t know they carried it at Sephora! But then again this is the first time I’m hearing of the brand in general. Although they carry it at the drugstore it is definitely one of their luxury cosmetics line (along with Cargo and few other brands).

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  1. I love theBalm! and I am really loving the Shady Lady palette that you got. I also very much love my Nyx products! Glad to hear that you gave them a chance. 🙂 xo

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  2. The Balm seems to be at that middle point where it isn’t quite drugstore but it also isn’t quite high end. I think the fact that it is so often on sale (esp here in the US) that it’s easy to find at drugstore prices. But I adore their eye-shadows. Their blushes are just as pigmented with just as much longevity 🙂

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