I Love (Being) Naked

Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could say I ran naked to get Naked On The Run? Haha just kidding. But I did kind of run, fully clothed, to get my early access of Urban Decay’s Naked On The Run palette. I have been drooling over this set for weeks and was sooo tempted to buy it early online during the Cyber Monday sale, but my Black Friday splurge was enough to convince me not too. Cue the reward card emails. The email read, “$20 off $50 purchase” but, to me, it read, “$20 off Naked On The Run!!
This palette is PERFECT for travel. It is much bigger than I expected, but it contains everything I would need to do my makeup for day or night. I will definitely bring this with me on all my trips and vacations. The only additional products I would want to bring along, would be a bb cream or tinted moisturizer as a base, a brow pencil, and a few brushes. The case itself is durable and flashy with earth tones and rose gold. The clasp is magnetic, if you plan to use it for “on the run“, you definitely get a little feeling of reassurance knowing it is fully closed (those airplanes can sure shift things around!).

I’m addicted to neutrals. I love a brown smokey eye, or a golden glow, or even a light color swept across the lid on a minimalist makeup kind of day. It might come as a surprise to you then, that I don’t own ANY of the Naked palettes. I own plenty of Urban Decay palettes just not the Naked specifically. The Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette was perfect for my matte and neutral needs! The On The Run seemed like the perfect mix of everything to take my Naked virginity!! Let’s get naked the details:

6 neutral eye shadows:
Dive (metallic rose/gold micro-shimmer)
Fix (soft taupe matte)
Resist (medium metallic taupe)
Dare (medium brown matte)
Stun (metallic bronze/light gold micro-shimmer)
5050 (light champage all over shade)
I’m loving these colors! The pigments are unbelievable! The shadows are buildable and velvety in texture. There is a good mix of mattes and shimmers in both light and dark shades. All six of these shades are “never before seen”, or in other words new releases, which is great for people who already own and love other Naked palettes. The 5050 shade is extra large compared to the other eyeshadows. This is perfect because this would also work perfectly as a highlighter. It has some shimmer but it isn’t over the top. As per usual, Urban Decay doesn’t disappoint.

This bronzer is pretty awesome! At first glance I thought it was matte (my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is my favourite! I love the matte) but it isn’t. It has more of a sheen to it versus a shimmer. The bronzer compliments the blush well. My initial thoughts were that it appeared too orange, but once applied my concerns disappeared because this bronzer looked beautiful on my fair skin.

This blush is definitely true pink! It has a light shimmer to it that is perfect for that post sex flushed cheek look. You want to pay attention to the amount of product you apply because I could easily see this becoming way too pink, less is more!

Naked Ultra Nourishing Gloss in Sesso
This lipgloss is full size! And a special shade specifically for the set. The gloss itself is smooth and not sticky, although I do find it thick – not goppy, it just has a nice coverage. Slight cooling effect, very subtle. The color itself appears like a dusty rose, but applied it seems to be the same as my lip color, while adding some shine and shimmer. Gives a very naked natural look.

Perversion Mascara in Blackest Black (Mini)
What can I say about this Mascara? I already own it (plus the Subversion primer) and love it. The black is black. The formula is very buildable, you can apply it at anytime of the day and the coats will never start to clump or give you spider lashes. Great for long days that roll into long nights, reapply as much as your heart desires!

24/7 Glide-On eye pencil in Stag (Mini)
This color is another Naked On The Run exclusive. The 24/7 Glide-On liners never disappoint! I own a few and love them all. They never budge and will even last through a workout. When I swatched this color I had to scrub to get it off of my hand. The colors are always rich and pigmented. This one in particular is a beautiful dark brown, almost a brown black.

I managed to get this palette for only $44 CAD (by redeeming my reward card)!! Overall, I give this palette a 9/10! It is awesome, especially for that which it was designed – On The Run. Some might find it too big, but when I think on the run, I think travel. This is not a palette to take in a small clutch! It isn’t a touch up palette but rather a full face palette perfect for your gym bag, travel cosmetic go-to, or even for the busy college girl’s backpack. I would have given this palette a full 10 if it had come with a brush of some sort!

As a wicked, crazy bonus, my local Sephora store was giving away a FREE full sized Urban Decay product with purchases of this palette! I got my choice out of five items. Choices included:
24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Mrs. Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction Limited Edition Collection)
Revolution Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction Limited Edition Collection)
Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Gunmetal (Pulp Fiction Limited Edition Collection)
Lush Lash Mascara Growth Serum Infused Conditioning Mascara
Lush Lash System Growth Accelerating Serums

I’m not sure if all stores are offering this, but it would be worth checking into! I chose the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick ($26 CAD). I was excited that it was a part of the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction line – I already own & love the eyeshadow palette!
The Naked On The Run palette retails for $64 CAD & officially hits stores tomorrow (Friday, December 5/14)!! Are you getting one?! ♡


24 thoughts on “I Love (Being) Naked

  1. I am still so unsure whether I want this set! I am not much of a neutral girl but I have been looking to try some UD shadows (yup, never have I ever tried them). I was thinking maybe I would grab the naked 3 instead. Have you tried it?

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    • I have tried the other Naked palette’s but I don’t OWN any. What sold me on this was that the shades are brown neutrals (except for Dive which is a rosey gold shade) versus some of the colors in the Naked palettes which have purple undertones or black/greys. I also LOVE the color of the Stag liner. The full face versatility was the best part of this. I feel like I wouldn’t spend $64 CAD for the regular Naked palettes, when I can spend the same and get huge holiday palettes (like Too Faced Everything Nice or UD Vice). To be honest, $64 CAD would even be too much for me to splurge on this set but the $20 reward card made it irresistible. UD shadows NEVER disappoint, whatever you end up picking will be great quality so go on what shades you think you would use the most.

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      • I really shy away from browns as a neutral but pinks, purples and reds are my go to. Thats why the Naked 3 came to mind. But what has kept me from purchasing is that price. It seems ridiculous to me but i also certainly dont wanna buy single shadows for $20-something when i will never use it up. I thought perhaps the Vice or Electric palette may be worth it since i have the $25 card but i am so undecided.


      • If you don’t like brown neutrals this set is probably not for you. The Naked 3 would be a better bet as those colors are more pinks, mauve, and purple undertoned. Are you from Canada by chance? If you are, I highly recommend going to Shopper’s and picking up the Quo Back to Basics palette … basically a Naked dupe, seriously Google reviews – the shades are identical. Great pigment, great quality, half the price (about $25 CAD). They also have a Matte Back to Basics that is a bit more red tone based. Might be a good choice if you aren’t a huge neutral fan.

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  2. I could’t resist getting it either!! I’m so excited to be able to bring this with me on vacation for christmas, its really going to help me cut down on space used up by make up. I don’t know if the lipstick you received was because you are located in Canada, but we didn’t have that here. I ordered mine online though, so I got a bunch of samples and I used a promo code to get a 3 piece clique face wash set. Super excited to try that out too!

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    • I didn’t even know about the free lipstick until I was at the till paying for my purchase! The lady said “Wait! Don’t leave we have a free gift”. It might have just been my location. I typically buy online too for all the sweet goodies but I couldn’t help actually having it in my hands. Haha


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