Biotherm Brilliance

The dry winter weather! I can’t even. Haha. Everyone needs a good moisturizer (yes, everyone). I’m completely out of my Nivea Soft moisturizer and nearly out of my Boscia Intensifying Moisturizer.

Nivea was my go-to moisturizer during University. It is hydrating, makes my skin feel amazing, and at $12.99 CAD, is super budget friendly! I completely lucked out with my Boscia and purchased a full size for $12 CAD during the legendary Favorites Sale from Sephora. The Boscia was so moisturizing and could even be used as a mask! I used it sparingly, only on days when the thirst was real when I really, really needed it. I used my Nivea daily, and everytime after washing my face.

I desperately needed some new face cream, and figured for winter, I could start using the Boscia daily (yay for graduating and having a big girl job). I was so disappointed to learn that they no longer make this face cream!! As much as I loved my Nivea, I feel like it’s time to invest in higher quantity products. When I was a teen and lived at home, my mom used to give me all of her minis of her Biotherm products. I loved them and honestly, I believe they had a huge impact on why I had and continue to have great skin. The Aquasource line specifically became my favorite. It only seemed logical that I should return to my roots. Biotherm now carries an Aquasource Deep Serum, which is perfect for that extra hydration I was looking for!

While I was at London Drugs splurging on NYX sets and The Balm beauties, I took a peek at the Biotherm Holiday Sets. Of course I did. Lucky me! They had a Deep Hydration Gift Set! The set retails for $60 CAD and comes with a full size Aquasource Deep Serum, mini Aquasource 48+ Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel, mini Biosource Total and Instant Cleansing Micellar Water, and Aquasource 360 Hydra-massager for Eyes.


The only item I have tried in this set is the Aquasource Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel, and it was my FAVORITE product in the line. I’m expecting this Deep Serum to be even more amazing! The Aquasource Deep Serum retails for $60 CAD alone, so it is worth picking up the set for the extras!

But of course, that’s not all. For spending over $38 CAD, I also got a free gift with purchase! This set included an adorable and MASSIVE cosmetic bag. It reminded me of summer, so it probably will be my new beach bag throw in! It has a woven feel and is super colorful!

**Stock Photo

This set includes a cosmetic bag, mini Aquasource 48+ Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel, mini Aquasource Deep Serum, mini Aquasource Nuit High Density Hydrating Jelly, and sample of Lait Corporel Anti Drying Body Milk.


I paid for the Full size bottle of the Aquasource Deep Serum ($60 CAD), and got all these minis for free. It really goes to show what a little beauty investigating can do!! I’m really excited to have two mini jars of the original Aquasource moisturizer because they will be great on days that I don’t need as much hydration, and also for the mini Deep Serum for travel or gym!!

TGIF Bitches ♡


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