Getting Lippy with Lip Monthly

I think it is fair to say that “lips” are what started it all for me. Before I learned the ways of winged eyeliner, smokey eyes, and carbon black lashes, I learned the language of lips. My lips are full. I mean like so full I got made fun of in elementary school (haha who is laughing now, bitches, while you are all busy injecting your lips?!?!). For a while, I would only rock lipgloss because I felt lipstick made such a HUGE statement (see my Gavatar … yes those are MY lips). But I am a changed woman! Give me bold, give me pigment, give me plumping! I will line this pout and fill them in with the richest, most vibrant colors!

Cue the discovery of Lip Monthly. A beauty subscription “box” (bag) devoted entirely to our puckers! Obviously I was intrigued. Initially the products came in a box, but now, like ipsy, they come in a makeup bag that changes each month (a much better option!). The cost is $10 USD a month (plus $5 USD for shipping if you don’t live in the U.S). You will receive 5 products, a mix of sample size and full size & one of the products is typically a non lip item (MMU – Monthly MixUp).

Reviews for Lip Monthly have been mixed. In the beginning they sent out mostly discontinued products, which left customers not so happy. They have since changed the way they do business and now are sending out new, current products. They recently offered a promo to get your first bag for only $5 USD (shipping extra). This was the perfect opportunity for me to try Lip Monthly and see how it compared to ipsy and Topbox.

First of all, the bag took forever to get here. I signed up in early October and knew my first bag would be November’s. I have no idea why my bag was so late, but it barely got here in time for November (like only two delivery days left, kinda late). Second, I was charged for December’s bag even though I had yet to receive my first bag! This is definitely a huge no-no in my books. Why should I have to pay for the following month’s bag, if I’m not even sure where my money is going? The kicker here is that my payment came out AFTER I cancelled my subscription. I immediately sent an email:
1) Wondering where my bag was and why, as of November 20th, it was still in their warehouse.
2) If I was actually unsubscribed, since payment came out AFTER my cancellation I was wondering if it was an error.
3) Asking for a refund of December’s payment since I had yet to receive a bag and also because I had already unsubscribed.
I’m on my third email to them and this is the answer I have received, “Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on orders that have been processed, but you will receive all of the bags that you have paid for“. No mention of why my package was late, why I was charged after cancelling, or if I even am unsubscribed! I’m very frustrated with Lip Monthly and I definitely will not be reactivating my subscription (assuming it really is suspended to begin with). I understand they are just starting up but that doesn’t change my opinion, customer service is just as important as the product.

Now that I have got that all out in the open, here is my honest review of the products I received (finally) in my Lip Monthly bag.


The Bag: The bag seems durable and thick. The texture of the bag reminds my of vinyl and makes me think that it would be very easy to clean if need be. The print is cute and the red is perfect for fall! It is quite a big bag (bigger than the ipsy bags) and would fit alot of goodies.

Hikari Lipstick in Cabernet ($13 USD): I got this lipstick in September’s ipsy bag and instantly feel in love. The color is rich. The formula is smooth, and not at all drying. I’m really happy I received this lipstick again, especially since I seen that some girls received a Jesse’s Girl Liquid Glass lipgloss instead ($13 Hikari versus a $4.99 lipgloss? I would have been pissed mad). I’m definitely elated to have another stick of Hikari!

Ofra Lip Liner in Orchid ($13 USD): Thrilled with the lip liner, not so thrilled with the shade. I saw some people receive beautiful reds (that seemed to match the Hikari perfectly) and some soft pinks. I got the color Orchid, which when swatched, seems like a brown color. Definitely doesn’t match my bag contents (I don’t think it was supposed to, however). I’m not sure how I feel about this color, I’m going to try it with my Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Nude and see how I feel about it after that.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Berry Me ($1.99 USD): This lipstick seems ok. It is a super cheap product and not something I would normally spend my money on.  I prefer to spend more money on better quality products. The less parabens, chemicals, and filler waxes, the better. That said, sometimes you find a rose among thorns. Only time will tell if this is one of those roses.

Crown Lip Brush ($3 USD): I have wanted to try a Crown brush since I seen the dual shadow brush ipsy gave out a few months back (that I didn’t receive). I don’t tend to use lip brushes that often, unless I’m mixing shades or products, but at least I can try out the quality of the brushes!!

City Color White Gold ($4 USD): My MMU product of the month! This is a highlighting shadow mousse. The color reminds me of Buxom’s Stay-There Eyeshadow in Poodle. Will be good as a base, a highlighter, or even just as a wear and go eyeshadow. I have never used this brand and look forward to seeing how it stands up to my Buxom despite the $20 price difference.

Lip Monthly provides a card with the price and description of each item (I love this feature! Minimal guessing or research required!). My total value of this bag was $34.99 USD. Given that I like most of the items, and that they were all full size, the bag was definitely worth my $10 USD ($5 bag + $5 shipping). The hassle surrounding Lip Monthly was not. Also, it is important to note that other boxes with the same price point (ipsy, Topbox, Birchbox) give out much higher end products (Tarte, Urban Decay, Eyeko, Estee Lauder, Lancome, etc.). For me, that is more my thing.

Overall, this bag was just mediocre for me. I will get December’s Lip Monthly bag and do a review, but after that I will no longer be a customer. If you are interested in subscribing to Lip Monthly, you can use promo code “HOLIDAYLIPS” to get your first bag for only $5 USD.


3 thoughts on “Getting Lippy with Lip Monthly

  1. Well at least you received your bag. I subscribed early October to receive the November bag, received an email that said I would. Have not received it, contact customer service. To of no help they said they would send me December’s bag.

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    • Definitely not doing so well in my opinion! So glad I cancelled. So many great other boxes to subscribe to. And even so, some people love their bags. I just prefer higher end makeup … $1.99 lipstick is not my thing. The only time I buy drugstore is for stuff I barely use like waterproof mascara. Add their low quality and poor service. Just a no no no.

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