I’m Cheating With David

We are having this hot, sweet, (and very WET) affair. It is an intimate affair, I am constantly pulling him to my lips. “Him“, as in David’s Tea. Duh. My current (non beauty related) obsession. Here is my Cyber Monday tea haul, minus a few gifts that will not be appearing in this post.


Cherry Snowcone (250 grams)
Retail: $37.50 CAD
Steal: $18.75 CAD

Sweet Indulgence (12 Tea Sample Box)
Retail: $24.50 CAD

White Timolino (12 oz)
Retail: $29.50 CAD
Steal: FREE!

Plus 3 FREE samples!

The bag of Cherry Snowcone is huge! I didn’t know 250 grams of tea was so MUCH! At 50% off, I couldn’t resist (fruity teas are my favorite). They have a ton of other web specials on their website, Click Here to see what is currently being offered. The Sweet Indulgence set made an appearance on my Holiday Wishlist. But I figured even if I get a second one that would be great because these tins of tea are very small (Only 8-13 grams of tea per tin, so maybe 4-5 cups of tea?). Plus, I needed to spend $75 CAD to get this FREE Timolino mug. I have the 16 oz Timolino so this 12 oz travel mug is the perfect addition to my tea collection! And lastly, when you order online, David’s Tea will always include 3 free samples!

Did you take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals offered by David’s Tea? What’s you favorite hot beverage for these cold winter days?


9 thoughts on “I’m Cheating With David

  1. That Timolino mug looks amazing! If I had any money left to spend on myself I would definitely order one πŸ™‚ I love drinking from travel mugs even when I am home since they don’t spill as much as a regular mug ❀ Janet

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