Sephora Savvy

All that Black Friday shopping can definitely leave the wallet a little empty. Maybe you completely missed out on all the sales, but still need a few budget friendly gifts! Either way, you can treat yourself a girlfriend to some Sephora goodies for the holidays without breaking into your savings!

The best place to find deals? Sephora Sale! And I don’t mean a special promotional sale. Sephora ALWAYS has sale items! Click Here to see the items they are currently offering. Here are a few of my current favs! Those savings tho!! ♡♡♡
In addition to those cheap, but amazing, gift ideas, Sephora is currently offering three different sample bag promotions. Spend $35 CAD ($25 USD) and use any of the following codes to get these bonus items:
Buy a gift & get a sample bag for yourself a stocking stuffer! Pretty sweet deal!
P.S – To my American friends, use code “SHIPNOW” to get free shipping on any $25 USD purchase. A great idea if you only need to grab a small/inexpensive gift!
Happy Holiday Shopping!!! ♡


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